Donald Trump

A Personality of Donald Trump as an American Leader

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Whether it be fear or love, the ability to generate an emotional response is the key to any successful campaign. However, throughout history more often than not we find ourselves looking at leaders who turn to the fear of the people in order to gain their vote, their confidence, and their trust. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Bush, Abbott, Turnbull. All leaders who turned to the fear of the people to fuel campaigns that only seek to exert control. There is no leader that demonstrates this more today than Donald Trump.

“Make America Great Again”. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime.” Our great African-American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore.” “They’re not coming to this country if I’m president. And if Obama has brought some to this country they are leaving, they’re going, they’re gone”

Donald Trump’s campaign is built on the production of fear. He has presented himself as a rampant xenophobe, racist and misogynist in his media appearances (he denies this, of course.) He continues to recycle the ideas that many conservative media outlets would have us believe. He’d have us believe that not only Americans but also the global community are on the losing ground. That we should fear the invasion of dangerous people who are different from him, that these enemies are not only abroad but are living amongst us all. Trump would have us believe that their economy is collapsing and that things will only get worse. And as a result he has created a common enemy to unite his followers, raised the fear levels astronomically and assured that if he is elected he will provide a solution to dispel the fear and save us all. To Donald Trump he is not only the leader that we need but also the one we deserve.

Yasmeen Alimiri was one of the many victims of verbal violence at Trump’s rallies. She was standing in the press pen when a man called her a “terrorist”. After that, many others soon began to shout in agreement. Another man in the crowd motioned to a police officer and gestured to Alimiri, “Are you there for this terrorist?” A college student refused to give her directions to the bathroom stating, “You are a member of the media, and you are disgusting and sleazy.” It’s important to note that Donald Trump has used the same adjectives in his speeches. What’s worrying is that his words are resonating on a global scale and there is a high possibility that he will win the election.

Writing during WW2 British philosopher Bertrand Russell noted that, “Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear,” and there is immense truth to this idea. How does one possibly see beyond the atmosphere of tension and fear that is being painted by those we are supposed to look towards to represent us? How do people see beyond the rhetoric that has conveniently provided another for us to turn our backs against? When we succumb to our fears we are no longer able to think rationally. It is in these moments that we lash out and treat people inhumanely.

We cannot buy into these fear mongering tactics. Tactics which feed on the current environment of fear, tactics that belittle the issues and reduce them to simple black and white problems, tactics that continue to perpetuate racist and sexist sentiments. This is not who we are. Together, we need to stand up against the true bullies who continue the ongoing hateful narrative that so many have bought into. This is not the time to turn against one another. This should be the time of spreading unity and love, to look at those who have been pushed at the margins for the color of their skin, for their religion, for their gender, and let them know that we stand with them. Fear is not an emotion we can succumb to. Fear is not an emotion that will motivate us. Fear will not define us.

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Donald Trump’s Decision to Ban Muslim Entry to America: Why?

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Donald Trump Calls for Ban on Muslim Entry Into U.S.

According to this article, at a political meeting held last week, Donald Trump (current presidential candidate) declared he wanted a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering into the United States. This proposal will help eliminate the ongoing anxiety Americans have been having towards recent terrorist attacks. Although this proposal may eliminate some anxiety, it goes against ones religious freedom that is granted within the Constitution.

Trump goes on to claim that Muslims show a lot of hatred towards the United States and this is beyond comprehension. He claimed that until we can determine where this hatred stems from, we cannot sit back and do nothing. The dangers that could happen to the United States cannot be ignored.

Honestly, several accusations were made within this context. Muslims do not hate the United States or even Americans. The actions of a few cannot explain the behavior of an entire group. Islam means peace and that is what the true religion practices. Unfortunately terrorist groups are formed and they distort the real messages of Allah. I find it completely unacceptable that someone who wishes to run the country is completely oblivious to the truth. In every location throughout the world you will have the good people and the bad people. It seems however, bad representations of “Muslims”, are the only ones publicized.

These terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda , are not true Muslims contrary to belief. They are nothing more than terrorists. They claim to want to restore our country back to a peaceful state, but once in power, they deceive even us. Muslims are actually against killing, this is why when someone murders another in my country, and they are beheaded.

Trump also proclaimed that this ban would continue until a decision is made by government officials. These attacks are becoming very brutal, with the shootings that occurred a week ago in California. Fourteen people were found dead in this incident. I do agree that these problems deserve attention and caution, however, I don’t feel that banning all Muslims is going to solve these problems. As several critics claim, these ideas are in conflict with constitutional rights.

Within his speech he brought up several points about 9/11. Repeatedly, Trump bashed all Muslim people. It shocks me that anyone could actually be in agreeance with this man. He is very open with his racist ideas, and only those who are racist as well could possible believe the crap he says. I feel that a president should accept everyone and treat each and every single person equally.

Although Islam is a religion of peace, not many westerners can look past these terrorist groups. I feel as if the Middle East and the United States will most likely never resolve their issues. After countless wars and controversy, this task becomes difficult. I do not feel that handling this situation in the way that Trump plans to will be effective at all. If we want to obtain peace we must come to some sort of compromise. Banning certain religions and races from living somewhere is cruel. We all originate from somewhere else and must learn to integrate together as a whole. We are all human beings and deserve respect.

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Immigration Reform and President Trump

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

How would you feel if you got separated from your family or if you had to wait months to be released from imprisonment just to be in the country of freedom known as the United States? Most of us human beings with a soul and heart would not like either of those things one bit. An article states, “Children would be separated from their parents if the families had been apprehended entering the country illegally” (Davis). “The president Wednesday signed an executive order to end that brutal practice — and instead could imprison children alongside their parents indefinitely” (Fialho). The immigration system is broken and a reform is needed to ensure more humane actions and to keep immigrant families together. The United States government should consider an immigration reform because they should consider that immigrants actually come to the United States to go to school, they help our economy, keeping DREAMers and DACA helps our economic well being, and some immigrants are the smartest people now and in history.

First off, immigration has supported the growth of the United States economy because immigrants are hard workers, entrepreneurs, job creators, taxpayers, and consumers. “Immigration is driven by what are called push and pull factors” (Kopan). Immigrants also increase the United States gross domestic product (GDP) by trillions of dollars a year and their importance will only increase within the next couple years. Although immigrants boost our economy, Trump thinks the opposite and issued more strict enforcements towards immigration as soon as he entered office. As the enforcements began, immigrants, their families, and immigrant communities lived in fear because they could be deported any day.

