Shakespeare Othello

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What is Iago’s complaint in Scene I? In other words, why does Iago hate Othello? For that matter why do Roderigo and Brabantio hate him?
He is complaining that he is only lieutenant and Cassio even though Iago had more experience. They hate Othello because Rodrigo loves Desdemona and Othello had her and Barbantio doesn’t want Desdemona his daughter with Othello.

What reasons does Iago give for continuing to follow his master?
to further himself, and makes shows of his allegiance only for his own gain; he is playing false, and admits that his nature is not at all what it seems.

Who is Brabantio, and why do Iago and Roderigo awaken him in the middle of the night?
Desdemona’s father to tell him that Desdemona had run away with Othello the moor.

Why does Iago leave Roderigo at Brabantio’s house rather than wait until Brabantio comes down?
He has to get back to Othello also he has to keep up with the charade that he is on Othello’s side so he can get his position.

What is Roderigo’s previous relationship with Brabantio and Desdemona?
Roderigo had wanted to marry Desdemona but Barbantio rejected him

What is Brabantio’s reaction to Othello’s marriage to Desdemona?
Brabantio is very angry, swearing that Othello must have bewitched his daughter

Why does the Duke send for Othello? What danger is Cyprus facing?
There are reports that Turkish ships are heading toward the island, which means some defense will be necessary.

What accusation does Brabantio make against Othello to the Duke?
Says that Othello must have bewitched his daughter

What explanation does Othello give as cause for Desdemona’s affections for him?
wooed her with stories, and did her no wrongs.

Brabantio complains to the Duke about Othello’s marriage to Desdemona. After listening to both sides of the story, what is the Duke’s reply?
Sends Othello to Cyprus and tells him to take Desdemona with.

To whom does Desdemona pledge her duty?

What warning does Brabantio give to Othello?
She’s deceived once and probably will again

What is Roderigo’s complaint, and what is Iago’s reply to it?
Roderigo is upset that Desdemona and Othello’s union was allowed to stand, since he lusts after Desdemona. But Iago assures him that the match will not last long, and at any time, Desdemona could come rushing to him.

Where are we as Act 2 begins? What is the situation at sea? What has happened to the Turkish fleet?
In the city of Venice at night, their was a huge storm in cyprus when they were going to attack, turkish fleet was broken by storm so they retreated

Which ship from Venice arrives first? Which ship arrives second? Why is it surprising that it arrives before Othello’s?
Iago, Emilia, and Desdemona arrive first and then Othello’s ship arrives

What does the discussion between Desdemona and Emilia tell us about their relationship?
They have a close and trusted relationship.

Who is Emilia?
Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s hand maiden.

How does Cassio greet Desdemona and Emilia? Why is Iago so careful to observe the interactions between Cassio and Desdemona?
Cassio greets them all, especially praising Desdemona; watches Cassio and Emilia because he thinks they had an affair he watches them carful so he can figure out how to convince Othello that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair

What information does Iago use to spark Roderigo’s interest in his plan to discredit Cassio?
That Cassio is sleeping with Desdemona.

What “proof” does Iago use to convince Roderigo that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers? What keeps Roderigo from seeing the truth instead of Iago’s lies?
Because Othello is unattractive and he kisses hand on shore, He wants the opportunity so he is willing to believe anything he’s desperate.

Why does Iago instigate Roderigo to provoke Cassio to a fight?
To get rid of Cassio to show Othello that Cassio is drinking on the job

What is the purpose of Iago’s plan?
To make Cassio loose his ranking or look bad in front of Othello

What emotion seems to be governing Iago’s thoughts and actions?
Revenge and evil. & jealousy, lust

How does Iago see Desdemona, and how does Cassio see Desdemona?
Iago as a way to bother Othello, Cassio for help.

Why does Iago want Cassio to drink more wine? What is the outcome of Cassio’s drinking?
To get drunk which he does. the outcome is that he looses his rank

What lie does Iago tell Montano about Cassio?
that Cassio has a drinking problem

Why does Othello strip Cassio of his rank?
He did not follow orders ad got drunk and stabbed an innocent man he was forced by the presents of Desdemona to show her that he can control his men and that there is order in his ranks.

Why does Iago want Cassio to ask Desdemona for help in restoring Othello’s faith in Cassio? What does Iago tell Cassio to do to get back in Othello’s good graces?
He can get her to vouch for him with Othello. This will help Iago get the impression across that Desdemona and Cassio are together, which will make Othello very angry if it works he will be able to turn that against them both. Iago tells Cassio to talk to Desdemona and ask her to convince Othello to give him back his rank.

What responses do Iago and Othello have to seeing Cassio leave Desdemona?
Iago: plants the seed in Othello’s mind that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair
Othello: asks Desdemona who the visitor is and when she says it was Cassio and she starts to plead his case he gives in and says ok but later curses himself for falling for her

How successfully does Desdemona plead for Cassio? What is Othello’s response to Desdemona as she leaves?
Othello says he will humor her, and the subject is dropped for a while. He is saying that he doesnt exactly trust his wife and is afraid she is having an affair.

Why doesn’t Iago simply tell Othello right away that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair?
He wants to gradually bother him so then he gets really mad & he doesnt have any real evidence

What thing does Emilia find and give to Iago? What does Iago intend to do with it?
Desdemona’s handkerchief , to tell Othello that Cassio has the handkerchief as ocular proof and to make Othello even more paranoid.

