To Kill a Mockingbird: Scout’s Character Development Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Scout has changed a lot throughout the novel. Scout clearly changes emotional, morally, and mentally.

Who is Scout

Scout or Jean Louise Finch the main character and narrator in the novel TKAM. She’s the youngest child and her brother Jim and the daughter of a lawyer Atticus. Scout is a character that looks at the details of everything and engages in her thoughts about other characters. Scout is also one of those characters that has a wild imagination and that likes to see the big picture but she also isn’t afraid to use logic in her actions.

She has a rebel heart and likes to go against what society says. Scout like this to show that she isn’t insecure but she is a character who cares for and loves others. There are two versions of scout which we get in the story: The child immature scout and the adult narrator scout. Scout has a very advanced mind and understands most things that happens which causes her to change at such a young age.

The change of Scout

She actually has this odd masculinity that she shows when she gets into fights with boys and like with her jerk cousin Francis. By the end of the story however this masculinity starts to change it doesn’t completely go away but we can see it declining . When Ed Alexandra has a bunch of neighbors over encourages scout to join them and wear a dress and learn what it’s like to be a lady, one of the women ask her where her breeches are and she says they’re under her dress and they all have a laugh.

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So we can see that her masculinity hasn’t been erased but she’s stepped into a more feminine role or at least attempting to it. But her real self, her original self is still under that image she’s just adopting it looks like a more civil and a more mature appearance th’s more similar to the women in her life.

I feel her masculinity was contributed by the fact that she was raised by a single father because her mother passed away when she was too young to remember. So again basically she’s a tomboy but other than that she’s what you’d expect from a protagonist, she undergoes many changes , the best one being learning the lesson from atticus that she needs to practice empathy more often. And after everything scout finally sees to understand this like when she was at the radley house for the first time towards the end of the book and she says I had never seen our neighborhood from this angle she also says just standing on the radley porch was enough so these are pretty defining lines showing her growth and understanding and her seeing things from a new perspective.


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