The Use Of Imagery In Shakespeare’s Macbeth

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

In the play “Macbeth” Shakespeare uses many types of imagery. Imagery is a figurative language that writers use. Five different types he uses are blood, ill-fitting clothes, weather, darkness, and sleep. One of the most used ones is the blood imagery. Why does Shakespeare or any writer use imagery? Why does Shakespeare use blood so much in Macbeth?

Blood imagery is used very often in Macbeth. It certainly helps you imagine the sick plot that was going on. In Macbeth Shakespeare uses the blood imagery to show the guilt. In Macbeth guilt was not controlled very well. Many things happened by fault of guilt. The blood showed also the killings of all people it foreshadowed that there would be more murders. The first killing by showed how Macbeth could be a ruthless savage. It was a noble killing but the way Macbeth killed Macdonwald was a savage display of sickness.

Macbeth was not a bad man at first he was a very noble ally to Duncan. When Macbeth he saw the Three Witches everything changed. They told him things he wanted to here and he believed them. He told Lady Macbeth what the witches said. She taught him and ridiculed him to be evil. He listened to her and that is when the trouble started. The first ignoble killing by Macbeth was the killing of what was supposed to be his friend Duncan. Macbeth killed Duncan to become king. Macbeth starts to hallucinate; the guilt is starting to build up within him even before he commits regicide.

The guilt inside Macbeth will lead to worse and worse things for him and Lady Macbeth. He will kill his best friend Banquo because he thinks he cant trust him. He hires murderers to do the bidding. Later on Macbeth meets the Witches again. He receives three apparitions. The second apparition is a bloody child. The apparition tells Macbeth that the only person who can kill him is a person born of a c-section. Lady Macbeth starts to feel the guilt that Macbeth felt. She was sleep walking and she told in her sleep what had happened. She explains that the one killing of Duncan had lead to so many more. The guilt over powers her and she dies from it. The apparitions came to be true when the man born of a c-section, Macduff, would be the only one able to kill Macbeth. Macduff wanted to get Scotland back to order and wanted revenge for the killing of his family. Macduff enters with Macbeth’s head. The theme of this story held with the imagery of blood. That blood will only lead to more blood or killing will only lead to more killing. The guilt from killing can not be controlled and will lead to more killings.

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