President Trump and his administration tell the press that the United States laws and court rulings are forcing them to separate families at the border. They are indeed lying because when Trump took office, his administration began to prosecute as many immigrant related offenses as possible. The zero tolerance policy, “which prohibits both attempted illegal entry and illegal entry into the United States by an alien” (Department of Justice), applies to all adults whether they cross over alone or with children. The Justice Department cannot prosecute children along with their parents, so the only thing the department has left to do is to separate families. During the months of April and May, approximately two-thousand immigrant children were separated from their families.

The Trump administration started the zero tolerance policy by choice, and it could end by choice also. There is no law or court ruling that says they should separate children from their families, but just like the law states that if the parents commit a crime they need to separate them from any children. Children who were held apprehended at the U.S-Mexico border continue to be released to relatives or to shelters, but after the zero tolerance policy took effect, parents are being prosecuted and any conviction could possibly lead to deportation. Hundreds of thousands of families have fled to the United States due to violence, gang activity, and persecution in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Cases of fraud have been found among migrants traveling with children who are not their own and Trump wants to stop those cases of fraud.

Second, immigrants increase the the efficiency of our United States economy by reducing open spots in labor shortages. That creates more job openings for native-born Americans. The current immigration system is bureaucratic, time consuming, and should issue a reform to solve many peoples problems. Immigrants hold about 16% of the labor force and present almost half of the labor force without a high school diploma. Immigrants also hold 25% of all doctorates and 35% of doctorates in science, math, and engineering.

Immigration has highly benefited the United States economy and had little to no effect to the overall wage gap and job market. “Immigrants have long been a scapegoat when economies are sputtering, jobs are being lost or security is a concern” (Shih). Immigration builds up the economy while at the same time leaving the native population better off on average. Immigrants gather up opportunities for themselves that were possibly not available to them in the country they fled from. There are increasing numbers of immigrants that are pursuing college degrees and their skills benefit the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. Second generation immigrants, which are people born in the United States to foreign born parents, also contribute to the economy because they are taxpayers just like us and good workers.

Immigrants help our United States Economy in many different ways. Immigrants are thirty percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants and eighteen percent of all small business owners in the United States are immigrants. Small businesses owned by immigrants employed as many as five million people in 2007, and they generated more than seven hundred and seventy six billion dollars annually. The purchasing power of many immigrants boost the demand for local consumer goods. The federal deficit was decreased by two billion dollars after the DREAM act was passed.

President Trump argues that immigrants have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for United States citizens. That argument that Trump makes is false. As the U.S population increased, so has total employment, therefore adding more immigrants to the economy does not overcrowd employment for native workers. Immigration generates growth and employment opportunities by increasing the total population of hr United States. A larger population results in increased consumption levels, higher demand, and more production, which is all our economy needs to be successful. Third, the United States would benefit if they protect and do not get rid of DACA. DACA, also known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, protects individuals who were illegally brought to the United States when they were young from getting deported. DACA gives young undocumented immigrants protection from deportation and a work permit that expires after two years and and is subject to renewal. The main requirements for DACA is that you are under thirty one years of age and you came to the United States before your sixteenth birthday, you were physically in the United States from June 15, 2007 to present, you are currently in high school or already graduated high school, and have not convicted any type of felony.

There are many teachers in the United States that are apart of DACA and could lose their jobs and be deported if it is repealed. “If lawmakers can’t fix DACA, thousands of teachers could face deportation when their sole permits expire” (Toppo). There are about twenty thousand teachers eligible for DACA around the country, and a lot of them have Spanish speaking skills that are highly demanded in schools. The loss of thousands of teachers will have the extreme effect on many children striving to learn. Public schools are already short thousands of teachers and getting rid of them will only drive the issue worse. The president of the American federation of teachers called Trump‘s choice to repeal DACA “a heartless assault on young immigrants and on our communities.”

Six years ago, tens of thousands of people applied to DACA and celebrated their ability to work, learn, and live in the only nation most of them know. The U.S Secretary of Homeland Security has seen the consequences of the broken immigration system and said that they took a step forward creating DACA, but would take an even farther step backward if it is repealed. “Protecting dreamers is a smart, effective policy that ensures our limited law enforcement resources are spent on those who pose a risk to our communities, not on those who contribute to our state and national economies every day” (Napolitano). Wasting limited enforcement that the United States has to deport good people does not make us safer, it simply makes us the opposite. That is why police chiefs around the United States support keeping DACA intact as well as the president of the National Border Patrol Council.

The United States would also benefit if they protect and do not get rid of the DREAMers. The DREAM Act also known as, Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, was a bill on congress that would grant legal status to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. Unfortunately the DREAM Act did not pass congress, but people have been referred to the term”DREAMer” as someone who has lived and gone to school in the United States and consider themselves American. The term “DREAMer” is also used to describe someone who is an undocumented immigrant and has big hopes and dreams for a better future. So DREAMers have a big future ahead of themselves and could be a stepping stone to start an immigration reform.

Fourth, there are some very smart people in history that would be considered immigrants today and chose the United States of America as their home. If those people did not make the choice of coming to the United States, the world today would be a much different place. The united states has always been a magnet for high-skilled immigrants, or HSI’s, that were or still are the best and brightest. Before independence in the United States, millions of people from Great Britain who were considered the intellectual and technological elite settled in the thirteen colonies to seek religious freedom. Many of the Founding Fathers, inventors, and well known people were immigrants.

HSI’s have proven that they are basically jackpots as very great workers. In the 1900’s and late twentieth century, two waves of Jewish immigrants fleeing the Nazi’s entered the United States and soon became very skilled scientists and entrepreneurs. The man who remodeled the treatment for AIDS, founders of YouTube, Zappos, Yahoo, Google, Intel, Facebook, and Apple were all immigrants or children of immigrants and are very successful to his day. One key input for GDP is that with more human capital, the nation produces more, and HSI’s are erupting with human capital. High skilled immigrants are not just great at the job they do, they also create many jobs and it is proven that they are more entrepreneurial among most people. HSI’s are also very great inventors of high-quality labor.

Smart immigrants have offered the United States economy basically a steroid shot meaning that they stimulated and helped the economy grow. Many people come to America to study at a university as their first path to becoming an American citizen. There is a great number of immigrant students at every university in each graduating class that receive advanced degrees. Foreign students that excel in advanced degrees are an enormous benefit to America because they are some of the smartest people in the United States. Trump’s executive order banning refugees from entering the U.S means that beyond smart people are being turned down in masses. America is at risk to lose many brilliant people if Trump ends up making all those executive orders possible.

Immigrants have brought creativity and innovation to the United States and if the U.S wants to continue to keep bring creative and innovative, they need to keep smart immigrants in the United States. It does not take rocket science to know and believe that not every person who is highly intelligent will be born an American. Many of the smartest people in the United States happen to be immigrants themselves or one or both of their parents were immigrants. The United States should welcome those people striving to go to college and earn their degree because they may soon come up with a new invention that will positively change our country or the world. The United States should indeed issue an immigration reform because the citizenship of many smart people could be lost when they could be creating something new.

