Isolation In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Have you ever seen a human transform into a monstrous verminous bug in real life and act like one? In the metamorphosis book Kafka In the Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka introduces us to the main character Gregor Samsa that turned into a dangerous harmful bug after his anxious dreams. Gregor hates his job but keeps it because of the obligations he feels to pay off his father’s debt and care for his family. Gregor woke up as an insect because of his behavior, the way he is mistreated and ignored in the family, his human actions, and his emotions. When he turns into a monstrous bug he can’t perform any human actions but he still has kindful human thoughts. Gregor felt isolated from the world and society because his family disregards his life both in human and insect form. They reject his humanity and often isolate him from reality and the outside by locking him away in a secluded room.

When Gregor Samsa first appears in the story as the main character, he always felt isolated from society and was mistreated by his parents although he was their sole provider. He has endured stress, missed train connections, bad food, fleeting love affairs, and insomnia. Gregor felt important, “ But at least people now thought that things were not all right with him and were prepared to help him” (Kafka 18), Gregor thought that his family finally realized someone was wrong with him and were ready to help because they care about him. what if they are worried he is going to miss work and get fired and no they don’t care about him they are just selfish and want money? He felt included once again in the circle of humanity and was expecting from both the doctor and the locksmith, without differentiating between them with any real precision, splendid and surprising results. In order to get as clear a voice as possible for the critical conversation that was imminent, he coughed a little. His father was concerned but yet never had the ability to interact with Gregor because of his unbelievable metamorphosis. As stated in the metamorphosis novel, Gregor’s father had even been violent in nature towards Gregor before, or at the least threatening, as was evident when he first saw that Gregor had changed into a bug, and his initial response was that he “looked hostile and clenched a fist as if to force Gregor back into his room”(Kafka 10). His mom was always scared of his transformation and never wanted to see her son in bug form, so they decide to lock and seclude him in a room. Gregor begins to feel alienated from his family, but Gregor has always felt isolated at his job as a traveling salesman long before his absurd transformation. As stated in The metamorphosis book, Gregor felt that his constant travel allows him to make only “ casual acquaintances that are always new and never become intimate friends” (Kafka 28).

He felt isolated his whole life and his family didn’t try to help him but instead they locked him in a room because they can’t handle and look at his horrifying transformation without panicking. He does his best to appease the sensibilities of the others in the house by hiding under furniture in his room when others might accidentally catch sight of him. Grete enters his room regularly to feed him, and she seems genuinely concerned for his well-being at first, but she recoils at his appearance. ”She did not see him at once, yet when she caught sight of him under the sofa, she was so startled that without being able to help it she slammed the door shut again.” (Kafka 15) She wasn’t able to control her expressions and feelings towards his horrifying metamorphosis. Finally, Gregor was the closest to his sister, when Gregor was felt isolated his younger kind-hearted sister Grete helped him feel less isolated and showed him that she cares about him and would still send him food no matter what form he was in.


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