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Character Analysis of Lady Macbeth

I chose to do my favorite character Lady Macbeth. She is one of Shakespeare’s scariest woman characters. My first impression of her was that, she was going to try and kill Duncan, and that she was extra ruthless, and much bolder than her husband. At one point, she didn’t even want to be a woman, because I guess woman wasn’t capable of that stuff. She wished to be a man so she could do it herself.

Next, the comparison of being a girl and how strong she is, is very important to Lady Macbeth’s personality: her husband always thought that she had a manly soul in a lady body, which seems to put masculinity to ambition together. Shakespeare, however, appears to use her, He uses feminine methods of accomplishing strength, supposedly male ambitions. The play implies, that she can be as bold and merciless as men.

Then, she forces her husband, overriding all his objections.

when he doesn’t want to kill, she questions his manhood till he feels that he must kill to show himself. Lady Macbeth’s excellent convincing of will make him to the kill of the king. She pushes husband’s nerves after the crime has been committed.

Lastly, she starts madness, which helps her look stronger than Macbeth. She has this guilt in her after. By the end, she has been sleepwalking through the castle, trying so hard to wash away an invisible stain. Once the feel of guilt begins to eat her alive, her sensitivity will become a weakness, and she is unable to handle it. Then, she also kills herself, making her lack of ability to deal with their horrible crimes. To be honest she is my favorite character. She has a lot of moods.

Macbeth Obituary

Macbeth was an honorable and amazing person and his frame of mind to living was different upon by a few. Macbeth was conceived in the eleventh century and he kicked the bucket fighting as he got murdered by Macduff. Macbeth was the Thane of Glamis. At the point when welcomed by the witches, he was given the cutting edge chances to progress toward becoming Thane of Cawdor and ruler from this point forward, yet in the interim, he accepted different predictions which clashed and brought about Macbeth going crazy and his desire dominates. That yet this blow, might be the be-all and the end-all-here, however here upon this bank and shore of time, We’d bounce the life to come. “Macbeth was a character that, all through the play, dynamically affected the lives of others by killing and tormenting them. He was very faultless and his desire were an exclusive expectation, which put down his supporters his family and his companions. Macbeth, who rose to the position of authority by killing its legitimate inhabitants, passed on in a fight with Malcolm. Macbeth’s covetousness and want for lord is incredibly positive.

He trusts he merits lord. He submits juvenile acts and shows little regards to the general population he encompasses. Macbeth was not a decent pioneer. He didn’t show others how it’s done. The main thing Macbeth was worried about was his situation of lord being dominated, so accordingly, shrewd acts were depicted to keep his position as a pioneer. Characters in Macbeth additionally sway his activities. Woman Macbeth is manipulative and manhandles him until Macbeth himself, begins to accept what she is stating. This exhibits Macbeth was artless, and didn’t thoroughly consider things.

Macbeth’s Soundtrack

Act 1

Heaven – Beyonce

The song is about being ashamed, and that’s all Macbeth is. Macbeth believes that nobody would ever forgive him if they knew that it was him that killed Duncan. This song relates to Macbeth’s courage. The witches that give Macbeth his three insights, one of them is that he will be king. When he knows this, he will do almost anything to become king.

Act 5

Disturbia – Rihanna

This song represents how Lady Macbeth goes crazy and killed herself. She couldn’t deal with Macbeth’s guilt and her guilt weighed on her so heavily that she killed herself. This song represents the disturbances that happened and the things that pushed her to kill herself.

Act 2

Woman – John Lennon

This song is about the weird things that happen in the play, like Macbeth apparently seeing Banquo’s ghost. The strange things Macbeth is seeing is his conscience trying to tell him what he did is wrong.

Act 2

Hurt – Christina Aguilera

This song compares the scenes between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. They call out each other on everything they do wrong for example Lady Macbeth calling out Macbeth and saying how he is a coward because he was not cool with killing Duncan what so ever.

Macbeth’s Journal Summary

1038 A. D. Dear Diary, I really want to end up contemplating the three witches’ predictions. Some portion of me supposes it is finished gibberish that I will move toward becoming ruler of Scotland. The other piece of me supposes it could be so. To achieve the situation of ruler I would need to submit murder. My dearest Lady Macbeth urges me to control my very own future and murder Duncan to acquire the position. In any case, to envision myself, dagger close by, alarms me. Our arrangement appears to be secure be that as it may, in the event that we ought to fall flat, I will clearly be executed. Woman Macbeth will get Duncan’s gatekeepers alcoholic so they will go out. At that point I will crawl into the lord’s room and execute him. Is it justified, despite all the trouble to attempt? I am stressed that I will lament this choice, regardless of whether I do move toward becoming lord. I will have deluded an honest man yet Lady Macbeth is persuaded that I merit the honored position. How might I even be thinking about these poor, underhanded contemplations? I have not chosen yet what without a doubt will occur but rather soon I will. – Macbeth

1039 A. D Dear Diary, Duncan is currently dead and I am presently ruler. Despite the fact that I am the new ruler, my heart won’t rest. I am the person who has submitted this ghastly deed. I snuck into his chamber in obscurity hours of the night and wounded a dagger through his chest. I will always remember the expression all over Murderer, I am a heartless killer and I am discussing if this choice was justified, despite all the trouble. The measure of blame I feel is overpowering. The special case who can promise me this was not a poor choice is my dearest Lady Macbeth. She realizes that I merit that position of authority so I am likewise endeavoring to concentrate on that. I can’t resist the opportunity to think about whether anybody presumes me to be the person who carry out the wrongdoing! Banquo is my companion however consider the possibility that he makes sense of our arrangement. He was with me when the witches revealed to me I will be above all else. I should leave to my bed and attempt to rest now so I don’t overthink my present circumstance. – Macbeth

Bio Poem

Artless, agreeable, excessively aggressive and a blame ridden killer

Spouse of Lady Macbeth

Admirer of rank, power and Lady Macbeth

Who feels sorry, apprehensive and amazing

Who needs power, control and Lady Macbeth’s support

Who fears Macduff, his destiny and the three witches

Who gives agony, passing and no leniency

Who might want to see everybody dead, perpetually a ruler and Lady Macbeth returned

Inhabitant of Cawdor Castle in Scotland

Macbeth the dead King of Scotland

Word explaination: This poem is about the guilt and sorrow macbeth and lady macbeth felt when the committed murder. It talks about the witchess prediction for macbeth to be king. Lastly, it says hoe macbeth doesn’t want to get caught so he committed suicide.


1. What did you like about this project? Why?

I liked the project aspect of it, because i haven’t done one in a while.

2. What do you think you did well in this project? Why? (Be specific!)

I think i did very well on the poem, and citing my work.

3. What did you struggle with most on this project? Why? (Be specific!)

I struggled the most on the diary, it was hard to feel like him.

4. What do you think you need more instruction on/help with to be more successful on future assignments like this project?

Getting in turned in on time…and not struggling.

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