Julius Caesar – the speeches of Antony and Brutus

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

In the story, Julius Caesar, two mean with 2 different beliefs concern the very same crowd to share their story and to bring forth their cause. Both of their speeches brought passion and true conviction. Taking the crowd to all extremes, the favor was with Brutus, until Antony came to the podium. Antony’s speech swayed the crowd in such a way, the crowd turns, into a mad, chanting to eliminate the conspirorators.

When Brutus comes out to face the crowd, he resolves his speech to everybody,” Romans, fellow citizens, and lovers, hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you might hear.

”( 298) When he starts his speech, and is providing it to individuals of Rome, he sounds believable, and trustworthy. He informs of that,” Not that I lov ‘d Caesar less, but that I lov ‘d Rome more.”( 298) He wants the Individuals of Rome to know that, if this were not to happen to Caesar, “then you all will live like servants.

”( 298) Caesar was enthusiastic which is why he must be killed. Since he is dead you all can be freemen, Free to live your lives without Caesar, however under the control of a brand-new leader.

In the speech of Antony he addresses the people of Rome. He defends the noble Brutus.” Brutus is an honorable guy”( 300 ), so if he tells of Caesar being ambitious then you all should believe him. He expresses to everybody the reasons and times, “as he was ambitious”( 300 ). Whatever had a factor and truth behind it and for this is why they believed Antony. For,” Antony himself was an honorable male”( 301 ).

Brutus and Antony express several different points of views in there speeches, points that show a lot about their characters in the Julius Caesar. Brutus is very loyal to Rome and is an honest man. By killing Caesar and his ambitions he believes that that it will help Rome tremendously. His speeches show his honesty and his dedication to Rome. Even thogh he is dedicated to Rome, he still believes in the reasons for killing Caesar. Brutus’s speech is straight forward, he shows in his speech what he really believes inf. Antony even though he is loyal to Caesar, he is much more believable in his speech, this allows him to make the people around him to say what he wants them to say. His speech not only reflects his personality, even though loyal to Caesar, his own ambitions and actions take upon a leadership role after Caesar’s death. Antony manipulates his speech to accommodate those around him allowing others to come to the conclusion he is trying to make without being as direct as the honest and naïve Brutus. Antony is much more cunning in his speech which reflects his nature as a cunning, ambitious and intelligent character in the play.

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