Madame Loisel from "The Necklace"

June 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Madame Loisel is unhappy since she repents of her social standing. Madam Loisel has actually constantly dreamed of an elegant life with servants and such, and is unhappy because she is not rich. She ends up being a lot more upset when she is invited to a ball. It upsets her since she thinks she has nothing to use which is appropriate for the occasion. Then she is upset due to the fact that she does not have appropraite precious jewelry.

However the base of both of those complaints is that she is dissatisfied in her social standing. She was a quite and lovely girl, who thought that she should have been born into a life of high-end. However rather, she was born with parents who were “staff members.” Because of this, she was disappointed with everything about her life. She did not like the way her home looked, she did not like the food they had. She was not even pleased with her maid since she wasn’t high class enough either.

She believes that if all her things were high class, she ‘d more than happy.

It is perfectly natural for people to want what they can’t have, whether it is an expensive item of some kind of forbidden fruit. Such is the case with Madame Loisel in Guy de Maupassant’s shortMme. Loisel was envious of her friend and anyone else who had more than what she had. She felt that she deserved these things.

My first example of Mathilde Loisel’s selfishness is “She had no clothes, no jewels, nothing. And these were the only things she loved; she felt that she was made for them.” (p.133). These sentences show how materialistic Mathilde is and how selfish she is for caring only about gaining these things for herself. She didn’t show any care for her husband who despite their humble living, seemed to be a caring and loving husband who kept a positive attitude about things. She held her love for materialistic objects so high that it consumed her and occupied her mind. My second example of Mathilde’s selfishness is “Nothing. Only I haven’t a dress and so I can’t go to this party.

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