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Analysis Of “The Notebook” By Nicholas Sparks

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The novel “The Notebook” is written by the author Nicholas Sparks. The romantic story mainly focuses on two main characters who are Noah and Allie who have a summer fling and later come together after being separated for fourteen years. This love story is a description of the events which occur after the two separate, how they get back together and get married. It also shows how they spend their old age in a retirement home. Some opine that this novel is way more tragic because, in the end, Allie forgets who Noah is because of Alzheimer’s. Others suggest that it is a perfect love story of a couple who lose and find their love since Allie leaves Noah, finds him, and they get married and have children. Nevertheless, the book is a catastrophic story since it does not have an ever happy ending which is noticed by the literary devices, Allie’s sickness, and the secondary characters.

To begin with, there are many convincing arguments which refer to the novel as a hopeful work because of the symbolism. Such as the title of chapter twelve, “winter for two” (153), the two in the title symbolizes that Noah and Allie are united before obstacles. Following winter comes spring which represents the rebirth of love between the two as she sometimes remembers him. One can also argue that as aged Noah remembers watching the sunset with Allie, he notices, “[…] day and night […]; There cannot be one without the other […]” (176). This signifies the two cannot exist without each other, are and always will be together even in the future lives. In the re-incarnation letter, Noah writes, “[…] our souls are connected” (122), which represents the couple’s souls are forever linked to each other in every life and that they are one. Some lines in Whitman’s poem attribute to the fact that this story is hopeful as he states, “[…] thy free flight […]” (11). This line implies freedom of souls after the death of the protagonists. If one examines the achievements the couples make, like they accomplish their dreams; Noah’s to travel, buy the house, and Allie’s to paint hence she ends up becoming a famous painter. The two have four children, who sometimes come to visit them. The off springs act as a legacy in the world of the duo. Also, there is a sense of immortality through the works of art, photos, letters and, their house in New Bern. Additionally, Noah gets to marry the lady of his dreams even after fourteen years and he spends forty-nine years with her which denotes to a successful and happy marriage. Finally, the miracles of love like Allie comes across a newspaper article which shows the address of Noah’s house thus she goes to visit him and they eventually get together. In the last chapter, as Noah walks towards his wife’s room he feels himself becoming strong and young with passion in his heart making him a youth temporarily. Allie remembers Noah twice despite her Alzheimer’s disease; first, when they have dinner together and also towards the end of the book the duo make love. All in all, such hopeful opinions appear persuasive at first glance.

Nevertheless, a more in-depth analysis of some literary devices demonstrates this work by Sparks is tragic. For example, the heading of chapter twelve “winter for two” (153), winter is cold and the end of year represents the end of Noah and Allie’s relationship due to the latter’s Alzheimer’s and imminent death. In addition to that, Noah recalls seeing the sunset with his wife, he notes, “[…] yet they cannot exist at the same time” (176). This denotes the two cannot spend time together as it is seen that they do not sleep together at night because of Allie’s disease which might make her think she is being raped because she does not remember her husband. Whitman’s poem where he states, “[…] night […] death […]” (11), displays the end of everything between the protagonists as death is final. Lastly, some metaphors in the reincarnation letter like Noah mentions, “[…] hurts so much to separate […]” (121) are no longer together since Allie leaves New Bern after the summer and does not reply to the letters that Noah sends to her. Indeed, some literary devices in the book demonstrate the gloominess in the novel.

Next, one can discuss the secondary characters in the tale, for example, Lon, Doctor Barnwell, and fin. When Allie meets Lon, they sit on a bench by the old Methodist church, she says, “[…], I cannot go back with you, I am so sorry, […]” (174) and she leaves Lon for an unemployed man. Lon loses his fiancé and is heartbroken because he loves her so much and worst of all he cancels the society wedding which is an immense insult to his family. Moreover, Doctor Barnwell is also lonely this can be seen when Noah talks to him in the room of the former and he mentions, “I am alone,” […] “and so are you” (195). The doctor spends very little time with his family as he is helping the elderly and treating the sick most of his time in the retirement home. Barnwell overworks himself to provide the best living conditions possible for the people in the nursing home thereby not having enough time for himself. Noah’s friend Fin is killed in the war as he tells Allie “Fin died in the war […]” (69). Noah thinks he is responsible for the death of Fin because he persuades him into joining the army which is also right to some extent. Assuredly, a scrutiny of the minor characters how dreadful this novel is.

