“To kill a mockingbird” Analysis

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

In every book there are characters and always a conflict they must solve. But the way that the problem is solved is always dependent on the characters use and understanding of justice and injustice. Also, the degree to which the characters search for justice is successful or not plays a big part in the whole book. Although if a character shows justice or injustice there is always a reason and significance for why that characteristic is being shown.

All characters have a different understanding of everything. The characters even have their own understanding of what justice is. Scout does not lack of a good understanding of what justice is. For example, in chapter 2 around 10 o’clock when it was time for lunch the teacher Miss Caroline noticed something. One of her students named Walter Cunningham was just sitting on the benches and was watching all the students eat but he wasn’t eating anything. Miss Caroline walked over and asked him why he wasn’t eating anything he answered in a mumbled voice “I don’t have any money’’ Walters answer astonished Miss Caroline, so she offered him money, but he refused to accept. This went on for a while but then Scout observed the whole situation and quickly jogged over to Miss Caroline and quickly explained why Walter doesn’t want to take money from anyone because he was poor, and his family couldn’t return the money back. Unfortunately, Miss Caroline didn’t understand Scout’s words and for a punishment Scout got whipped with a ruler on his hand. This scenario shows how Scout understands the meaning of what real justice is. This shows how Scout is concerned for other people’s peace and respect. But, Miss Caroline shows a lack of justice and through her characteristics displays a similar characteristic to injustice.

Through every book the main protagonist follows a path to a self-rising fame through their actions and how others acknowledge their path they went through. But sometimes justice and good cannot be achieved through just normal actions. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird Scout learns this quickly when she starts to see what the world around her really is. She learns that in a courtroom there can be only a potential source of justice, but outside of a courtroom there are many ways to achieve justice. Scout really starts to grow up and becomes more mature, she starts to feel how innocent people perceive their lives and, in a way, she puts herself in their shoes. For example, when it was Tom Robinson’s trial, Atticus told the jury, “Our courts have their faults, as does any human institution, but in this country our courts are the great levelers, and in our courts all men are created equal.” By Atticus saying this he is trying to put out there that whatever the court decides it is always right to treat everyone equally whatever their race might be. Also, Atticus is saying that by respecting all people this is significant because it is closely related to justice. As for Scout during her search for justice she has successfully found what justice really is.

Everything has a significance even books, movies, and many more things. But sometimes it can be hard to find significance in even small things that won’t be a barrier to our lives. However, Scout can quickly distinguish a small and a big significance in her journey to finding what justice is. There is a greater significance than you think.

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