What is Iago’s reply when Othello demanded proof of his wife’s disloyalty?
That he heard him talking in his sleep about Desdemona and how they made love and that Cassio had the handkerchief.

What does Othello decide and command at the end of Scene 3?
He swears to have Cassio dead, and to be revenged upon Desdemona for the non-existent affair.

How likely is it that Othello will keep an open mind until he has seen real proof? How much have Iago’s suggestions about Desdemona’s “nature” worked on Othello?
very slim chance, very well because Othello is convinced and mad that Desdemona is having an affair

How does Iago use Othello’s racial differences against him?
he uses them to convince other characters to turn against Othello

How is the dropping of the handkerchief ironic?
Desdemona’s handkerchief was a gift given to her by Othello upon their marriage . … and her dropping of it perhaps symbolizes the break in their love

What, according to Othello, is the history of the handkerchief? Is Othello telling the truth here?
That it was his mothers and it has magical powers and no the truth is not being told

What is Emilia’s view of men? How justified is she?
that men use women for their bodies and when they get bored they just leave or get rid of women, its justified on the men that she has met (Iago)

Who is Bianca? What is her relationship to Cassio? What does he ask her to do? What is her emotional response? Sound familiar?
Prostitute, Cassio’s lover, to copy handkerchief in room, she is upset and jealous, yes just like Othello when he suspects Desdemona of cheating on him

Who had the handkerchief at the end of Act 3? Why?
Bianca because Cassio gave it to her. because Iago planted it in his room and cassio thought it was hers already so he left her with it.

After Iago lied and told Othello that Cassio confessed going to bed with Desdemona, what advice does he give the overwhelmed Othello?
to kill Desdemona and he would take care of Cassio

What happens to Othello in Scene 1? How does Iago respond?
Othello gets super mad, and Iago goes and speaks to Cassio while Othello is listening.

How does Iago trick Othello into thinking Cassio is gloating and bragging about his affair with Desdemona?
He is talking about Bianca but Iago makes it sound like Desdemona.

Why is Bianca angry with Cassio?
She found the handkerchief and wants to know what its all about

How does Bianca’s return with the handkerchief help Iago?
It makes Othello even more mad because it looks like he’s disrespecting Desdemona at the same time.

Why does Othello hit Desdemona?
She mentioned Cassio.

Who is Lodovico, and why has he come to Venice?
A Venisian nobleman. Lodovico is Desdemona’s cousin and is there too give Othello a letter

What is Lodovico’s reaction to Othello’s behavior towards Desdemona? How does Iago later explain Othello’s behavior to Lodovico?
Shocked at this change in Othello, and has no idea how such a noble man could act so cruelly. Lodovico is very surprised that the noble Othello hit Desdemona. Iago explains to Lodovico that Othello’s behavior is actually much worse than that

Why does Othello ask Emilia about Cassio’s affair with Desdemona, and what is her reply?
She is with her everywhere and he want the truth she says that Desdemona has done nothing with Cassio

How correctly does Othello identify his weakness in Scene 2 ?
Othello admits that jealousy is his weakness, but his real weakness is that he is too honest/trusting

To whom does Desdemona turn for help after Othello calls her a strumpet?

Why does Iago tell Roderigo to kill Cassio? Why does Roderigo consent to think about it?
making him believe that if he kills Cassio, then he will win Desdemona; Roderigo decides to go along with it

What is the effect of the “Willow Song” and the interruptions to it?
It foreshadows Desdemona’s death. to show her paranoia

How does Emilia attribute the fact that women betray their husbands?
Thinks that it is not too big a price for a small act

How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? and Cassio’s?
Both so his tricks and plans will not be discovered

What happens when Roderigo attacks Cassio? Who actually wounds Cassio?
They are both wounded and Iago actually wounds Cassio.

What does Othello assume has happened?
A fight and so he leaves That Iago killed Cassio

After Bianca appears, what new part of his plot does Iago begin in Scene 1?
Make everyone think its an accident and to be able to see what is happening with Othello

Who will get the blame for the attack on Cassio if Iago has his way?

What justification does Othello try to give the murder of Desdemona in Scene 2?
That the handkerchief was with Cassio

How does Othello kill Desdemona? What interruption occurs while he is doing it?
He Smothers her, Emilia knocks on the door.

Whom does Desdemona blame for her death?
her self

How is Desdemona faithful to Othello to the end?
She says she killed hereself

What happens when Iago tells his wife not to speak and to go home (orders which good Renaissance wives should follow without question)?
he kills her

What is Emilia’s reaction when Othello tells her that Iago has revealed Desdemona’s affair with Cassio to him?
she is mad and tells them what Iago had planned and tells them about handkerchief

Why does Othello attack Iago?
Because he finds out about the whole plan.

What is Othello’s reaction to having his sword taken away?
he is weakened his sword represents his manhood and when it was taken away he felt as if they unmanned him.

Why does Othello kill himself?
Because hes sad and misses Desdemona and thinks he has no reason to live now

How do Roderigo’s pockets conveniently help to clarify much of what has happened?
because his pockets have letters explaining the plan on it

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