Lastly, the aspect of time proves how dismal this romantic is. Noah states to Barnwell in the retirement home, “I am alone,” (195). The pair has lost their freedom since they are no longer allowed to meet each other at anytime they want and spend most of their time away from each other in spite of being in the same building. Moreover, the photos, paintings and letters which he uses to eliminate his loneliness have faded because they are also getting old with time. The two are visited only sometimes for a very short while by their relatives and children who later leave after a short visit. Likewise, Noah’s illness gets worse with time as he reveals, “[…] I am neither strong nor healthy [..]” (2). He suffers from rheumatism, cataracts, cancer and also gets a stroke which makes his life harder as time passes leading to his death. Spending forty- nine years together represents a failure of some kind as they do not reach the golden anniversary. Allie’s Alzheimer’s makes her forget everything, not even remembering who her husband is. She remembers him for a very short while as Noah states, “and the thief comes” (191). Allie’s disease takes over her again and she forgets everything and starts seeing gnomes. Undoubtedly the side of time exhibits the affliction in the book.

In conclusion, this non-fiction can be said to be a tragic novel. The dark side can be shown by an in-depth analysis of literary devices, secondary characters and the aspect of time. Regarding literary devices like the “day and night” metaphor indicates Noah and Allie can never exist together thereby the couple sleep in separate rooms away from each other regardless of being under one roof. Then concerning the peripheral characters, Lon loses his fiancé as Allie leaves him heartbroken to go to Noah and he cancels the society wedding which degrades Lon’s family name. Ultimately, the most cogent argument is concerning time since as days pass, the couple’s condition becomes worse, Noah struggles to live with his diseases as Allie barely remembers anything.

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“The Notebook” By Nicholas Sparks

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The novel “The Notebook” is written by the author Nicholas Sparks in 1996. The romantic story mainly focuses on two main characters who are Noah and Allie. This love story opens with the two in a retirement home and the former prepares to narrate the story to the latter. Some opine that this novel is way more tragic because, in the end, Allie forgets who Noah is because of Alzheimer’s. Others suggest that it is a perfect love story of lost and found love since Allie left Noah, found him, they got married and had children. Never the less, “The Notebook” is a catastrophic story which is noticed by Allie’s sickness, secondary characters. To begin with, there are many seemingly convincing arguments saying that the novel is hopeful, especially the symbols like “winter for two” (153) which signifies that Noah and Allie are united before obstacles, after winter comes spring which represents rebirth of the love between the two. [..] “Old church abandoned for years but still standing” (33) which represents the love between the two still exists. Besides, the principal characters have four children thus there is a sense of immortality which creates a legacy of Noah in the world. To continue, these children and other relatives also come and visit the protagonists some times for only a while and besides they have photos and paintings which help to kill their loneliness. In addition, others claim that the miracles which occur in the book for example Allie comes across a newspaper article which shows the address dream house of Noah.

Also, some claim that the story is hopeful because Noah gains a sense of temporary youth “I feel myself becoming stronger with every step” (210) which helps him reach his wife’s room. […] “Noah… my sweet Noah…” (189) says Allie as she remembers Noah sometimes which he considers as a gift because of her disease and they make love at the end of the novel makes some believe that the novel is not tragic. All in all such anti-tragic opinions only appear persuasive at first glance. Nevertheless, a deeper analysis of some literary devices demonstrates this work by Sparks is tragic. […] “Day and night are linked in a way […] they cannot exist at the same time” (176) symbolizes the protagonists cannot spend their nights together, or share memories because of Allie’s Alzheimer’s disease. In the re-incarnation letter Noah says “[…] it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected” (121) which symbolizes even if Noah loves Allie so much they are forced apart due to the circumstances. As well as lines from Whitman’s poem “the day erased, the lesson done” (11) typifies the end of the love between the protagonists. […] “night, sleep, death” (11) means the end of everything. On top of that, “[…] swans will go back to Mattamuskeet” (108) expresses that Allie will go back to Lon so she will not stay with Noah forever.

