Role of Nature In "Frankenstein"

May 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

Readers are attracted to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein because of its appalling story. Throughout the novel there is a sense of nature within Frankenstein and the daemon he created. As the story progresses each character becomes notable of their sense of nature. Frankenstien’s nature changes immensely before and after the creation of the daemon. The role of nature is an occurring image that gave the daemon his beginning stage of what to build his understanding of man’s world. In the beginning of the story, Frankenstein is appeared as a normal person and carries onto college and so on.

He studies chemistry and interacts with natural philosophy. This causes him to focus more on his studies than his family. His nature changes as he begins this process of creating a animate creature. The time and dedication he takes into bringing this creature to life shows the change in his nature.

The daemon was not born with any idea of self identity.

Just like babies are born into the world , the daemon was born into the world as a human just as Frankenstein said “It was these feelings that i began the creation of a human being.” When the spark of life brought the daemon into the world he brought no knowledge or past experiences, allowing nature to overflow his senses. Nature created the daemons identity. As he begins to realize the world around him, his personality grows. The aspects of nature overfill human senses just like nature overfilled the daemons senses at first.

After the existence of the daemon entered the world, Frankenstein knew of what he had done. He begins to worry frantically of his creation. He has no clue as to what it is doing out in the world. His suspicion grows as he learns of the death of his younger brother William. His nature turns into isolation as he seeks solitude. He goes into solitude and focuses on the nature of himself. While in solitude, in the mountains far away, the daemon runs into him and begins to question him. Right here the nature of Frankenstein changes because he is so astonished at what he sees, at what he created. The daemon, recognizing his creator acknowledges him in a human manner. As if he had learned everything from the day he came into existence. The nature of it all was the impact that helped the daemon build up the foundation of his life.

The use of “nature” in this novel is based upon the characteristic of the character. Changes in the two main characters as shown. The daemon possessed zero qualities when he first became alive but in the end nature helps him to understand the life he lives in. Frankenstein himself is dramatically traumatized as he is in this situation of finding the daemon and it killing him. He was the creator after all. Throughout the whole story changes of nature appear in the character based on their emotional state. Frankenstein had to deal with his creation and the consequences while the daemon had to learn and observe the surroundings around him to discover man’s world.

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