The Missing Links: Comparison of The Lion King and Hamlet

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Some would say Disney’s “The Lion King” is a child friendly “Hamlet”. In some ways I agree with those that think like that. But there are two major takeaways, “ The Lion King” is missing two major characters. Laertes, the revenge seeking brother and, Horatio, the supportive best friend. I feel that if those two characters where in “The Lion King” it would make the movie a lot better. Not saying that the movie was bad, i just think if some form of Laertes and Horatio where in the lion king it would be interesting to see how big of an impact that those two characters would have on the story.

First let’s start with Laertes, the sister of Nala aka Ophelia. Let’s start by changing the name. I would make his name Rofumba. If he was in the movie it would be interesting to see how he and simba interact with each other. At the beginning he would be away and return hearing about what Simba did.I think they would be friends until Simba took Nala to the elephant graveyard and put her in danger. Then he wouldn’t let Simba anywhere near Nala. He might even help scar with trying to kill Simba and/or Mufasa. Nala would run away because she couldn’t be friends with Simba any more. Then years later she would find Simba, Horatio,Timon and Pumba.

Now let’s talk about if some form of Horatio was in “The Lion King”. His name would be Foratio. In the movie he would be the one other person that truly knew what happened to Simba’s father. He would tell Simba what happened and help simba get stronger to defeat Scar. He’d take Simba away and help him train and teach him how to fight so he could return to pride rock and take the throne from Scar and run the hyenas out. While they are gone they would run into timon and pumba. Foratio would tell them what happened. Then they would all go back to pride rock. On the way to pride rock they would meet up with Nala and she would tell them what happened to pride rock and why it happened. Then Nala would be told what happened to Simba’s father.

In conclusion “The Lion King” would be so much different with those two characters. I feel that if those two were in the movie Simba would be going out for revenge and be more like Hamlet. But with them in the movie it might not be a children’s movie depending on how the studio decides to depict it. With that being said the movie would most likely be better with them in it, at least in my mind.

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