Indeed, an extensive study of literary devices show how tragic the novel is. Next, one can discuss about the secondary characters in the tale for example Lon, Doctor Barnwell and fin. “I cannot go back with you, I am sorry,” (174) says Allie as leaves her fiancé for an unemployed man; Lon is heartbroken because he loved her so much and worst of all his society wedding is cancelled which is an immense insult to his family. Doctor Barnwelll is also lonely as Noah says “I am alone,” […] “and so are you.” (195). The former spends little time with his family as he is helping the elderly and treating the sick most of his time. He over works himself in order to provide the best living conditions for the people in the nursing home. Fin is killed in the war “fin died in the war” (69) and Noah regrets for persuading him to join the army. Assuredly, a scrutiny of the minor characters in the book signify how dreadful it is. Lastly, the aspect of time proves how dismal this romantic is. “I am alone” (195) says Noah, they have lost freedom since him and Allie no longer sleep in the same room she would think that somebody is “raping” her.

The photos, paintings and letters which he uses to eliminate his loneliness have faded. The two are visited only sometimes for a very short while by their relatives and children leaving them lonely again. “[…] my days are spent like an old party balloon: listless, spongy, and growing softer over time,” Noah’s illness gets worsens with time, he suffers from rheumatism, cataracts, cancer and also gets a stroke which will eventually kill him. Spending forty- nine years together represents a failure of some kind as they do not reach the golden anniversary. Allie’s Alzheimer’s makes her forget everything, not even remembering who her husband is. She remembers him twice but in the ending she says, “who are you?” (193) forgetting Noah again.

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A Plot Of The Notebook Novel

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

In The Notebook, by Agota Kristof, a pair of twin boys interact with many people during their journey from the Big Town to the Little Town. The Little Town is out in the country, where they lived with their grandmother in order to seek safety from the bombings due to WWII occurring in the Big Town. The boys are used to a comfortable life before the war, but learn to live in harsher environments through their journeys. The first interaction the boys have is obviously with their mother. Not much can be said about the mother until the end of the story. What we do learn at the beginning is that she cares about her children. During a time of war, famine, and destruction she brings her children to live with her mother in the country, or the “Little Town”.

At first, the twins’ grandmother is reluctant to take them, as she is angry with their mother for not contacting her in ten years. However, she unenthusiastically agrees to help the boys and tells them “I’ll teach you what life is about” (Kristof 5). The second interaction the boys have on their journey is with their grandmother, who is known by most people in the Little Town as “The Witch”. She and the boys have an interesting relationship initially, not letting them eat or sleep inside until they finished their chores, and often ignoring them.

The boys finally do begin to help with the chores, but because they are ashamed of not helping their elderly grandmother, not because they understand that they must earn food and shelter. Grandmother always tries to take care the boys, teaching them to do their chores, and warning them not to go far into the forest or they will get shot or lost.

However, she often physically and verbally abuses her grandsons. To cope with this, the boys abuse each other in order to gain mental and physical toughness. It is said, “We put our hands over a flame. We cut our thighs, our arms, our chests with a knife and pour alcohol on our wounds. Each time we say ‘It doesn’t hurt’” (Kristof 17). While the boys do often suffer abuse, their attempts to numb themselves are what seems to make them even more distant. The next character that the boys meet in the novel is the orderly. He is a foreign solder who shows up at the grandmother’s house to clean. He is friendly with the boys and can also speak their language. He is kind, giving them two army blankets, seeing that they did not have any for the cold nights. He also jokingly offers to kill Grandmother if she “is too mean”.

Next the twins meet a deserter in the woods, who is starving a cold, trying to find his way home. The twins bring him food and a blanket, saying “We weren’t trying to be kind. We’ve brought you these because you absolutely need them. That’s all.” (Kristof 43).

Although the boys seem to be emotionless and say they only helped because it is necessary, I believe this act of compassion shows that the twins may not be as buffered as we perceive. The twins then encounter a group of three boys who are abusing Harelip as she tries to fill up her bucket of water. The twins end up beating up one of the boys, and the other two do not go after the twins. While the three boys definitely did not intend to help the twins, this event did help the twins to better learn to defend themselves. The twins also encounter the Postman, who does not end up being that relevant of a character. The twins push him to the ground and demand he gives them the money that their mother has sent. When the Postman agrees and gives the twins the money, he is unintentionally helping them as they then use that money to buy themselves rain boots.

