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The Longevity of Joe Biden and His Long Term Career

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Longevity isn’t something that is common in the brutal terrain of Washington politics. Scandals and the perennial hurdles of re-election make it really difficult to sustain a long stay at the nation’s capital, some have been better at it than others. One of those is former US Vice President Joe Biden.

Very few American politicians get to serve in the United States Senate for 37 years. When you top that off with an 8-year stint as Vice President, then you know that this fellow has spent their life truly in service of their nation. Senator Joe Bidden is an American politician who served as America’s 47th Vice President and Senator representing the good people of Delaware from 1973 to 2009.

How Old is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, to Joseph Robinette Biden Sr and Catherine Eugenia Jean Finnegan in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Young Joe was the first of four siblings – a sister and two brothers. Raised in a catholic household, Biden’s father was a working-class man who had been wealthy but started to struggle economically after the economic downturn of the Scranton area. His working-class roots would play a part in shaping the young Bidens political ideologies.

How Long Has He Been in Politics?

By all standards, Joe Bidden has had a distinguished career in public service spanning about five decades. His first taste of government came in 1970 when was elected into the New Castle County Council. Two years later in 1972, a 29-year-old Biden decided to run for Senate against Republican Senator Caleb Boggs. Senator Boggs was at the time a ranking member of the Senate with contacts in capitol hill that could match that of any of his contemporaries. That a young rookie lawyer could even contemplate going against him was a daunting proposition.

Without a political base unlike his opponent, Biden relied on family members to run the campaign. He employed a face to face approach in his campaign – a strategy that in hindsight was suited to the constituency because of its size and demographic peculiarities.

Biden won with a margin of 3,162 votes to become the fifth-youngest elected U.S. senator in the country’s history. With this victory in the bag, the nation had to turn and take note of the rising star from Delaware.

His foray into the Senate in 1972 was the beginning of a glittering career in the Senate that would span all the way to 2009. The early parts of his Senate career-focused environmental issues and consumer-protection. Over time Biden gravitated more to Foreign policy and served as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations for several years. He also chaired the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary from 1987 till 1995. Senate, Biden joined the race for the Presidency in 1988 in an attempt to yet again becoming the youngest President since JFK. He would later pull out of the race after he had been accused of plagiarizing his speech and exaggeration of some facts.

In 2007, Bidden resurrected his bid to become US President, after an underwhelming showing, he pulled out of the race. After the then-Senator Barrack Obama clinched the ticket of the Democratic party, he chose Senator Joe Bidden to be his running mate. On the 2nd of November 2008, a joint ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden defeated Arizona Senator John McCain to clinch the US Presidency.

Barrack Obama and Joe Bidden

Joe Biden served as America’s Vice President for two terms between 2009 and 2017. During his tenure as Vice President, he played a major advisory role in President Obama’s administration, bringing to bear his huge wealth of experience in Foreign affairs. He also oversaw the execution of the Presidents infrastructure stimulus package.

After the end of his tenure as Vice President, there were calls for him to run for the top job, but after the death of his son, he cited a lack of emotional energy and drive. On April 25, 2019, Biden announced that he was running for the office of President Of The United States in 2020.

Over the course of his political career, Bidden has always been a member of the Democratic party and has been broadly seen as a moderate Democrat who has avoided the extremes of the political-ideological spectrum. He believes the government should take global warming more seriously, he also has a track record for supporting increased infrastructure spending, he supported reduced military spending as Vice President. Joe Biden is also on record as a supporter of same-sex marriage. He is also a supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Biden is also the first Catholic Vice President of the United States of America.