Yet some people may disagree that issuing a reform will only put the thoughts in the heads of immigrants that they will get free social services. “In the household sample, 20 percent of U.S. citizens and 30 percent of legal permanent residents who reported having received Medicaid during the five years before they were interviewed also reported losing the coverage” (Hagen). Immigrants are basically getting free social services and they expect to get all those things without working. Medicaid is being repealed from some immigrants but is that the right thing to do or can it be improved? If a reform were to happen, to control this issue the government should allow immigrants to receive social services on one condition. That one condition to receive social services is that the immigrants should be working and show proof of a job.

In addition, people who are against an immigration reform may argue that the government would be letting criminals into the United States. The thing that some Americans against immigration don’t get is that immigrants are willing to work in the United States to better support their family. “The past two decades have seen the fastest increase in immigration since the early part of the 20th century. The past 15 years have seen the most rapid drop in crime rates in the nation’s history” (Griswold). The crime rates of the United States have gone down as immigration has gone up. What does that tell you? Immigrants are not always criminals and seeking a crime to commit. The government can control this issue if a reform were to happen is by doing background checks for any criminal activity and not let those people pass.

People against immigration need to get the assumption out of their head that immigrants are criminals and just want to come into the United States to acquire free social services. Their assumptions are totally wrong because immigrants actually want to work in the U.S and gain social services from working to support their family. An immigration reform is needed because immigrants come to the U.S to go to school and pursue high level degrees, they boost our economy, protecting DACA and DREAMers would benefit the United States, and immigrants are actually smart people.

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Donald Trump’s Relationship Through the Years

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Being the No 1 citizen of the United States isn’t just amazing, it comes with its own hurdles which include fame, power, glamour and the constant scrutiny by the media. Donald Trump has evolved from a rich lineage known for their exceptional business prowess. Born and raised in New York City, Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Soon after his graduation, he joined his father’s business, thus becoming the CEO of The Trump Organization in 1971. His excellent management skills have kept him at the forefront of the real estate business in the United States.

Prior to his presidency, Trump was one of the richest real estate investors in America. He has amassed huge wealth for himself, thus occupying No 766th on Forbes list of richest men in America. The real estate baron, triumphed over the Democrat’s Hillary Clinton to assume to role of the POTUS in 2016; thus becoming the oldest as well as the wealthiest person to become the POTUS with his worth over $3.1 billion. While he has been in the spotlight as the No 1 citizen of the United States, little or less is known about his personal life, past relationships, and affairs.

However, it might interest you to know that the incumbent POTUS has never lacked the company of women. Prior to his marriage to Melania, Donald has been married twice, divorced twice and had been linked with several other women including porn stars. Learn more about his relationship through the years including his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends below.

Donald Trump’s Relationship Through The Years: Ex-Wives and Ex-Girlfriends

Ivana Zelnickova

Ivana is a Czech businesswoman and former model, best known for being the first wife of Donald Trump. The pair met in New York City way back in 1976 and after dating for a few months, they tied the knot in a lavish wedding held on April 7, 1977. Prior to the marriage, Ivana Trump was previously married to an Austrian real-estate agent named Alfred Winklmayr. They got married in November 1971 and the marriage was dissolved the following year during the cold war. She went to Canada in 1972, where she dated a Canadian ski boutique owner George Syrovatka and in 1976, she moved to New York City where she met Trump.

While she was married to Donald Trump, Ivana became a very important member of The Trump Organization, spearheading several projects for the organization. A few months after their marriage; the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Donald Trump Jr. born on December 31, 1977. They also had two other children Ivanka Trump, born on October 30, 1981, and Eric Trump that was born on January 6, 1984.

However, things started to fall apart when Trump started having an affair with an American actress named Marla Marples. Ivana filed for a divorce in 1991 and their divorce process was finalized in 1992. Since then, Ivana had been involved in three other relationships with Riccardo Mazzucchelli, Roffredo Gaetani, and Rossano Rubicondi.

Marla Maples

Trump’s relationship with Marples became official a few months after his divorce with Ivana. The duo met in 1989 and they welcomed their first child a daughter, Tiffany Trump in October 1993. They got hitched at New York City’s Plaza Hotel in December the same year. Their wedding saw numerous guests in attendance including the likes of O.J. Simpson and Rosie O’Donnell. However, after six years of marriage, Marples was seen having an affair with Trump’s bodyguard in 1996. The following year, the couple separated and their divorce process was finalized in 1999. After their divorce, she moved to California with her daughter Tiffany Trump and there’s no news of Marla Marple’s subsequent relationships.

Melania Knauss

While Trump’s relationship with Marples hit the rocks, he met the Slovenian model named Melania Knauss at a party held at the Time Square nightclub in 1998. After the party they continued to be in touch; Melania was working as a model for top magazines such as New York Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Style Weddings at the time. She appeared with Trump on The Howard Stern Show in 1999; after which they got engaged in 2004. They tied the knot in a lavish wedding held at The Episcopal Church, Palm Beach on January 22, 2005.

It was the third marriage for Donald while it was the first for the charming model. Their wedding was attended by notable celebrities and politicians including Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton; Conrad Blac, P. Diddy, Shaquille O’Neal, Star Jones, among others. After their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child a son Barron Trump on March 20, 2006.

Furthermore, she was installed as the first lady of the United States in January 2017; following her husband’s victory in the 2016 US Presidential election. She has continued to play a key role in her husband’s administration; championing the advocacy against the high rise of cyberbullying and internet abuse in the United States. Her marriage with Trump has been his longest marriage so far and there’s no sign they would break up soon.

Trump’s Other Girlfriends, Hookups, and Affairs

Allison Giannini

Trump dated Allison Giannini in 1997 while he separated from his second wife Marples. The duo was set up on a date by a mutual friend. Allison is an amazing American actress best known for her role in the series The Young and the Restless. Allison, who said Trump is a very wonderful man went on three dates with Trump in Aspen Colorado after which they went their separate ways. Following the advice of Trump, she went on to become a real estate agent as well as a big supporter of Trump.

Rowanne Brewer Lane

Rowanne is an American supermodel and a former Miss USA contestant as well as the Star Search WInning Spokesmodel. She caught the fancy of the American businessman during a pool party organized by Trump in 1990. After the party, the duo set off in a whirlwind romance which didn’t last for so long before they went their separate ways. However, Trump wasn’t the only billionaire she had an affair with at the time, she also dated Mohamed Hadid who is also a real estate developer. She later got hitched to Jani Lane, the lead singer of a metal band warrant in 1996. They had a daughter named Madison and they went their separate ways in 2005.