The priest also helps the twins, however he does so intentionally. He tries to give the twins money to give to Harelip, however they inform him that they taught her to grow her garden on her own, and also how to work and do other chores. While the priest wanted to help Harelip, he also managed to help the twins by showing them how to help others. Furthermore, the priest offers to hear there confession, to which they refuse, but they do agree to let the priest bless them before they leave. While all of these characters in the story do help the twins, their greatest supporters are one another. From the time that their mother leaves them to live with their grandmother, they are inseparable. The twins seem to be two parts of one person, always by each other’s’ side.

Even in the beginning of the novel the twins mentally and physically abuse each other in order to make themselves tougher and more prepared to survive in their new environment. Whether it be intentionally or not, characters throughout The Notebook, by Agota Kristof, help the twins in one way or another.

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A Theme Of relationships in Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Series of Tragedy in “The Notebook”

“The Notebook”, written by Nicolas Sparks, is a controversial novel, which relates the romance between Allie and Noah. These two main characters remember their memories when the latter reads the notebook which is about their love stories to the former. Someone may think that it is an achingly fragment story about the enduring power of love and the achieved dreams because in the end Allie loses her memories. However, it may be clear that Noah and Allie’s love can overcome difficulties, and almost in every situation such as even though Allie is prevented from loving Noah by her family, they are still married and live together. Nonetheless, “The Notebook” is a sorrowful novel evident if one examines secondary characters, writing techniques, and health issues.

Yet, some state “The Notebook” has a happy ending. They claim the novel is positive because no matter how difficult to find each other for many years, and even Allie has to decide between Noah and Lon; the latter and the former still married, and have four children as contribution for the world. Also, in terms of health issues, Noah and Allie has lived together for forty-nine year which is a long time showing and enduring successful. In addition, Noah is unafraid to face the death, and has pictures of his family to remain the memories. Next, writing techniques must be discussed to reveal there is no tragedy in the novel. For instance, day and night symbolizes the good of time of Noah and Allie to be always connected. Meanwhile, one suggests that letters, and the notebook they wrote together are the great examples showing how close and joyful the couple lives together. They love and share every moment into these words to remind the other, which made their memories exist forever. Also, the painting, made by Allie, given to Noah is another example that one should examines. Every time, Noah looks at the painting, he feels alive when he touches it. In addition, concerning secondary characters, Dr. Barnwell is an instance. He loves his job, especially taking care of elder people even though he does not see his family much. Also, Lon is the second example, who is lucky not to marry someone; specifically Allie was not his own soul mate. In other words, there are many fishes in the sea; Lon is a perfect man looking for a right woman for his life. In addition, he does not have to endure Allie’s Alzheimer. Ultimately, the miracle comes to the couple in the end when Allies remembers Noah, and they make love. Apparently, she is healed, and god is fair to give Noah his soul mate back. To summarizes, these arguments seem reasonable and convincing.

Still, these ideas can be proven to be unreasonable if one considers secondary characters. First, Dr. Barnwell is an example to reveal the novel is clearly sorrowful evident, if once discusses in terms of his situation. In chapter “Winter for Two”, the doctor said to Noah that he has no choice, but this makes […] the choice will be made for him (174).Indeed, He spends whole time staying the hospital, and does not have time for family. In addition, Lon is Allie’s ex fiancé, who is handsome and talent. From Lon also show the tragedy when one examines the relationship between Allie and him. In chapter “The Courtroom”, Lon requests to postpone the trial to Monday in order to drive to New Barn, and find Allie. When his offer is accepted, Mr.Bates says “Mr.Hammond has never mad […] important to him” (130). This is one of the rare times that Lon wants to postpone the trial even though he may lose his license as well, so the purpose should be really important to him according to Mr. Bates’s statement. Indeed, Lon worries about Allie a lot. However, he tries to persuade Allies to change her mind, but finally he is a heartbroken. He loses the girl who is almost in his hand, the one that he loves the most. Furthermore, one of the most pessimistic things for elder people is witnessing their children die before them. Also, Allie and Noah is not an exception. They lose a son when he is four years old, which is another reason to claim that “The Notebook” is full of negative. Indeed, there is no reason to think that “The Notebook” is not a tragedy.

