The Crucible is a study of power

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

“The Crucible is a study of power and manipulation. ” Select any two or three characters and show how they illustrate the abuse of power. In this essay, I am going to write bout three characters that either manipulate people or are manipulated themselves. The characters I am going to focus on are Abigail, Mary Warren and Judge Danforth. From time to time I might mention John and Elizabeth Proctor as they also become manipulated at one point, mainly by Abigail. As a character, Abigail was created to demonstrate power and manipulation tithing the play.

It is possible to argue that for a short period of time, Abigail acts as God as she has the power to make anyone believe her lies, leading to the deaths of innocent people. Abigail became intoxicated by the power and interest people gave to her. Abigail believed she could achieve what she wanted to get herself out of trouble with her new found power. She manipulates other characters in numerous ways which includes physical, sexual, witchcraft types and emotional.

During the court scene in Act 3, Danforth says, “What is it child?

” Abigail replies by looking about in the air and clasping her arms around her, as though cold, “I- I know not. A wind, a cold wind, has come. ” Clasping her arms around herself is seen as an interpretive action made by Abigail. The stage directions then tell us that her eyes fall on Mary Warren as if to say the ‘cold wind’ was caused by her. This can be seen as an accusation that she has become the devil or has gained devil like qualities. In my opinion, Abigail Williams is used by Arthur Miller to illustrate the way that power can lead to manipulation.

With ill- concealed resentment, “Do you begrudge me my bed uncle? ” This quote shows us that Abigail can turn any situation that looks bad for her around and place the blame on the character opposing her. Abigail is also a character that is able to use threats with what she says. “I’ll come at you by the black of night… ” She then goes on to say that she will use a ‘pointy reckoning’ if she had to, to keep the group of girls quiet which infers that Abigail, as a character, is not afraid to use violence to get her own way.

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