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Joe Biden’s Stance on the Concerning Issues of the World

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942 where his parents instilled values of hardwork and toughness. He worked briefly as an attorney before he began working in politics. He became the fifth youngest U.S. senator in history when he was elected in 1972 at the age of thirty and in December of 1972 his family was involved in a car accident that killed his wife and daughter and injured both of his sons which lead him to consider suicide in the aftermath. He instead continued on and was sworn in as senator in his son’s hospital room and he then went on to be Delaware’s longest-serving senator. Joe biden was the fourth most senior senator when he resigned from his position to assume the role of vice presidency in 2009. During his time in the Senate, Biden was known as one of the senate’s leading foreign policy experts, and for several years, he worked as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations. Some of his many foreign policy stances included expanding NATO to include former Soviet-bloc nations, opposing the First Gulf War, as well as being outspokenly opposed to President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq War. He ran a campaign for the presidency in 2008 before dropping out and later being picked by Barack Obama to be his vice president, he was elected 47th vice president of the United States in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012. Biden’s blue collar working-class roots provided votes that were crucial in swing states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Today Joe Biden is running for president as a Democrat again in the 2020 election with the hopes of beating the other 2020 democratic candidates and then President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s policies on gun control are in support of strengthening gun safety as he recognizes the current state of gun violence in America to be an epidemic. One way he plans on dealing with the gun violence epidemic is by holding gun manufacturers accountable. Back when Biden was a still a senator in 2005, he voted against Lawful Commerce in Arms Act but due to gun manufacturers lobbying Congress, gun manufacturers managed to secure the act’s passage. This particular law protects gun manufacturers in a way no other industry is protected, they are safe from being held civilly liable for their products under this law but with Biden’s policies he will prioritize repealing this protection.

Another way Biden plans on dealing with the gun violence epidemic is by preventing the civilian use of weapons of war. To do this he has said he plans to ban the manufacturing as well as the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which with existing hunting laws would not be able to be used for hunting purposes. Other ways he plans to deal with weapons of war is to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act, and institute a buy back program of assault rifles already existing within society, as well as supporting legislation that would restrict an individual from purchasing more than one gun per month to prevent stockpiling.

Biden to recognizes that there is a failure within American society keeping guns away from dangerous people and so to try to prevent this he plans on implementing universal background checks. He also plans on fixing loopholes in existing background checks such as the “boyfriend loophole”, the “hate crime loophole”, and the “Charleston loophole”. His campaign also plans on him reinstating the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed. If he wins the presidential election Biden would also push for the end of online sale of firearms and ammunitions.

Health Care

As president Biden plans on expanding upon the Affordable Care Act rather than starting from scratch, he will use the Affordable Care Act to build upon to give Americans more choice, reduce health care costs, and make our health care system more comprehensive and easier to navigate he plans to improve America’s healthcare system.

Biden’s plan aims to give every Amercian access to affordable healthcare he would achieve this through several ways. One way he plans on making healthcare more accessible is by giving people a new public health insurance option which he would create with the goal of satisfying more people who are unhappy with medicare’s existing shortcomings. He would also increase the value of tax credits with the aim of lowering premiums and allowing coverage to be expanded to more working class Americans, he also hopes to be able to extend coverage to about 4.7 million low-income Americans who are unable to get medicare under their states refusal to take up medicare’s expansions.

Biden also plans on standing up against the abuse of power being demonstrated by prescription drug companies. He plans on doing this by repealing the law that allows drug corporations to avoid negotiating drug prices with Medicare, which is only in place due to lobbying from the drug companies. His plan would also limit the launch price of prescription drugs using external reference pricing to prevent grossly overpriced drugs. He would also allow for consumers to buy prescription drugs from overseas to encourage competitive pricing from American drug companies. Biden’s goal is to make healthcare a right for everyone and not just a select few and he beileievs all Americans should have access to contraceptives amd safe abortions, and would prevent states from denying medicade funding to planned pparenthood. He also plans on rescinding the global gag order that was reinstated and expanded upon by President Trump.


