"Life of Pi" by Yann Martel

May 8, 2020 by Essay Writer

In Life Of Pi author Yann Martel describes characters who use hope and resourcefulness in a stranded ocean trying to survive.

The story centers with characters Pi, and a tiger Richard Parker, who all have hope, even though they’re stranded in a ocean after their ship sunk. When Pi saw that his ship was snapped and beginning to sink all he could do was hang on a oar. In front of him was an adult tiger and sharks beneath him, and a storm raging about him. Pi noticed that Richard Parker was out of sight so he stills hangs on a oar with sharks prowled but they didn’t lounge at him the waves splashed on him but did not pull him off. He looks for his family, a lifeboat, and other survivors anything that could give him hope but he found nothing.

Only rain, marauding waves of black ocean and the flotsam of tragedy. Pi was starting to feel pain in neck, back, and head but he needed to see if there were any other lifeboats. Pi uses everything he can to survive the storm. He founds out that Richard Parker is dead so he said God preserve me! Pi said the only thing that could calm him down was Richard Parker he looks around the horizon for a perfect circus ring for Richard Parker to hide in but he found nothing. Pi finds water and other supplies that he needed to survive and he drunk and drunk until his panic ws gone, hiLife in an extreme environment requires a sense of hope and the intelligence to use all available resources. In the story Life Of Pi,s fear was dominated. Survival was at hand. It came to be: Plan Number Seven: Keep Him Alive.

The author effectively conveys the challenge of this extreme environment through details of the characters’ reactions. Pi and Richard Parker’s hope and resourcefulness will help them survive. Hope and resourcefulness are powerful tools to survive any challenge that life brings you even if it’s hard to accomplish work hard to survive it.

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