The Other Wes Moore: Living In A Non-supportive Household

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be born into a non supportive house hold. Well the other wes moore was, and let me tell you his life wasn’t pretty. I wouldn’t give him the max sentence because he was born into a bad/ non supportive family. Another reason I would give him less of a harsher sentence because he isn’t all that about family to teach him right from wrong. Keep reading for more reasons on why I believe he deceived a lesser sentence.

I wouldn’t give him the maximum because he was born into a bad, nonsupportive family, fatherless. studies show that 24.7 million kids in the U.S. don’t live with a biological father. Well the other wes one 1 out of those 24.7 million. In the article it talks about how children are more likely to drop out of school without a father figure. I have reason to believe that the other wes moore had it impacted more. Without a father,without a supportive family to help him out.

I then have reason to believe he deserves a lower sentence because he wanted to get better! He had the choice to attend college, to sell drugs again, he chose the wrong path yes. Although, the thought of him wanting to get better but knew that he could get in debt and screwed up his future even more than it is. that’s what got him thinking that selling’s drugs was the best way. fast,easy cash. Although that’s not the smartest idea you also have to remember he was kinda born into it. His mom and brother brought it upon him.

Yes,although he was born into it, that doesn’t change the fact that he” robbed” a jewelry store. The other wes moore was there in on the robbery. He didn’t shoot but he was still apart of that! He is a witness of the crime. they took at least 500,000$ worth of jewelry. He should be punished for that because that is 100% on him. His choice to be there and be doing that.(chapter 8)

In conclusion I believe the other wes moore deserves a lesser sentence because it’s not all on him!he wasn’t born into a good family and does not have the support of a normal 2 parent kid has. He doesn’t have a father, the rest of his family is drugs is all that’s on there mind and all they do. Yes there a chance he won’t learn but if he does a little bit of time he will realize that he has to change if he wants a better life for him and his family. By giving him a harsher sentence he won’t get to see his kids grow up. Then his kids will be fatherless and who knows maybe a whole cycle would happen. You never know.

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