Biden being a democratic candidate, climate is a major aspect of his campaign and his website even refers to his climate plans as “The Biden Plan” which plans to ensure America achieves a 100% clean energy economy as well as aiming to reach net-zero emmissions by 2050. He would also like to make thoughtful infrastructure investments to insure America can be climate efficient in the coming future. He hopes that his plans would influence the rest of the world to follow in suit due with the use of economic leverage and setting standards hopefully to be followed by other places in the world. He also plans on addressing the corporations which abuse their power by disproportionately pollution low income and predominantly colored communities, this addresses the national issue of Flint, Michigan still not having access to clean tap water. His clean power plan also addresses workers affected by the shift to clean energy such as coal workers and powerplant workers and the communities these energy sources support financially and plans on securing benefits workers have earned in their time working.

Plans for Rural America

Today in America roughly 20% of Americans live rurally but that 20% disproportionately has an effect on the rest of Americans due to farmers being among rural Americans. Biden would like to revitalize the rural economy because as of now rural America has a difficult time returning profits, but through strengthening our agricultural sector he can assure profits made by rural America stay in rural america. To do this he plans on pursuing a trade plan that would benefit farmers who export their crops. He would also like to make American agriculture the first to achieve net-zero emissions which would, in the process, give farmers a new source of income such as using cover crops to reduce carbon emissions as well as having the ability to amend the soil with important nutrients. Biden’s plan to revitalize the rural American economy also involves supporting new farmers and beginning the development of regional food systems which would see locally grown food being brought into local state and federal meal programs this allows for farmers to negotiate their own pricing on their crops. Biden would also like to work with rural communities to allow them better access to federally funded resources. This addresses the issue of persistent poverty levels within rural communities and he hopes that he can

Joe Biden has proved himself to be a front runner in the upcoming presidential elections for many of the reasons he has been so successful in his career as a politician, he appears to know what he’s doing and his opinions are fairly moderate and extremely sympathetic to the working class. While Joe Biden has good, non-polarizing ideas, this may also be his downfall. As it has been seen the other times Biden has run for president, he lacks the ability to get the public rallying behind him and now as he continues to get older, he no longer appears to be as sharp as he once was when in his prime, which is clear to the younger voting demographic. On the other hand Joe Biden’s role as vice president during the time of the Obama administration helped bring his name back into relevance after decades of working within the senate and he can surely count on receiving a fair number of votes due to his association with the Obama Administration who only care to have a democrat and Biden is already a familiar name to the American people. So while Biden has exemplified his ability to be a competent politician who seems to have the American people’s best interest in mind, he lacks the presence to lead a country as the president must. In all Biden is not young enough to understand and represent the younger generations in America and that paired along with his image as a person with his presence being unassertive during his time as vice president would suggest he will have trouble with his popularity among the American public.

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Joe Biden’s Stance on the Medicare and Healthcare Policies

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942. He resided in Scranton, Pennsylvania for around the first ten years of his life. He and his family then moved to Claymont, Delaware. He was a mediocre student who displayed great leadership skills. He was elected class president his junior and senior year of high school. Biden was always encouraged by his family, parents especially, to bounce back from failures, persevere and stand up for himself. A major obstacle Joe grew up with was a terrible stammer. To fix this, he would recite long passages in front of his mirror until it would go away. His practice really helped which would of course help him in his career consisting of non-stop public speaking.

Moving into his college career, Joe pursued a bachelor’s degree with a double major in history and political science at Delaware University and graduated in 1965. Biden continued to obtain his degree in law at Syracuse University. Along the way while Biden was pursuing his law degree, he grew even more interested in politics. Once he graduated from Syracuse in 1968, he became a lawyer in 1969 and practiced law in Delaware. At first, he practiced as a public defender and then moved on to open his own firm. In 1969, Biden ran as a democrat for the New Castle Council on a liberal platform which included support for public housing in suburban areas. He won with 55 percent of the votes and then served on the council from 1970 to 1972. His political career really took off after serving on the council.

