The Relationship between Hamlet and Horatio

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Dynamics of the relationship between Hamlet, and Horatio. Horatio is the only person in the play that Hamlet trusts. Horatio is one of the two people who know for certain that Hamlet’s madness is an act. Horatio is the only friend/family Hamlet has. Horatio is the only one caring for him, taking care of him, making sure he is good, and okay. Horatio never really shows that he needs Hamlet. Horatio is of a lower class than Hamlet, he’s a servant, he serves Hamlet with respect but is also his friend, and he loyal to Hamlet, and talks to him about his problems.

Hamlet is slowly slipping into madness, he’s angry because of the death of his dad and now he turns around his uncle is now becoming his step dad in a matter of days. He really doesn’t trust anybody but can sort of feel a trust when dealing with horatio. He told horatio about the ghost that looks like his dad. While Hamlet is seeing this Horatio is talking to him about what to, and what not to do. Hamlet is paranoid and thinks someone is going after him because he’s trying to find out how exactly his dad died.When Hamlet, and Horatio talks he is not afraid to speak his mind when both of them are having a discussion.

When Hamlet meets the ghost for the first time, Horatio makes tells him that Hamlet’s choice to follow the ghost in hopes of learning the reason why it appeared in the first place. He is honest and straight up in his arguments and seems worried that Hamlet might be tempted to lose his reason and be drawn into madness. When Hamlet follows the ghost anyway, learns that King Hamlet was poisoned, and is sworn to avenge his death, Horatio allows himself to be sworn to silence and keep Hamlet’s secret. Horatio is not only an honest, but a loyal friend, and the secret of Hamlet’s father’s ghost is the first of many secrets that Horatio will keep for Hamlet. Even though they are friends Horatio wants to be the man that Hamlet is.

Hamlet means alot to Horatio that he would be willing to anything, and to sacrifice anything so that he can survive. Even though he’s a servant he will still protect Hamlet and he would rather kill himself, then to live on after Hamlet. While they are together they laugh, and joke with each other why? Because they consider themselves as family and its the family he has now. At the end of the day Hamlet, and Horatio enjoys each other friendship, company, and when theyre together because they like to joke and have fun. When Its time to get serious they will get serious and they will be with each other and watching out making sure nothing happens. This is the relationship between Hamlet & Horatio.

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