Kylie Bax

Donald Trump had a brief romance with the New Zealand-born model cum actress Kylie Bax in 1995. However, since things didn’t work between them, they continued to be good friends. Bax is a strong Trump supporter during the 2016 Presidential election and she also defended him against some of the cases of sexual harassment. She was previously married to Spiros Poros for nine years before their marriage hit the rocks.

Kara Young

The amazing model started dating Donald Trump in 2001 and their relationship lasted for about two years. Kara was engaged to Aj Benza whom she later dumped after she met Trump. While Trump gave Kara the best orgasms of her life, he later dumped her because he found out she was biracial. Young appeared at the cover of several magazines including Vogue, Playboy, and Elle. She was born to a white father and black mother. The pair broke up before he finally married Melania Trump.

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The Newest Warning’s by Trump to Iran of “Consequences” in His Twitter Account

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

President Trump threatened Iran at the end of Sunday, warning of serious “consequences”, because rhetoric between the presidents of the two states quickly deteriorated. Mr. Trump, in a message to all the caps on Twitter, addressed to Iranian President, wrote that the state itself would face “CONSEQUENCES WHICH HAVE ALL POSSIBLE Situations EXCLUDED”, if it still threatens the United States. The news of Mr. Trump, similarly, was caused by a concert on Sunday by Mr. Ruhani, who warned the United States, on fact that incidents with Iran will be “a mother of all wars”. Previously, Mr. Ruhani threatened the possible liquidation of regional supplies of oil, if his personal export was blocked by the punishments of the USA. Iran’s supreme favorite, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that he had actually saved Mr. Rukhani’s offer, which actually shows that the Iranian instruction is in harmony with the trivial danger. Mr. Ruhani has long been a more pragmatic favorite, which is tolerant of the small. In May, Mr. Trump announced, in fact, that the United States does not want Iran’s nuclear order in 2015, and last month the United States said, in fact, that it would impose penalties on all Iranian oil exporters. South American officials have since softened the demand for punishments that are considered troubling oil markets. With the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran the USA restored strict sanctions against Iran. The economy of the state was already in failure, its monetary unit, rally, quickly fell in value relative to the dollar.

This led to an increase in the number of claims between the Iranian population about the state of the economy and the more formidable suppression of dissent by neat authorities. IRNA, a state-controlled news agency, dismissed Mr. Trump’s news on the first day of the week as “mockery of the texts and rhetoric that he uses, especially in the early morning tweets.” Mr. Tramp’s expressive perversion of Iran, reminiscent of the great military force of the United States in the Persian Gulf, repeated his attitude to North Korea the previous summer. He often condemned the regime as corrupt. According to the president’s texts, these dangers were destabilized by the North and forced him to switch to talks about his own nuclear and missile programs. Iran is more unpretentious and more difficult than North Korea. There are practically no symptoms of this, in fact, that he owned a nuclear weapon. Almost no measures were taken to withdraw from the 2015 agreement, including subsequently such as the United States created it. His favorites are convinced, in fact, that Mr. Trump is trying to force them to make a mistake. Mr. Trump’s warns Iran that can happened after the concert of Secretary Mike Pompeo, who sharply criticized the Iranian instruction. Mr. Pompeo blames the Iranian instruction for the widespread widespread corruption at the expense of the well-being of its own people. “Governments around the world are worried by the fact that the opposition to the Islamic Republic, the damage caused by the small-size, but these, for example, called small regimes in the country are still cruel. Pompeo said in his own concert in the Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library in Simi Plain (California). “You just need to arrest the text for this.”

Mr. Pompeo was still trying to mess with people from Iran. “The United States is hearing you, the United States is supporting you. The United States is with you, “he wrote on Friday in Persian and British. It’s not easy to say Mr. Trump with Iran, because he is still being discussed for his meeting last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Russian Federation and caricature statements about whether he believes that the Russian Federation is interfering in the elections in 2016. This week, Paul Manafort, formerly Trump’s campaign chief, will be brought before the tribunal in Alexandria, Virginia, on charges of monetary irregularities, the first of the two criminal trials with which he meets. The first trial will be prosecuted by a special lawyer Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential elections.

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Analysis of Career Success of Donald J. Trump

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

As many of us know, Donald Trump, the, now, 45th President of the United States of America, has ventured into many different realms of the business world. His diverse portfolio, which boasts many successes within the real estate, luxury accommodation, leisure complex and reality television areas, make him one of the most talked about and prosperous entrepreneurs in the world.

It seems as though his reasoning for becoming an entrepreneur, were based on the fact that he was born into a family of thriving businessmen and women. At a young age, he followed in the footsteps of his father and established himself in real estate. He then joined his family firm, called Elizabeth Trump & Sons and gained control of the company in 1971.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to learn and development great skills that can help lead to your success. Trump possesses skills such as goal setting, which is important because, those who have a clear vision of their targets enjoy a greater amount of success in the long run. He also has wonderful leadership skills, such as the ability to inspire others, the ability to delegate vital tasks and the ability to make good judgment calls in high-pressure situations. It is these skills, and many more, that have lead him to be the sole owner of more than 500 business entities.

Trump has had a massive impact on the world we live in today, as well as multiple people who live within it. Some of his pre-presidency impacts where that he created a large number of job opportunities for people, through his multiple businesses; he has contributed to the American and Global economy. He has contributed to the infrastructure in the U.S. through real estate and the construction of golf courses and casinos, etc.

Post-inauguration, however, he has impacted the world and the people living within a lot worse. Trump has ordered multiple bans on multiple Muslim-majority countries due to speculation and assumption. He extracted the U.S. from major agreements, which were put into place for obvious reasons. These agreements include: Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Negotiations, the Paris Agreement (which has to do with ending global warming) and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

In many cases, Trump, utilizes autocratic leading, however, in some circumstances, transformational leadership is employed.

Apart from his success being talked about, one thing that is always in question is Trump’s character.

Trump has been at the forefront of many media sources over the past few years, dealing with allegation of sexual assault, fraud, false statements and other legal disputes. Many have described him as distasteful and obnoxious. He has a continuing disregard for the respect that all people deserve and is, in many cases, unethical in his behavior towards others and, in some instances, within business practice.

There is, however, a silver lining to every dark cloud. Trump exudes confidence even in the worst situations, he is hard-willed and focus on his goals and pursues every opportunity without the fear of failure. He is highly authoritative and is a great negotiator with colleagues and he utilizes all the available factors of production sustainably.

In my own opinion, I think that the businessman, Donald Trump, is one that you can learn from, he is a good example of the great mindset and skills that an entrepreneur should have. There are some recognizably good business qualities that you can learn from him. However, I do think that his business mindset and character are a few of the things that have lead him astray and into trouble in his life.

