“Writers in Hollywood” Story by Raymond Chandler Essay

August 17, 2021 by Essay Writer

The importance of inspiration in writing is discussed in the story Writers in Hollywood by Raymond Chandler. The author questions Hollywood’s screenplays as an art of writing because he rejects the presence of the writer’s authentic ability and skills in Hollywood. Such a tendency in screenwriting is explained by the fact that writers’ skills and style are considered as nothing but a scarce commodity that is sold and bought. On the other hand, Chandler assumes that, though writers might have talent in producing exceptional screenplays, they are still unable to connect their writing with the film industry. Independence in writing, therefore, is impossible to achieve, until writers work under the pressure of the film directors and producers dictating them the commodity trends.

Using a writer as a machine for manufacturing picture-buying products prevents them from revealing their exclusive styles. The problem is that the producers imprint their own purposes and visions on the film. With regard to the above-presented arguments, Chandler expresses his doubts concerning the actual purposes of writer’s work in Hollywood because these purposes are not confined to genuine writing, but to present a product that could have high demand among the consumers. In order to answer the question, the author of the essay calls for understanding the intentions pursued by Hollywood writers, as well as the tendencies of their development. Nevertheless, Chandlers admits the possibility for Hollywood writers, particularly those with genius and powerful style, to take advantage of existing clichés in filming. Within this context, the writer can become more than just a writer. Rather, he/she may gain experience in what it means to write stories for Hollywood.

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