The Great Gatsby: Comparison Of Movie Adaptation And A Book

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Novel is a clear proof of the vanity that comes in when people don’t realize that there are things that money cannot buy. In the Novel & the Film of “The Great Gatsby”, By (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great), Gatsby is waiting for a phone call from Daisy, but in the film, Nick calls, and Gatsby gets out of the pool when he hears the phone ring. Now many wonders whether the Novel or the Movie has more information than the other. There many differences to be found between the novel in 1925 versus the film in 2013. These variations are samples of how times have really changed. In 1925, instances of racisms and discrimination weren’t uncommon. However, racism and sexism are not really tolerated in todays time. To suit the modern audience instances of racism and sexism were omitted in the production of the movie. Several alternative variations may be found between the film and therefore the book. 

As time amendment therefore do the accepted norms of society. The changes may be seen within the characteristics and theme of the story. I believe the motion picture version of the book has to be altered, not only because of length, but also because of the time periods in which they were released. Times have changed since release of the book and certain things are no longer considered acceptable in society. These changing societal norms required “Baz Luhrmann” to alter the movie to be more suitable for today’s audience. In the end, there is still hope and possibility that Gatsby will get Daisy. The Movie shows Gatsby swimming in the pool. It is almost as if he is expecting a phone call from Daisy saying she will leave Tom. He pauses as he hears the butler say, “I know Mr. Gatsby will be very happy that you’ve called”. 

Gatsby continues to get out of the pool, is than shot, and then quietly says. “Daisy”. It is not until after Mr. Gatsby has been shot that the audience realizes it was only Nick who was calling. As far Gatsby knows, it was daisy, which made him believe she still cared. During the process of analyzing the differences between the movie and the book, which we found many more difference that we did not originally see. Besides differences relates societal appropriateness, some of these changes didn’t seem to have a concrete purpose besides just to make the movie more modern and exciting even more plot twisting. This shows that even though the book is a best seller, the movie adaption cannot always be the same. Many people get upset when they see that a movie does not always follow the same story line of the novel. But in the end, it will help accept or even celebrate the differences between the two. 


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