Powerlessness in “Of Mice And Men” Essay

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

“Of Mice and Men” . written in 1937. is set in America during the Great Depression and tells the tragic narrative of George Milton and Lennie Small. two displaced ranch workers who move from topographic point to topographic point in hunt of occupations. All of the characters in Of Mice and Men are most decidedly non powerless. Curly’s married woman has control over the other ranchers despite being a female. Lennie though unintelligent has power through his physical strength and George. who although has Lennie to take attention of can do his ain determinations and unrecorded independently.

First and first. Curly’s married woman is non powerless because she has supreme authorization over the ranchers. Although she is a female. all Curly’s married woman has to make is kick to Curly about one of the ranchers and they’re canned. “…Curly possibly ain’t gon na like his married woman out in the barn…” . Subsequently. Curly’s married woman has authorization over Crooks because he is a Black.

She could non merely acquire him canned. but killed. “I could acquire you strung up in a tree so easy it ain’t even amusing. ” Curly’s married woman is surely non powerless in Of Mice and Men.

Furthermore. Lennie is non incapacitated because of his physical strength. Despite him non being the smartest tool in the shed by a long shooting. Lennie still has power over the other ranchers because of his monolithic strength. “The following minute Curly was flopping like a fish on a line. and his fist was lost in Lennie’s large manus. ” Furthermore. because of his strength he can “buck barley” exceptionally good. intending that without excessively much problem he and George are able to happen occupations. “Maybe he ain’t bright. but I ne’er seen such a worker. ” Lennie is perfectly non debilitated in Of Mice and Men.

Penultimately. George is non disempowered because he can do his ain determinations and be independent. Without a uncertainty George is affected by holding to take attention of Lennie. but he besides could populate mulct on his ain. “…if I was entirely I could populate so easy. ” Additionally. although Lennie is a load in many ways he besides empowers George because he is stupid. George can state Lennie to make whatever he likes. and Lennie will make it. “I turns to Lennie and says. ‘Jump in. ’ An’ he jumps. ” George is unmistakably non impotent in Of Mice and Men.

Conclusively. non all characters in Of Mice and Men are powerless. Curly’s married woman has unquestionable power over the ranchers. Lennie has power through his supreme strength and George has power through Lennie and his ain ability to last. How can anyone state that all the characters in Of Mice and Men are powerless?

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