Othello Act 1, Scene 1-3 Questions

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How does Shakespeare get the audience’s immediate attention?
Racial Slurs and Brings the Reader into the middle of the Action.

Why is Roderigo angry and frustrated?
He did not get to marry Desdemona, Othello did.

Why does Iago resent Othello?
Othello chose a different guy for the promotion.

What seems to be Brabantio’s attitude toward Roderigo?
He feels dismissive and then regretful.

Why is Brabantio angry at the end of the scene?
Othello stole his daughter.

How do we know that time it is during this scene?
The Context Clues.

Notice that, with one exception, the scene is written in blank verse. Identify the section. Why did Shakespeare write it in prove?
Iago’s comments are made worse by putting it in prose.

So far we have met three characters. Give a few words to describe the personality of each?
Brabantio: Angry and Protective.
Iago: Jealous, 2 Faced.
Roderigo: mad, but weak.

We have not met two of the play’s most important characters, Othello and Desdemona.

What have we learned about them?
They Eloped.

Iago says, “I lack iniquity / Sometime to do me service.” Why is this Ironic?
Because he’s very bad and evil enough to do the job.

How does Iago in he next lines try to intimidate Othello?
By saying that Brabantio can take his power.

How does Othello’s response reveal his own positive self-image?
His equal to her in rank.

Why does Iago swear Janus?
Because he’s a two-faced villain.

Sum up the news that Cassio brings?
Dukes and Senators need Othello right now.

Why does Iago not tell Cassio that Othello is married to Desdemona?
Because he doesn’t want Othello to know he is back stabbing him.

WHat does Brabantio accuse Othello of using to seduce Desdemona?

Even after he hears the reason for the Duke’s emergency session of the senate, does Brabantio change his concern? Why?
No; He is mad, he can’t think straight and self-center.

Sum up the reports that the Duke and senators hear about impending war in Cyprus?
Turkish Fleet are coming and they don’t know how many is in the fleet, but it’s a lot possibly.

Explain Brabantio’s first response to the Duke?
I don’t care about the war.

What accusation against Othello does Brabantio repeat to the Duke?
She’s been tricked and stolen from me.

What does the Duke promise Brabantio?
I will give him the death Penalty and Justice.

What disturbs Brabantio most about the marriage?
Interracial marriage, the guys old, and he didn’t know about it.

How do the Duke and the senators show that they are trying to conduct a fair hearing of this case?
They hear Othello out.

What does Othello say in his speech of self-defense?
That He Wooed her with his stories, and won her fair and square.

How does Desdemona respond to her father’s questions?
Were equals in this, and I fell in love with him.

Why are the Duke’s words cold comfort to Brabantio?
Othello’s stories would have wooed his daughter too.

Othello accepts his orders to go to Cyprus with only one condition. What is it?
That his wife (Desdemona) will be taken care of.

Why does Desdemona not want to stay at her father’s house? What is her request to the Duke?
He doesn’t want her; That she could go with Othello.

What are the final arrangements?
Desdemona goes with Iago and his wife to Cyprus.

Why is Iago so anxious that Roderigo not take his own life?
So he can take his money and he won’t have an income source.

How does Iago finally convince Roderigo to believe in him?
Sell everything and they will eventually break up (Othello and Desdemona) and he (Roderigo) will be the rebound man.

What does Iago say in his soliloquy at the end of act 1?
He hates the moor (Othello), and that there is a rumor that the moor slept with his wife. And he wants to destroy Othello, Cassio, and Desdemona.

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