In 1972 at 29 years old, Joe Biden ran against J. Caleb Boggs to represent Delaware in the United States Senate. His campaign had close to no money for the actual campaigning and many predicted he had close to no chance in winning. Although Biden had little money and needed to push harder to campaign himself, the issues he focused on were on target with what the public was focused on as well. He focused on civil rights, the withdrawal from Vietnam, health care and much more. Since he didn’t have much political experience at this time his age, energy and ability to relate with voters and their feelings were a major strength. On November 7 Biden won the election with 50.5 percent of the votes. Unfortunately, a month later his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident and his two sons were severely injured. Biden took oath beside his son, Beau’s, hospital bed. Once Biden was officially sworn in, he focused on criminal justice, foreign relations and drug policy. He served on the senate’s Foreign Relations Committee twice as well as on the Judiciary Committee from 1987 to 1995. He also was a member of the International Narcotics Control Caucus. Biden was particularly passionate and vocal on topics including the Kosovo and Iraq conflicts. He wanted the US to take action against the Serbian armies and protect the Kosovos and he wanted a partition plan to be put in place to keep Iraq united and peaceful. Since he had such great opportunities within the senate and had gotten so far in his political career, he decided to run for the democratic presidential nomination in 1988. Quickly enough he withdrew and then tried again in 2008 but withdrew again after placing fifth in the Iowa democratic caucus. Luckily, Biden withdrawing from the presidential campaign opened a new door for his future leading him right where he was aiming to be, the white house.

Although Biden closed the door the presidency his door to vice presidency opened up right after. During the presidential campaign Obama became very intrigued by Biden’s ideas on foreign policy and he also found Biden’s campaigning style to be very appealing to voters. Once Biden dropped out of the race, Obama had been reaching out to Biden privately and conversing with him over the idea of him working in the Obama administration. As cautious he was, Biden declined Obama’s first offer to become his vice president because he was worried about how that might make him look. He did not want him accepting the position of vice president to be represented as a loss in status or a sign on inferiority. Obama and Biden took to secrecy and discussed possible vice presidency relationships moving forward. Finally, on August 22, 2008 Obama announced that Biden would be his running mate in the campaign. This was the beginning of the Obama-Biden duo. Once Biden was back in the spotlight, his campaigning began to gain more media coverage and press attention than before. He tended to focus more on the swing states especially areas within these states that are more economically challenged. There were many ups and downs during the campaign especially with Biden and his outspoken remarks during events, but in the end the duo pulled through and won the 2008 election.

On November 4, 2008 Joe Biden was elected vice president of the United States of America. On January 20, 2009 Biden was sworn into office as the 47th vice president of the United States. In the beginning of the first term Biden took on the role of the behind-the-scenes counselor. Since Biden was a senator for Delaware, he was able to gain senate support for multiple major pieces of legislation. He was also in charge of over-seeing infrastructure spending from the Obama stimulus package. He was constantly campaigning for democrats, especially in the 2010 midterm elections. When re-election time came around, Obama asked Biden to remain his running mate for the 2012 election. On January 20, 2013 Biden was inaugurated to a second term next to Obama. Biden continued to play an active role in the administration and served as an influential advisor to Obama and was constantly behind hm on all initiatives. Once the second term came to an end, so did the reign of Obama-Biden duo. Biden is now in post vice-presidency and on April 25, 2019 he announced he was running for president for the third time. He is currently in the running to be elected as the Democratic candidate who will run against President Trump for the next president of the United States.

Debate Question: How can we bend the cost curve/should we have Medicare for All?

