“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the roaring’ 1920’s became a time of glamor, fame, and excitement. During this time, women became recognizable in the major influence on the American culture. Women in the 1920’s started a revolution. They changed style, beauty, and way of life. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses women as a character to build the American Dream by their beauty, status, and personality. Beauty in The Great Gatsby is a vital component of the 1920’s culture and a prime example of it would be Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is the perfect example of beauty.

She is described as a captivating, young girl that leads others on with her naive and innocent presentation. She boosts the American Dream by expressing the happiness and beauty the American Dream gives off. She uses her beauty to her advantage in order to live the glamorous life she desires. Also, she is a male fantasy, meaning every male wish they have a girl like Daisy.“Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passion mouth…” (Fitzgerald 14). This shows how Dais is apart of the American Dream and captures the attention of men with her beauty and naivety. She makes the American Dream feel like a fairy tale that always has a happy ending.

All ranks of social status are read throughout The Great Gatsby. From Myrtle to Daisy, there is a significant gap between their wealth and acceptance. Their difference creates hope within the citizens of America that dream the American Dream is possible. For Myrtle Wilson, she lives a poor life. She lives in the Valley of Ashes with her husband, George Wilson. George is an owner of a beat-up auto shop at the edge of the Valley of Ashes. Myrtle is having an affair with Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s husband and Myrtle are able to achieve the American Dream through Tom. This gives light to others that hope to achieve the same dream. “I want to get one of those dogs… I think it’s cute… How much is it?’ ‘That dog will cost you ten dollars” (Fitzgerald 29-30).

The act of Myrtle purchasing a dog with Tom’s money shows that with good decisions and dedication the American Dream can be achieved. The personalities and unique attitudes of the women reflect and construct the American Dream. It also separates the women from the men; this is shown in the novel because their demands are highlighted over the Men’s preferences. And with that, Jordan Baker comes with a unique personality that brings different light in the novel. Jordan is impassive, dishonest, and independent. She lives her life without suffering the consequences of her actions. “ At her first big golf tournament, there was a row that nearly reached the newspapers – a suggestion that she had moved her ball from a bad lie in the semi-final round.

The thing approached the proportions of the scandal – then died away” (Fitzgerald 58). Nick mentions Jordan dishonesty when she cheats during her golf game and hides this fact. This shows that the dream is all about success and no failure. Jordan is easily able to forget her mistake because no one else really cares as long as you have money.

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