Next literacy devices should be discussed to reveal “The Notebook” is sorrowful. In the chapter “An Unexpected Visitor”, when Noah and Allie feed Clem, and they check the window together in order to make sure it was not be damaged by the storm, they see two pine trees[are blown over] (131). Two pine trees had been blown down by the storm appear in front of them, which symbolizes the couple’s love is about to be over. Moreover, in chapter “Winter for Two” also exist tragedy is when Noah read the poem written by Walt Whitman: “Not until the sun excludes you do I exclude you, Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you and the leaves to rustle for you, do my” (157).From the poem, Whitman used sun, water, and leaves which can damage human which represent the death. In addition, the poem also convey a message which is time can destroy everything even memories and loves. Furthermore, in another Whitman’s poem there are two symbols which are the day and night. They are two phenomenon which never can appear at a same time, signifies Noah and Allie never can really be together. Indeed, because of Allie’s illness, they have no longer sleep on the same bed. Eventually, the couple just have lived for 49 years which is not quite the golden anniversary (or 50th), is symbolizes something is missing, and they are not successful as they would like to be. Clearly, these arguments support “The Notebook” is a tragedy seem credible.

Lastly, one cannot forget to examine health issues. In fact, there are full of sickness where death is about to come. Also in chapter “Winter for Two”, when Noah and Allie have dinner, she does not remember him, and says, “who are you? […] she says the most heart breaking words of all.”(192). Indeed, Alzheimer occurs and washes all Allie’s memories including her personal background, her basic privacy and her lover, Noah. Meanwhile, Noah is depressed and painful because his lover forgets him, and he has to stay apart from Allie and cries in the corner of the room. Moreover, not only Allie has sickness but also Noah has some terrible diseases. Clearly the last chapter, he says: “I lost my sight, and I heard what […] in my last remaining moments of consciousness.”(197). He has heart attacks, cancers, and stokes which sometimes hurt and damage his weak boy. Also, he feels his legs, hands and even his body are trend to death. Due to Noah’s snore they have slept in separate rooms for the first forty-five year, which makes Noah feels depressed. Therefore, it is no doubt to claim that “The Notebook” is full of hopelessness.

In conclusion, “The Notebook” is a tragedy or not is a hot topic to be discussed. Although, someone may think it is not a hopeless novel because some reasons such as Allie and Noah’s successfulness, and their miracle of love. However, “The Notebook” also exist sorrowfulness evident if one examines in terms of literacy devices, heath issues, and secondary characters. First, one can examine “the 49th anniversary” and the poem written by Whitman, are two examples of Nicolas Sparks’s writing techniques, reveal negative in the novel. Moreover, secondary characters also show the tragic in “The Notebook” such as Dr. Barnwell and Lon especially their situations. Furthermore, regarding health issues, even though the couple are still married, and live together, but Allie’s Alzheimer is the most tragic detail in “The Notebook”. Also, Noah has heart attacks, cancers, and even strokes when he gets older. Eventually, the miracles when Allie can remember Noah in the end, and they make love, is claimed as positive, however this moment only exist for a few minutes, then the latter will forget the former again. In other words, “The Notebook” is a pessimistic novel regarding these above arguments.

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An Analysis Of Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Notebook By: Cassandra Panayiotopoulos

The novel, “The Notebook” written by Nicholas Sparks is an inspiring love story about an affectionate young man named Noah Calhoun who lost his only love, and found her again. As Noah grew old with his wife, Allie Nelson, she became diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, even this diagnosis couldn’t conquer a love as authentic as theirs. The novel “The Notebook” has a very peculiar theme, which is love conquers all. This theme is shown with in the feelings Allie and Noah felt for each other as their love was lost and found. As their relationship unfolded they showed the true beauty that could be found in a relationship. Allie and Noah’s love overcame the fourteen years they spent apart, and the various obstacles that were thrown their way. Allie and Noah’s love was so true and strong, that it brought them together in the end.