I, Joe Biden, do not think we should have Medicare for all. Since I was vice president from 2009 to 2017, I have seen how healthcare affects the American people. I was able to be a part of making history in health care. I stood next to Barack Obama’s side while he signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Since the ACA has been put into place, nearly 100 million Americans don’t have to worry about being denied health insurance because of their pre-existing conditions. Young adults don’t have to worry about having no health insurance while spending thousands of dollars on college and are guaranteed coverage under their parent’s insurance until the age of 26. 20 million American citizens can live a less stressful life knowing they have health insurance coverage. My Priority is to make sure every single American has access to affordable, quality health insurance in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible. The United States spends about 3.2 trillion dollars on healthcare (Kocher, 2018). Based on what I have seen the ACA do for people in the past almost ten years, I don’t believe we should have Medicare for all. Why have Medicare for all when we have Medicare already and a law like the ACA sitting right in front of us waiting for the next move in healthcare?

Medicare for all just isn’t the answer. I will protect the ACA from the attacks it has constantly endured especially since Donald Trump became president. I would not get rid of the Affordable Care Act but instead I would build on it. Ways that I will do this is by giving Americans more choice, reducing healthcare costs and making our healthcare system less complex to navigate (“Health Care”, n.d.). I believe there should be on top of the existing Medicare and ACA, a public health option. The Affordable Care Act is dear to me and I have seen it do good to the American people, but I will say there is still many areas of improvement within this law. Within the healthcare system and ACA I aim to give every American access to affordable healthcare, provide peace of mind of affordable, quality health care and a less complex health care system, stand up to abuse of power by prescription drug corporations and finally, ensure health care is a right for all and not just a privilege for a few people.

Giving Americans a new choice in health care is a big role to take on, but I believe it is something that could help the American people and ACA tremendously. A public health insurance like Medicare is a much better option than just Medicare for all and calling it a day. It gives yet another option that has the flexibility to work for millions of people. I believe each American citizen should be given the choice to purchase some type of public health insurance like Medicare, but not force individuals who may have a good health insurance plan to drop it. By doing this, the plan still fundamentally preserves the employer-based health insurance system that most working-age Americans rely on for coverage. It builds off the health insurance system created by the Affordable Care Act, with targeted adjustments that appear aimed at fixing some of the law’s shortcomings (“Joe Biden unveils his alternative to ‘Medicare for all’.”, 2019). Expanding coverage to low-income Americans is one of the main goals here. This obstacle can be resolved by offering premium-free access to the public health option of insurance for the people who would be eligible for Medicaid but for their state’s inaction and making sure their public option covers the full scope of Medicaid benefits (“Health Care”, n.d.). Once these individuals have health insurance this will lead them to the peace of mind of having affordable care and a less complex health system.

Being able to provide the peace of mind of having affordable care and a less complex health system to the American people is what the ACA had done in the past to many, so why reverse that with the only option of Medicaid for all when we’re already half-way there? Having a public option like Medicare will negotiate prices with providers which will lead to a more affordable option to individuals who may find their insurance too expensive (“Health Care”, n.d.). This again, helps the people who want an alternative plan while leaving others who are happy with their plan. Along with piece of mind, this will also be a way to stand up to abuse of power by prescription drug companies. I believe if we get a public health insurance incorporated into the ACA then this will completely void the exception allowing big prescription drug companies to avoid negotiating with Medicare over drug pricing. Based on this outcome I believe we then can find a way to choose our own pricing for these drugs. I know many if not all upcoming drugs are not going to be these traditional chemical drugs, but instead more along the premise of biotech drugs which will lead little to no competition in prices. With these movements being put in place by the prescription companies, a great opportunity because of adding on a public health insurance will be to set a condition of participation in the Medicare program and public option so all biotech and overly priced generic drugs brands will be prohibited from increasing their prices. Just from adding another option for healthcare will help make these ideas come to life and give us the care, funding, prices and quality we as the American people deserve in healthcare.

Implementing another option for healthcare coverage ensures that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for just a few people, usually the wealthy. With a public health option not only will the individuals who have always had healthcare will continue to have it (and pay less) but individuals below the federal poverty line who may have never dreamed of having health insurance will. This option being included in the ACA will help continue to expand access to contraception and protect to constitutional right to an abortion for ALL women.

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