The Impacts of Bullying on People in The Kite Runner

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Bullying has impacted many people all around the world. Whether bullying is online, in person, or even through a telephone it hurts many. Books even show how bad bullying can be. The sad part is many children, adults, and elders, are bullied every single day. Bullying can take impact in many places, hurt many people, and change people in many ways.

Depending on where you live can take impact on the bullying you receive. For example, if you have a nice house someone may try to rob your house or force you to buy him or her something. While if you live in a not so good shaped house, someone could make fun of the characteristics of the house. If you live in a torn up neighborhood you might get made fun of if you don’t have the nicest stuff. Sometimes life can be difficult and where you live shouldn’t depend on the bullying you can receive.

Bullying hurts a lot of people. Some people do not let bullying affect them. Other people though let it take their life away. This could be painful to many of their family members. People do not realize how hurtful truly words can be. Its sad to know some people will bully others to the point where death occurs.

Bullying also impacts how people view the world. Some people become very evil and see the world as a very cold place. In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the character Hassan receives a lot of bullying. Hassan knows not to go to the place where Assef, another character in the book, bullied him brutally. While other people take the world as it happens. For example Amir, he doesn’t do anything. Amir just lets everyone bully him and then moves on. Some can handle bullying while others cannot, and just break down. Bullying does hurt a lot of people.

Bullying takes impact daily and it’s a very sad statistic in which death occurs. Many do not realize how bad people can suffer. Bullying needs to stop before things get worse. The KiteRunner makes you realize bullying is not worth the price anyone could pay. Since there is only one life to live, everyone should take life with a smile and show everyone can be strong.

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