This novel shows love in its purest form through Allie and Noah, which is an example to any married couple. “The Notebook”, is a magical novel that shows devotion and true love. No matter how many fights and obstacles Allie and Noah faced, their love always continued on, and no matter the circumstances Noah never forgot Allie. When Allie’s parents split Allie and Noah apart, Allie began to fear hurting her family. Thus, Allie distanced herself from Noah merely trying to forget him. When Allie became engaged to a man named Lon Hamilton, Noah kept fighting for her. “Noah is also left with the belief that miracles, no matter how inexplicable or unbelievable, are real and can occur without regard to the natural order of things.” (Page 5) This quotation emphasizes the fact that Noah kept wishing for Allie to come back to him. Noah never really got over his love for Allie, and since they were separated for so long Allie went back to Noah fourteen years later, to tell him she was engaged. What Allie didn’t know is that she would fall in love with Noah again. This resulted in Allie spending lots of time deciding between two men, as maybe her feelings for Noah never did fade.

Allie had to make a critical decision when it came to choosing Lon or Noah. Allie’s love for Noah was strong enough to overcome the Money she would have had with Lon, which resulted in Allie choosing Noah over Lon. Allie’s and Noah’s love stayed within Allie forever, she never forgot about him, even when she tried her hardest to do so. When Allie visits Noah it shows that she couldn’t get Noah off her mind, as she went back to make sure she wasn’t making a mistake by choosing Lon. After seeing Noah for the first time in fourteen years, Allie leaves with tears streaming down her face. This features that Allie’s feelings for Noah never did die. “Without another word they came together, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and he put his arms around her, drawing her close.” (Reunion, Page 38) This quotation emphasizes Allie’s decision, and shows that her heart was set on Noah, even after all their time spent apart.

Both Allie and Noah are major characters that represent the theme “love conquers all” because without these two characters their tale of losing each other, and finding each other again, could not be told. Allie spent many years in fear of her family’s disapproval of Noah. Allie’s parents never approved of Noah as they didn’t think Noah was a man that would fit in their high class family. Therefore Allie’s mother didn’t deliver any of Noah’s letters to Allie, when it was Noah’s letters that brought them back together. Allie’s mother believed that Allie could do better, and for a while Allie followed the fear of her mother instead of her heart. Allie nearly gave into her family’s disapproval, by choosing Lon instead of Noah. However, when Allie realised how strong her love was for Noah she also realised that no one should force her in a direction she didn’t want to go. When Allie’s mother realised Allie’s love for Noah was so pure she returned the letters to Allie. That is when Allie and Noah became inseparable.

Eventually everyone has to make a critical decision, and in Allie’s circumstance her love for Noah overcame her love for everyone else. The strong love between Allie and Noah left Allie happy knowing she was strong. As Allie and Noah grew old together, Allie’s disease got worse. She couldn’t remember who her children were, her husband, or anything for that matter about her life. Allie had promised Noah when she became diagnosed with Alzheimer’s that she would try her best to remember him, as Noah promised Allie he would try his best to make her remember. Noah believed by reading his notebook to Allie she will begin to remember who he is. However, even when Allie did remember she always began to forget. In the end of the novel Allie and Noah die together just as Allie promised. Even though Allie had Alzheimer’s, their love over powered the disease, which became just another obstacle they had to climb over together. Allie and Noah had to face many setbacks; however they got through it because their love was so pure. This novel proves that true love does conquer all because together Allie and Noah conquered, and accepted their fates.

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A Love Found, Lost and Regained in the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

December 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

“The Notebook”: Tragic or Not?

“The Notebook”, written by Nicholas Sparks, is a classic story of love found, lost, and regained. It is a beautiful and romantic story that have touched many readers. However, there are different opinions on whether it is a tragic story or not. With deep consideration, I agree on that the novel is tragic but beautiful. The reason why it is a story of tragedy can be listed as follows: the literary devices that Nicholas Sparks uses, which foil a sorrow atmosphere; pitiful secondary characters and the health issues Noah and Allie have when they are aged.

To begin with, there are many statements, which in favor of that “The Notebook” is not tragic but a hopeful story, seem convictive. Many believe that since Allie and Noah are together at the end, facing life and trouble together, being well taken care of in a retirement home and visited by their children once in a while, so it is somehow a perfect ending. Some advocates suggest that the “day and night” metaphor, which appeared towards the end of the story, is actually a symbolization that Noah and Allie are always connected. Moreover, even though Allie has a memory loss, she has always remembered Noah when hearing from the notebook, and yet, she remembered Noah without one at the end. Other points they had is that despite Noah has cancer, he has normal aging with a wonderful life. Although Noah is struggling against arthritis, stroke and heart attacks, the love between Noah and Allie always make him feel warm and strong, like a midnight bandit. Besides, Noah is not frightened by death for he thinks it is a natral progress. In general, such arguments appear persuasive at first.

