Othello – Differences and similarities of the movie and play

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

The movie “O” starts off showing Odin receiving an award in front of the rest of the school for the most valuable basketball player. Odin then says that this would not be possible without his “go to guy” who Hugo believes will be him, due to the fact he has been in the basketball team for some time and has also known Odin for some time. Odin says his “go to guy” is another member of the basketball team which causes Hugo to feel very annoyed at this decision.

This is a parallel between the book and the film, where the army is replaced with a basketball team.

The similarities between the movie and the book at this point are, in the book the post of Othello’s lieutenant is given to Michael Cassio and not Iago, just like in the film were Hugo is not given the place as Odin’s “go to guy”. In both the film and book Iago and Hugo are both very angry and upset at this decision by Odin or Othello.

Odin is in a powerful position as one of the most respected basketball players in the team, and everyone in the school respects him. In the book Othello is in a respected post in the army, which gives him a lot of respect from the other soldiers. “Iam worth no worse a place” and “Forsooth, a great arithmetician. One Michael Cassio” These two quotes show that Iago believes he should have been awarded the promotion and he believes that Michael is good at the theory of war, but has no real experience in it.

Slightly later in the movie Roger is persuaded by Hugo who is feeling angry with Odin, to phone Dessi’s father and explain to him that Desi is seeing Odin. Hugo then tells Odin how angry he was when he saw Roger telling Desi’s father, even though it was him who persuaded Roger to do so. In the book Iago persuades Roderigo to tell Brabantio that his daughter had eloped with Othello. Iago then leaves Roderigo so Othello does not know Iago has betrayed him. This is a similarity between the book and the film but with differently named characters. “Your daughter and the moor are making the beast with two backs” This quote shows Iago telling Brabantio that his daughter is going behind his back and seeing Othello, without his knowledge.

Next in the film the basketball team are seen discussing tactics for their next game, when Odin is summoned to an office with the coach of the basketball team and the. Desi’s father claims he has been told Odin forced himself upon Desi, due to the phone call from Roger. There is a similarity between the book and the film, except the basketball game is replace with a war. In the book Othello’s advice is needed due to an emergency relating to Cyprus, but Brabantio who accuses Othello of having bewitched Desdemona intercepts Othello. “O thou foul thief, where hast thou stowed my daughter?” This quote shows Brabantio questioning Othello about his daughter.

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