The Analysis Of The Book: “The Great Gatsby”

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

The second chapter begins by introducing a location between West Egg and New york where two roads meet and go next to each other for a quarter of a mile. In this area, there is a great amount of ashes to the point that the narrator even compared it to the rate that wheat grows. The ashes here cover up every single house and road and also creates a fog that makes it near impossible to see. Because of this, men around this area would occasionally pick up their spades and clean up the area, this is where Doctor T. J. Eckleburg comes in.

He’s a man with an average size eye but big retinas, and they are blue. While on the way through this area, the narrator said the the train would give you a few minutes to have a nice look at the view on the other side of the river. That was how Nick met Tom Buchanans mistress. Their was always chit chat about Tom having a mistress so it wasn’t really much a surprise to Nick that he actually did have one. Although he didn’t have any interest in meeting up with her. How did he meet Toms girl? Well, the two were on their way New York together and suddenly Tom stood a basically forced Nick to also leave the train with him because Tom wanted the other two to meet up. After leaving the train, the three of them had a meal together and went for walk, a pretty long one, even worse was that they were walking under the stare of Dr. Eckleburg. They were not able to see anything apart from a yellow bricked building.

There was nothing else to see. They continued walking until they reached the Main Street. They walked past two shops and stopped at the third, which was a garage with a banner writing “George B. Wilson, Cars Bought and Sold”. Tom walked straight in and Nick followed. Inside, Tom saw the shop owner and greeted him as if they were really close. The thing is Tom made a deal with Mr. Wilson and will be selling his car to him soon. After they finished greeting each other and having there small talk about the deal, Mr. Wilsons wife entered the room and gave a warm welcome to the customers. She walked straight to Tom and told her husband to bring some chairs for them. And Mr. Wilson left the room to do exactly that. After Mr. Wilson left the room, Tom told Mrs. Wilson that he wanted to see her and asked her to get on the next train with them. She didn’t object a tiny bit. When Mr. Wilson came back into the room with two chairs, Mrs. Wilson took a step back to look like they weren’t having something between them. The three waited for her at the end of the road. While waiting, Tom and Dr. Eckleburg had a slightly negative chat about the place and what was going on. Even dragging on to slate Mr. Wilson about his stupidness in thinking that his wife was going to only see her sister.

While they were on their way, they stopped by man who was holding a bucket with little pups inside. Mrs. Wilson asked for the price if he sold them, and turns out they were for 10 dollars each. But she still took it anyway saying that having a dog inside her apartment would be nice. When they arrived, the apartment was pretty small but at least it had everything necessary in order to have a comfortable time inside. Mrs. Wilson called up her sister who was a pretty girl with red hair and a bob haircut, the McKees also turned up. Mr. McKee was a pale man with a girlish look who live a floor below them. They partied pretty late that night and had lots of conversations too, even dragging it to the topic of how and why did they get married to their husbands. By the time they finished partying, it was already ten. Everyone was close to their limits, and I mean how drunk they are. Despite being half drunk, Mr. McKee was able still say his goodbyes and get back into his flat with his wife. After the McKees left, Nick also tried to go home but could not make it and he spent the night sleeping in the lower level of the Pennsylvania station.

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