Nevertheless, a deeper investigation to the literary devices the writer used reveals that it is more appropriate to say that the book is tragic. First, reviewing the poems that appeared in the story, which are quotations from Whitman’s Poem, evidences are found to prove it is tragic. For example, one of the poem Noah reads to Allie: “Not till the sun excludes you do I exclude you, not till the water glisten for you” (157) shows that death is a feeling of incredible loneliness. Next, the “day and night” metaphor mentioned: “I know what is like to be day and night now; always together forever apart.” (176) symbolizing that Noah and Allie are forever apart, which is a tragic ending. Lastly, examining the “reincarnation letter”: “ one can learn that Allie and Noah are always forced apart. Yet, they were star-crossed and never can get together. To summarize, by analyzing literary devices that the writer uses, it is fair to say that the novel is tragic.

Then, a quick look at secondary characters also demonstrates the work’s misfortunate aspect. First, despite claims that the two protagonists finally have a happy life together with four children, they have lost their four year-old son. When Noah is reading the letters that he has sent to Allie over years, he remembers his dead child who resembled his beloved, “It is a terrible thing to outlive your child, a tragedy I wish upon no one.” (171) He thinks the worst thing a parent can ever undergo is to lose his or her own child to death, he would surely trade his life for his son if he could. Then, the dying of Fin, Noah’s best friend also makes the text a tragedy. His death is harsh, since his destroyer was torpedoed in the war; it makes the protagonist thinks of him a lot and sometimes blames himself for making his friend join the battle. Next, another character that plays quite an important role in the love story also has to sustain a big lost in his life. Lon, Allie’s fiancé before she comes back to Noah, has to let the only woman that he has ever wanted to marry go. In the letter that Noah sends to his wife, he also acknowledges that Lon is a good man, “He behaved as a gentlemen would, and I understood then why your choice was so hard.” (174) When Allie firms she cannot go back to Lon, he knows that he will not be able to keep his love and accepts the truth that he has lost her heart for Noah; he respects her and this helps making it a very hard decision for Allie to leave him. Furthermore, doctor Barnwell, who helps the couple in the last years of their lives, does not have real happiness. He is alone, according to Noah, too busy with his work and taking care of his patients that he cannot be with his own family. Indeed, the circumstances of minor characters give the work a dark sense. (PN)

Finally, health issues cannot be ignored when considering the tragic side of the book. During the late years of his life, Noah is tortured with some physical illness: cancer, arthritis, stroke and heart attacks. A stroke almost brings him down, as the doctors predict, “[They] could be serious, especially for someone his age, and the consequences could be severe.”(198) which reveals that it is very dangerous. He still can hardly walk and control his own body after he leaves the hospital and this inhibits him from coming to his wife, ageing to him is a big obstacle then. Furthermore, the major problem that suffers both of the protagonists is Allie’s psychological disease. It not only takes away a lot from her but also makes Noah despondent from the first time he hears the heart-breaking news from Dr. Barnwell, he observes, “[Alzheimer’s] is a thief of hearts and souls and memories.”(167) This demonstrates how depressed the husband is when he realizes he is going to lose a part of his wife to a degenerative brain disease; she will forget her love for him and everything that they have had together. In addition, some might say the couple finally has a happy ending together since Allie remembers Noah without his reading of the notebook. However, it will be the same as a few times before, she will forget him again afterward, and the situation can only be worse to him. Clearly, the physical and psychological ailments have made the novel seems dark. (PN)

In conclusion, The Notebook is a pessimistic work, which is clear when examining the literary devices used, secondary characters and health problems of the protagonists. First, from the poem of Noah’s favourite poet to the “reincarnation letter” that he sends Allie, the story is demonstrated to be filled with loneliness and separation of the couple. Then, what happens to each of the minor characters helps revealing the book’s desperation. Finally, although the wife remembers her husband sometimes, but she will forget how much she loves him and all the memories that contain their moments together, which makes Noah alone in the end. (PN)

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