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Donald Trump’s Path as an Entrepreneur

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

The now 45th president of The United States of America was well known as top Businessman and entrepreneur.

Trump started off as a young boy from Jamaica, Queens, New York city. He had lived there from the day he was born. In 1966 he moved to Pennsylvania where he attended Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania during this time he juggled work which happened to be his family’s business, Elizabeth Trump and son which was founded in 1923.

Trump graduated back in 1968 with a Bachelor degree of science in economics after spending four years studying 2 half in Fordham and the last two in Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Trumps wealth was set up back in 1949 by his father’s mother and later in 1976 by his father. He was the one of the main beneficiary to both of them with a trust fund set up by his father for $1 Million. After F. Trumps death it was split into $20 million.

Trump’s business includes real estate which is the selling of property this began at his father’s development company Elizabeth Trump and son. A little fact, the company was sued for discrimination against certain races in 1969 but the affirmations

Trump began his career with an advance of $1 Million from F. Trump.

Trump’s business includes real estate which is the selling of property this began at his father’s development company Elizabeth Trump and son. A little fact, the company was sued for discrimination against certain races in 1969 but the affirmations were kept on the down low by F. Trump. In 1971 F. Trump became chairman of the board and Trump became president of the company and renamed it hence the businesses name now being The Trump Organization. In 1973 the topic of racial discrimination from the company resurfaced again when a lawsuit was filled claiming The Trump Organization discriminated against people of color who wanted to rent out a flat. They pleaded guilty to the claim and agreed to sell to people who were even receiving a low income.

In 1978 Trump established the Manhattan estates company by buying 50% stake in Commodore hotel. After 2 years of reorganization the hotel became the Grand Hyatt hotel.

Trump also owns a casino at Trump Plaza Hotel which was formally known as Holidy Corporation back in 1985.

In 2006 Trump bought and created golf courses mainly in the UK.

Although Donald Trump started off with a bit of an upper hand or privilege rather as he started off with $1 million. Trump also had his family’s business to rely on. Before the company was run by Trump while it was still known as Elizabeth Trump and son the company had middle class rentals but because of Trumps knowledge background from his Bachelor degree of science in economics he was able to create a business plan for the business to grow and strengthen these are one of the things that made him soar during most of his business ventures.

The factors of production the entrepreneur used

Factors of production are the factors that a business needs not only to survive but also function. These include human resources which is labor, raw materials, capital, entrepreneurship. Trump has used all of these resources

Human resources later on when trump was able to create the Trump Towers back in 1980 he hired non documented polish workers to tear down a momentous building that stood before it. Although didn’t use his human resources in an ethical manner this means he could have exploited these workers because they were registered these workers could have been immigrants or refugees which could restrict them from legal jobs.

Capital Trump used $1 Million and turned that into a multimillion dollar empire. He was able to use the money in a way that can make the businesses grow this is known as investments. Trump was smart because he didn’t ‘invest’ in just one business but several at a time with a small gap of a few years that way he was able to get profit from one business and inject some money in another.

Entrepreneurship Trump obtained a degree in science in economics and because of this strong advantage he could have an idea of what an entrepreneurship needs for their business to suffice in the industry.

Leadership style

I believe Trump has had to adapt to a democratic leadership style. Because times have changed Trump has to be more inclusive technology isn’t something Trump struggles with but for technological advancements specialists are needed and other departments such as finance and marketing which are from the micro environments.

Why has he become an entrepreneur?

For Trump his family already had a business now known as The Trump Organization. He was brought up in an entrepreneurial environment. I believe he knows what it takes to build an empire with the resources he has which is exactly what he has done and being an entrepreneur showcases these talents.

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Donald Trump and His Policy

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Trump assistants recognize Russia is overpowering his plan

While President Donald Trump has rejected the Russia examinations as a ‘witch chase,’ even White House authorities are conceding the test is a genuine diversion. Top assistants to President Donald Trump are recognizing that the continuous examinations concerning Russian impedance in the 2016 race are overpowering his administrative motivation as previous FBI Director James Comey is set to show up at a blockbuster Senate hearing not long from now.

Over four months into Trump’s administration — and in spite of aggregate GOP control of Washington — Trump has accomplished next to no on Capitol Hill, to some extent on the grounds that the Russia embarrassment pretty much rules out whatever else. Republicans presently confront the possibility of going into the 2018 midterms with little to indicate voters, in spite of gigantic guarantees by Trump. Obamacare is as yet the tradition that must be adhered to, financing for an outskirt divider with Mexico is stalled in fanatic battling, Trump’s spending proposition was dead on landing, and the White House is route behind timetable on sending official branch chosen people to the Senate for thought.

With the Comey hearing approaching on Thursday, Trump divulged an arrangement to privatize the country’s aviation authority framework on Monday. On Tuesday, he’s set to meet with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to examine the condition of play inside Congress. Senate Republicans will likewise hold a key gathering on whether they can proceed onward an Obamacare revoke charge.

Be that as it may, even White House authorities are conceding Russia is a genuine diversion, however they fault “media predisposition” for a significant part of the issue. Trump has rejected the examinations as a “witch chase.” “There’s almost certainly that keeping individuals concentrated on examinations brings down our authoritative motivation, diminishes what we’re attempting to convey for the American individuals,” said Marc Short, Trump’s executive of administrative issues, in an instructions with correspondents on Monday night.

Short likewise cautioned that Trump will stop messing around with Democrats and Republican conservatives on his spending needs come the fall, when government subsidizing runs out, regardless of whether that incites a shutdown. “See, I don’t feel that anyone is supportive of an administration shutdown. I believe that what the president is communicating is the dissatisfaction that a great deal of Americans felt, and there are sure needs that he crusaded on, the American individuals need,” Short said. “Thus you will see him extremely drew in this fall and proceeding to push for financing for our fringe security and also reconstructing the military.”

He included: “And I surmise that he sees it as all alternatives for use are accessible, yet that doesn’t imply that is something he wishes for or that it’s awesome. We as a whole trust that an administration shutdown isn’t perfect.” It’s a fascinating play — Trump triangulating against his own larger part in Congress. It appears, be that as it may, how baffled White House authorities are by the absence of advance without anyone else motivation. Trump had flagged his receptiveness to a shutdown toward the beginning of May, composing on Twitter: “Our nation needs a decent ‘shutdown’ in September to settle mess!”

It stays vague, however, in the event that shutdown saber-rattling will be sufficient to shock Congress. The two chambers are progressively occupied by examinations concerning conceivable agreement amongst Russia and the Trump crusade. Subsidizing for government offices runs out on September 30. Ryan and other best House Republican pioneers have just cautioned that they are “four months behind” in drafting a 2018 spending plan due to the inside battle in that chamber over the Obamacare cancelation and they will require here and now financing bills to evade a shutdown come October.

