The Breadwinner

Shauzia vs Parvana: Comparing Central Characters in The Breadwinner

June 18, 2019 by Essay Writer

Are you aware that the idea of courage or bravery does not have an exact definition? In fact, it can be depicted in many different ways. For example, one of the many definitions of bravery could be having a strong moral sense of duty and the need in order to fight for what you believe in. Another definition of true bravery could be “understanding that desperate times calls for desperate circumstances and that sometimes in order to survive you need to throw away all morals”. Whatever your definition may be, a perfect example of these two types of bravery and courage is portrayed by Deborah Ellis in The Breadwinner (a story about a young girl named Parvana and her friend Shauzia set in Afghanistan during the rise of the Taliban and how they must fake becoming boys by cutting their hair and deepening their voices in order to help their families survive). It is shown very clearly in The Breadwinner that the more courageous of the main two characters is Shauzia due in order to her possessing the following character traits: making bad situations bearable, deciding between two difficult choices, and the realization that sometimes you have in order to be selfish in order to survive.

One reason that Shauzia is superior to Parvana is that whenever there is a obstacle in her and Parvana’s way she handles it in a joking and light hearted manner. This is shown when Parvana must go in order to the restroom and Shauzia shouts, “Watch out for land mines!” and then grins (Ellis 109). Now, some might argue that that is cruel, but you have in order to remember that there is literally nothing Shauzia or Parvana can do about the mines, so what else can they do but try in order to lighten the mood? As you can see, Shauzia handles bad situations very well and with humor making it more bearable. This is much harder in order to handle the situation this way then along the lines of Parvana (being uncomfortable, quiet and serious the whole time).

Another reason Shauzia is more courageous than Parvana is that when being forced between two impossible choices she doesn’t freeze up but decides on the one that will better her future. This is shown when Shauzia says the following when given the choice in order to escape in order to France or stay in Afghanistan and be married off, “I just have in order to get out of here! I know that makes me a bad person, but what else can I do? I’ll die in the event that I have in order to stay here!”(Ellis 127). She has in order to make this choice for the reason that in the event that she stays it will be terrible and she won’t be able in order to pretend in order to be a boy much longer. So although she doesn’t want in order to leave her family she decides it’s better in order to leave then in order to stay and get married off and leaves which is incredibly hard in order to decide.

The last reason Shauzia prevails over Parvana is that she understands that sometimes in the event that you want in order to survive you have in order to be selfish and can’t always be the hero. This is demonstrated when Shauzia says the following after her and Parvana are done digging up bones, “If we turn all of this money over in order to our families they will find something in order to spend it on, and we’ll never get our trays, I think we should keep some back” (Ellis 112). Although many would call this selfish and mean, what you may not know is that she is saving up money for trays in order to sell things from. So I believe she was right in order to keep some money even though it was frowned upon, so that way she could have a better way in order to make money later and no longer be forced in order to dig up bones in order to survive. in order

It is clear that Ahauzia exceeds Parvana. She prevailed through how she makes things fun by using humor in bad situations, decides between two choices when neither of them is any good at all and that she realizes that sometimes you have in order to be selfish in order to survive in her terrible country and home. All of these actions combine in order to make Shauzia a excellent person of survival. So that is whyShauzia is superior in order to Parvana.

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