The Changes In The Movie The Great Gatsby In Comparison To The Novel

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

During the movie The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, some information during the film had been unclear compared to the novel. Information is changed or left out. Some data is distorted, as well as the perception of some of the characters.

The beauty, respectfulness and elegance of Myrtle contrasts Daisy’s beauty, respectfulness and elegance in the novel. Daisy was supposeв to set her family member (cousin), Nick Carraway up with her good friend Jordan Baker. She was supposeв to bump one into the other. Jordan Baker-the Daisy’s friend- later on, ends up being together with Daisy’s cousin and they later on, near the end, they split up.

The film would be more appealing to a viewer whom prefers visuals, which in this case would not be a bad thing because the films use of colour and the writers style of writing. There are many complementary colours used in the film which puts emphasis on the characters facial expressions as well as certain objects. Nick Carraway doesn’t fall in love with Jordan baker in the film. He does however does find her “frightening”. At one of Gatsby’s great, extravagant parties, while Nick is talking with miss Baker, another guy comes and drags her away from Nick and Nick doesn’t try to stop it, he let’ her go with the guy(a friend). Tom Buchanan-Daisy’s husband- is cheating with, Myrtle Wilson-George Wilson’s wife- right under his nose and he will never had found out that it was Tom (Daisy’s husband) who slept with his wife. Myrtle went to Tom’s apartment in New York with some friends’, Tom and was joined by Nick. That was the second time Nick had claimed to have gotten drunk. Myrtle’s sister gives Nick a pill to swallow that she had gotten from a doctor in Queens.

In the film, Gatsby takes Nick with him to a lunch with Meyer Wolfsheim. In the film they go to a hidden bar/club hidden below a barber. Nick was shocked when he say it. Many high ranking officials, women dancing around, many people drinking and loud music. All of Gatsby’s party are all these huge, extreme, over the top parties with people from all over. People he doesn’t know. He might have known of a few of them but not personally and many of the people think they know who Gatsby is. Each and every one has heard a different, more shocking stories. Nick gets aт invitation to one of Gatsby’s party’s and he is the only one that gets one. Gatsby invited Daisy, as well as Nick to his mansion, to give them a tour of his wealth and success. To show Daisy indirecting, without saying it in words, that he is now successful and wealthy and is now eligible in his eyes for her love. He thinks he will be able to marry Daisy and reunite and relive their past.

The changes within The Great Gatsby are not drastic ones. They do not change the main story in any way. The main idea is still stands. Changing the story’s facts in the novel makes it more appealing, with the lovely, colourful visuals.

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