The House Budget Committee is relied upon to divulge a spending design in the following couple of weeks, despite the fact that there are immense parts inside the Republican Party over the individuals who need to support Pentagon financing and spending hard-liners who need to cut government. What’s more, that doesn’t start to address the divided battle with Democrats. Then, the White House needs medicinal services gone before the finish of the mid year and a duty change charge presented after Labor Day, Short said. There is no course of events so far for foundation, he included, yet the White House might want to have an arrangement out this timetable year.

Another battle going ahead inside the White House and inside the Republican Party on Capitol Hill is over the obligation roof. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is among those requiring a “perfect” bill to raise the obligation roof, which is relied upon to be hit early this fall. However Mick Mulvaney, executive of the Office of Management and Budget, and other organization authorities and some hard-line moderate Republicans in Congress need to see monetary changes fixing to the obligation roof.

Short conceded there is a discussion going ahead inside the organization over that issue, and he said Trump had not taken a position. “What I figure he will comprehend from them two is the need to raise the obligation roof before Congress defers this mid year, and that is the due date and the course of events we have given to Congress,” Short said. Inability to raise the obligation roof, or a drawn out battle about the issue, similar to what happened in 2011, could shake Wall Street and the credit markets, and possibly hurt the U.S. economy.

In any case, the perfectly spread out motivation that the White House exhibited has a propensity for running up against Trump’s own particular propensity for grabbing the message: Just as he did Monday morning by commencing an arranged week concentrated on foundation with a progression of incendiary tweets about his disputable travel boycott. “The American individuals are on edge to see improvement in this town,” Short said Monday night when squeezed in regards to Trump’s occasionally different informing systems. “He might not have an ordinary style in doing that, but rather a significant number of his endeavors are amazingly useful to, I think, getting our enactment achieved.”

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The Final Solution to the Art of the Deal

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Some children ask for water, others plead for medication, more still beg for their parents. This is the reality under the Trump administration’s inhumane “zero-tolerance” migration policy. Forcibly taking children from their parents is inexcusable under any circumstances, but when this shocking spectacle is occurring not because they are criminals but because they are seeking one of the most fundamental human rights; the right to life, liberty, and security of person. You cannot help but draw links to Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Never before in the great history of the United States of America has a president shown such a total lack of empathy and such a deficit of common human decency.

Under the “zero-tolerance” migration policy over 2,000 children have been forcibly removed from their parents and are beqing kept in what officials are labelling “tender age migrant shelters” which is government dialogue for child prisons.

This mind-numbingly thoughtless policy doesn’t just shamqe the goqvernment of the Uqnited Sqtates it aqlso shames the agents carrying out the Commanqder in Chieqf’s inhumane orders.

A horrifying aspqect of this already gigantic disaster is that even the George W. Busqh admqinistration, an administration renowned foqr being one of the worst in the histoqry of the United States, never stooped so low as to enact a “zero-toleqrance” policy that rips faqmilies apart. A bill of this naturqe has never passed congqress. The dqemocrats aren’t at fault and neitheqr are the repqublicans. This particular act of evil belongs entirelqy to Pqresident Trump.

President Trumqp hqas decided, aqll by himself, to punish those who didn’t have the fortune of being born in the “land of the free” with a “qsmall loan of a million dollars” from their multimillionqaire father.

The irony here is both dark and profouqnd; the land of the free detaining those seeking freedom.

Truqmp’s evil, howqever, stretqches furqther than his poliqcies, the President’s gqutless and dishqonest attempts to pass the buck were epiqtomised in this biqzarrely spelt and capitqalised tweet: “[It’s] The democqrats fault for being WEEK and INAFFECTIVE with Boarder Security and Crime”. Unfortunately, this shameqful blame shiftiqng is somethqing we hqave come to expqect from our spineqless Coqmmander in Chief.

Unsurprisingly President Trump has received a huge amount of backlash for his decision, with the public uprqoar being so severe that the secretary of hoqmeland security, Kirstjen Nielsen, found it easier to shift the blame and feign ignorance than to answer for her Presidqent’s actions.

So radioactive is the fqallout from the Presqident’s decision thaqt even the First Lady is distancing herself from his cruelty, calling for a nation “that gqoverns with heart”.

Amonqg Trumps many criticqs are the normally flaqttering conservative reliqgious leaders who usually fawn over every deqcision the Commander in Chief makes. These religioqus leadqers publicly questioning Trump is a testameqnt to his iniquity. As one religious leader- Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal church said; “Families making treaqcherous and often dangqerous journeys to seek refuge in the US are desperate, you cannot deter people who are fleeing for their lqives. We should be meeqting these people with compassioqn not violence”.

Wae Amqericans agree. Our reacstion to the hearatless immigration policy has bqeen a welcome change from our Prqesident’s immqorality. The image of a selfish, mean and insular country has been undercut by the cries of American citizens. Thaqnkfully most of us are better than Tqrump, a man who embodies the worst aspeqcts of humqan nature; denyiqng responsibility, shifting blame and compulsively lying.

Recognising the political hqazard of his policy Presiqdent Trump issued another exeqcutive order, this tiqme suspending the separatqion of families. Under the rewqorking of President Trump’s cruel policy, instead of jailiqng innocent families separatqely, the administratiqon will jail innqocent familiqes togetqher: to thiqnk, in thqe currqent immigqration climqate this is considqered progrqess.

The U.N, however, has wqarned that this may still amount to “torture”, even if the chqildren remain with their parents. In a press rqelease the U.N. stated that the “Detention of chqildren is punitive, severely hampers their developmqent, and in some cases, may amount to torture.”

Ravina Shamdasani, a spokespersonq for the U.N.’s huqman rightqs office, added “We have saqid time and again the children shoulqd never be detained in relation to their or tqheir pqarents’ migration status. It is never in the best interests of the child for them to be detained.”

These protests, however, are falling on deaf ears as President Trump heads to Capitol Hill to convince his fellow republicans to juqmp into the dumpster fire along with him. The new bill he is proposing is the same brand of evil as before, sending more innocent families to jail for seeking fundamental human rights; more money towards the border wall that would feel right at home in a fantasy novel.

Although, to be fair to President Trump, he came to the presidency at a time of turmoil for many Central American countries with the likes of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras being among the top five nations with the highest rates of violent death. Stabilizing these countries is the key to stemming the flow of refugees. President Trump prefers yelling and making threats to finding a practical solution, repeatedly vowing to cut off aid unless these countries limit the flow of asylum seekers.

Donald Trump would rather scream at a cut than put a bandage on it.

