The Movie “GLORY 1989” by Edward Zwick Analysis Essay (Movie Review)

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Movie “GLORY 1989” is the first movie in the United States that explains the nation’s civil war. The movie makes use of fiction devices to pass its information and this makes it to be interesting to the audience compared to the other films focusing on the civil war. In my opinion, the movie is an ensemble piece that gives more information on the time of the civil war as well as the circumstances that led to the war. It, however, does not concentrate on the personalities of the characters and the characters only serve to demonstrate a glorious time in America’s history, a role they play with constant conviction.

I love the way the movie begins. It starts in an interesting manner with local citizens dressed in costumes that are alike, clean, and well pressed. The film opens with a charge at Antietam where the faces of the characters appear to be charmingly smudged as if done by a volunteer artist. It unfolds in a series of brilliantly recognized vignettes following the 54th organization and I find it interesting that it idiosyncrasies of the characters emerge at this point.

The character, searles, who is an intellectual, makes the movie colorful. He is a black man in his youth and it is quite surprising how he makes sleeping with his glasses on. The fact that the film keeps its focus short is amusing. One of the movie’s least efficient sequences is traditionally true. For instance, the movie talks of an incursion to the village of South Carolina whereby, Shaw, the village head, is ordered by one of the officers to command his people to destroy and burn all the buildings in the village. I could not resist watching the movie since it is at this point that it adds a little raping to the series and quickly becomes more hilarious and melodramatic.

I feel like the Fort Wagner attack is the climax of the film. This part of the film cannot be compared to any other film have ever watched on screen. At this point, the film clearly illustrates the chaos and violence that were specific to the civil war scuffle. It is surprising the way weapons maimed during murder and how the Territorial Army was behaved up to the extent that they marched in straight lines into the scenes of weapons shot at a direct distance.

The movie talks of enormous tolls being taken in each combat. It is interesting that despite these vast tolls, the men continued to proceed and trusted their actions. Though the civil war involved much killing and suffering, it was a time of unlimited optimism for many American citizens. The Movie “GLORY 1989” is good, interesting, and complicated. I love the fact that though it is a celebratory movie, it does this in a manner that acknowledges the grief involved. It is a good example of what occurs when studio gloss is faced with open art based narrations. The movie attempts to achieve fundamental truths concerning men, political movements, and personalities.

Although the film is one of the best films, which clearly demonstrate the civil war in America, I realized numerous historical inaccuracies especially in relation to racial associations. For instance, the 54th is depicted in the film as constituting of runaway slaves and this was actually a troop of free men. By inaccurately portraying the 54th as a regiment of runaway slaves, the movie reveals that black men were not the free slaves as believed by the people from the southern part of America.

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