In the end, there is no question that President Trump inherited the presidency at a time when the immigration system was in desperate need of change. There is also no question as to the seriousness of the current immigration problem. The questions surround the disgraceful way in which President Trump has handled the situation. The questions surround the lack of empathy the Commander in Chief has shown the tortured children. Donald Trump may not have been the first person to separate children from their families but we can ensure that he ends up being the last.

For there to be any chance of this happening there is one key thing we need to remember; to pull a crying child from the arms of their parents is not just cruel, not just detestable, but pure evil.

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Research on Famous Case, Which Was in the Campaign Period of Donald Trump

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Situations of failed logic are numerous in the actions of people on a daily basis. However, there are those unique cases that have stood out over time, attracting the attention of both psychologists and other experts who are keen to unravel the truths behind the actions performed by the individuals in question. This paper will focus on a famous case, which is the campaign period of Donald Trump as the president if the United States of America. His actions at the time exhibited malfunction in reasoning mainly caused by the fact that he had never been in a leadership position of a similar caliber before, hence had insufficient knowledge of the same but showed confidence that exceeded that of an individual who had years of experience in the position. The case is commonly referred connected to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, named after two famous psychologists had studied similar behavior. When Donald Trump was running his presidential campaigns, he was confident that he would win the elections and even commented several times that his followers would be tired of winning. His theory was that a more significant part of the total voter population would vote him in as the president to the extent that the winning margin would be large enough to bring satisfaction to his followers such that they wouldn’t wish for more votes in his favor. However, in actual sense, the competition was stiff because a significant number of the masses also preferred his opponent Hillary Clinton. Hence it would be wrong to assume that almost all people wanted him as president (Stojiljković et al. 78). The paper will explore his instance of failed reasoning and analyze the same from an original and objective perspective to determine what malfunctioning in thinking entails and the repercussions it has on the victim.

Thesis Statement

The generalization in the applicability of options in all situations shows cases of failed reasoning because different circumstances differ in what is required to get past them, which means that means o solving situations cannot be universal. Each case has a unique way of solving it. For example, just because one person likes covering themselves with an umbrella when it starts to rain, it does not mean that all people on the planet like doing the same (Pennycook et al. 1780). Some would prefer wearing a raincoat while others could opt to stay indoors till the rains subside. Also, there are situations whose intensity is extreme that the simple daily solutions cannot solve them for them to be successful. They require more smart thinking and discernment, like in the case of Donald Trump who acts like he has been in the presidential scene for a long time and therefore has the experience required to lead a nation when in the actual sense he doesn’t. During his campaign period, he sells the idea of building a wall on the border of America and Mexico and make Mexicans pay for the costs. Therefore, the Dunning-Kruger effect is an observation that exhibits a case where reasoning failed, a fact that will be justified in the paper.

The outline of the paper is designed such that it begins with the overview of the original campaign story of Donald Trump, the mixed reactions of the masses towards his ideas and strategies of running the state, and his way of thinking that lead him to stick by his plans. The overview will be followed by the studies done by the expert psychologists after whom such behavior was named after, the experiments they carried out regarding similar situations and the conclusions they arrived at. The analysis of the case will then follow from an objective perspective, taking into account all the available facts provided by the scientists, the Donald Trump’s side of the story, and the acceptable facts connected to the concept of malfunction in reasoning.

An overall conclusion will follow the analysis, which will justify the thesis, and give a summary of the investigation carried out, as well as provide recommendations on how to deal with similar situations in the future. Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, held campaigns that were unique before becoming the president. Unlike previous presidents who had leadership experience, with most having been senators in the states of America, or were running for the presidency the second time, the situation for Trump was different because he had never held a public leadership position before.

As part of the campaign strategy, he needed to let the public know the plans he had for the country, for example, development goals, leadership styles and the controls he was going to put in place as the president. He laid out strategies most of which were frowned upon by the masses especially because they contradicted the wishes of most people and seemed unethical and unconventional. He planned to find all undocumented immigrants and deport them, a move none of the preceding leaders had not implemented. His plan shocked immigrants, especially those that were in the process of acquiring permanent residency and those struggling to get legal papers, (Motta et al. 100) triggering uproar against considering Donald Trump president.

He had failed in reasoning because an individual with complete knowledge of the operations of governance would consider the difficulties immigrants go through to acquire residency documents, and that some of the immigrants are refugees who require help from the government and would be frustrated in the event that they are returned to the same countries they escaped from.

Donald Trump also planned to manipulate the military into carrying out his orders even though they went against the code of ethics of the military force. It was part of his strategy to order the military to kill terrorists and their families and have establishments of national security exercise waterboarding as a torture technique for terrorists and their families during his reign as president. The people of America expected a continuation of the previous systems where the military have their powers to carry on with their activities and are often not interrupted by the sovereign state. However, Donald Trump being a new face in the nation’s leadership arena was in support of a different approach that was disputed by General Hayden of the military who termed it as illegal (McIntosh et al. 98).

The policies Donald Trump was proposing out of his inexperience of presidency depicted failed reasoning because they were a violation of the law. The law enforcement teams, for example, the police and the personnel in the military try their best to avoid situations where civilian deaths result from collateral damage occurring during strikes or lawful warfare. However, considering that Trump encourages the deliberate targeting of members of the family of the terrorists is illegal.

The illegal policy he was willing to pursue exhibited the vast extent of ignorance he had, and how it landed him into collision with the military because they rebelled against the idea, and even threated to stage a coup should they be forced to engage in illegal activities during the reign of Donald Trump. He had not bothered to go through the laws of the country and learn about the things considered legal, and those that are illegal hence should be avoided. Therefore, the combination of ignorance and lack of skills and experience in the specific field of sovereign leadership were the main contributing factors to his case of failure in reasoning.

The specific case of Donald Trump’s which showed failed reasoning landed him into the records of the unreasonable campaigners in the world, even though he was voted in as the president. It is the occurrence of such modes of thinking captured the attention of a professor of psychology, David Dunning, who recognized a universal aspect, which the individuals who lack most in skills and knowledge are still the same individuals who appreciate their knowledge inefficacy the least. He joined hands in the analysis with a fellow psychologist Kruger hence their observation was eventually named Dunning-Kruger effect.

According to the psychologists, it does not pay to have a high level of confidence about something, when in reality, the ability to execute the task at low levels (Mahmood 102). They were of the notion that confidence levels need to be matchable with one’s skills and intelligence leeks to accomplish a task. Donald Trump needed to be competent enough to carry out in-depth research on the government of America if indeed he wanted to carry out a successful campaign with minimal criticism.

From their study, they concluded that an individual is likely to inflate his confidence about executing a particular task when he is less competent about the same. It is the less able individuals that are surer of success compared to the able ones. The duo carried out experiments to justify their theory by administering quizzes on logic, jokes, and grammar to undergraduate students of psychology and analyzing their responses. After submission of the questionnaires, the students were required to give a rating of their expected performance in the tests. They were needed to gauge their expected results relative to their colleagues in percentage terms. The responses the two administrators of the tests got after marking the papers and awarding the marks were that the students who expected to outperform their colleagues scored the lowest. Even though Dunning had anticipated that such an occurrence would come to pass, the magnitude of the effect was beyond his expectation. The poor performers had prior estimated that their skills outdid those of two –thirds of the rest of the students regarding superiority.

The duo extended the research outside the university space to the external environment where they held a shooting competition for volunteer gun hobbyists who were required to participate in a short quiz comprising of ten questions whose purpose was to gauge their knowledge of guns and safety of the same (Latham 440). From the group of volunteers, the individuals who had the least knowledge about firearms exhibited higher confidence regarding the same, in that hey overestimated their knowledge of both gun safety and the usage of weapons.

The experiment justified their notion that it is the individuals with the highest level of confidence about a subject that has the least knowledge in the real sense. They acknowledged that the situation is the same or sports coaches, for example, basketball coaches who are confident about their understanding of the sport, for example, the practical strategies players can employ to win the game when in the real sense they cannot perform basic moves of the sport like dunking. The duo considers the incorporation of intelligence in a person to ensure they realize their level of stupidity, which means that one cannot understand how stupid they are unless they are intelligent enough to notice. This insinuates that Donald Trump must have lacked in intelligence because he was unable to recognize his lack of competency in the creation of acceptable strategies of leadership during his campaign.

The last experiment carried by the psychologists has the purpose of strengthening the notion that those who were overconfident about their abilities had the most mistakes hence failed in their reasoning, contrary to those that were skeptical about their performance because it meant they had to be more careful therefore emerged as winners.

The volunteers were issued with a quiz about the facts they had earlier typed, and one group was instructed to remember the details they had given while the other group wasn’t compelled to remember (Gibbs et al. 589). The outcome was that the group which was required to remember performed worse than that which hadn’t been instructed to remember. The group that scored better comprised of those that were sure their work would be erased.

There is a puzzle piece in the reason why Donald Trump believes that his strategy will work, yet he hasn’t consulted with previous presidents and has no clue about most of the things that are considered illegal. He only creates policies based on what he thinks is right for the company, regardless of whether it aligns with the law or wishes of a majority of the population. Reasonable conclusions are based on evidence or data that is more often than not derived from repeated experiments to ascertain that the results can indeed be relied upon. Cases of failed reasoning occur as a result of insufficient research or in a situation where conclusions are not supported by evidence or existing data, as in the case of the two bank robberies.

Donald Trump failed to involve intensive research complete with a wide range of consultations to measure the credibility of his policies before he could embark on the campaign venture. He should have gathered previous presidents and have them provide insight on important matters about the leadership of the United States because they served in the position for one or two terms. He should also have involved legal practitioners who have specialized in the sovereign law to give their contribution on the things he out to include in his manifesto and those he should exclude.

Donald Trump, during his period of campaigning, practiced overgeneralization which is a recipe for failed reasoning. Applying information that is meant to serve a limited range of situations to a broad class leads to a failed outcome because limited information is insufficient for a wide range of conditions. In the case of the president Trump, he assumed that imposing death can also be applied on a broad spectrum of situations, for example killing the families of terrorists and exercising waterboarding as a method of inflicting punishment and preventing future cases of the vice (Dunning 190). That is a failed form of reasoning because of the error of generalization of the functions of lemon juice and their advantage in enabling invisibility.

A solution to the mistake of generalization is to obtain more information through adequate research. Trump should have engaged more leaders in the planning process for the campaign to determine the strategies to include.

Another puzzle piece is present where one needs to find out why Donald Trump plans to build a wall at the Mexican border and make Mexicans pay for it yet Mexicans have significantly contributed to America’s economy through provision of cheap labor, both skilled and unskilled. The construction of a barrier between both countries which mutually benefit from one another is illogical, and the reason for the same unrelated. Making an unreasonable inference or a conclusion that’s unsupported by data leads to a case of failed reasoning. In the event, a child breaks a mirror on his way to school and in the process falls and gets his homework dirty, blaming the broken mirror on the damage assignment is an illogical reference because both situations are unrelated hence cannot serve as the reason for the damaged assignment.

The basing of conclusions according to one’s opinions instead of facts is a puzzle piece because it creates personal bias leading the individual to base his actions on subjective decisions rather than facts. Donald Trump during his campaign period was of the opinion that since he would be president and hence have powers to control the military into following his policies regardless of whether they complied with the law. However, the reality is that the president is not above the law, hence cannot impose policies that go against the same (Bryan et al. 86). This means that had Trump been objective in his decision making strategy, and considered the potential results that come with using imposing extreme policies he would have realized that it was a bad idea.

However, the puzzle, in this case, is his reason for relying on personal opinion before making his decision to build a wall on the border and have families of terrorists killed, considering that subjectivity causes conclusions which often contradict factual data. Before one concludes that the situation at hand is driven by bias they need to test for whether the individual making the argument is speaking from a specific viewpoint. In the case that pure opinions support the arguments, then there is a likelihood of bias, which has the potential to distort the reasoning of an individual leading to its failure. In the case of Trump, there is failed reasoning which results in uproar especially among the supporters of his opponents.

Non Sequitur errors create a puzzle piece because they indicate a tendency to table one argument logically, which is a recipe for failed reasoning. This means that it is impossible to reach the conclusions based on the facts the subject in question presents. An example of the formation of such a puzzle is in the analogy that since the sky is blue and the ocean too has the same color, then the ocean makes up the sky. This argument does not follow logically hence exhibits failed reasoning because from the facts presented one should not deduce that the sky is made of the ocean since it’s an illogical argument (Aqueveque 182). The same case applies in the situation of Donald Trump whose arguments don’t follow logically when he says that families of terrorists should be tortured and killed when in the real sense they are innocent. It is also illogical to build a wall at the border of Mexico, yet both America and Mexico have benefited and continue to benefit from each other.


In summary, the situations where reasoning failed are depicted in the campaign activities of Donald Trump which prioritize the causes of failed logic and the analysis of the same. The uproar from opponents and some of his supporters who did not agree with some of his policies, his way of thinking that led him to believe in the killing and torture of families of terrorists is enough evidence of a case of failed reasoning. From the study, one can conclude that an individual is likely to inflate his confidence about performing a particular task when he is less competent about the same. The current president of the United States practiced overgeneralization which is a recipe for failed reasoning. The basing of conclusions according to one’s opinions instead of facts is a puzzle piece because it creates personal bias leading the individual to base his actions on subjective decisions rather than facts.

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