Is Brutus Justified to Kill JC?

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

Brutus argued that Caesar should be killed because he was quickly gaining power. They were afraid that this power would corrupt him and lead him to do future harms. Brutus even believed that Caesar at the time of his death had not done anything to warrant his death. Although Brutus killed Julius Caesar for the right reason, it is still unjustified to kill an innocent man for what he had not done. Political assassination is justified depending on the circumstances. If the leader is good to the people, does everything for his country, and fights for the country, even if a potential threat, the assassination would not be justified.

But if the leader was harming the people, did not care about the harming the people, did not care about the country, or was just not being a good leader, then it would be necessary. As long as the intentions are good, and the circumstances are right, then it should be ok.

It would be different if you were killing a leader out of greed or because you just do not like them than if you were doing it for the good of the country.

Caesar was an innocent man. He had not done anything wrong but was killed by his friends. He did nothing but help the Romans but they did not trust him. That is why he was killed; he never had a reason to be killed. It was just jealousy and fear. If there was a ruler like Hitler, then it would be necessary because he was killing a bunch of innocent people. Caesar was helping his country, but Hitler was hunting down and killing his people. The conspirators had made no plans for after the assassination of Caesar, they believed that the Republic would just revert back to what it was before. They thought they would be hailed as heroes, but instead had their houses burned down and were forced to flee Rome. Caesar was a benevolent dictator, he made no proscriptions, he forgave his enemies, and he made provisions for the poor, for colonies, for economic reform, legal and judicial reform, and in his will he left the equivalent of two months’ pay to the poorest Romans according to Anthony’s speech.

This is probably the most famous assassination and is the most widely known. John Kennedy Fitzgerald, America’s 35th president was assassinated when he was visiting Dallas with his convertible car. The killer had used a powerful sniper rifle and hide in a safe place waiting for the president to go through and open fire. John F. Kennedy died at the hospital due to his injuries. After this shocking incident, all the forces of the investigation from the FBI to the CIA have in life but death of J.F Kennedy remains a mystery. He was one of the best president of the United States of America and also the youngest president at the time. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president born in the United States. He came to power between 1861 and 1865, Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes, a man dissatisfied with the policies promulgated by the president. The assassination occurred when Lincoln was sitting in a cinema theater.

When the air is crowded, everyone laughed, John Wilkes shot Lincoln and escaped through the back door. President Lincoln died later on the same day. Martin Luther King Jr. is the head of the character of the civil rights movement in the United States. The movement was created for the purpose of elimination of racial discrimination against African Americans. On April 4, 1968, while standing on the second floor of a hotel balcony, King was assassinated. After this incident happened, the ongoing violence increased across the city. The incident forced the incumbent president, Mr. Johnson declared one day of national mourning for King. After the funerals held, police began the investigation and search for the culprit. About two months later, James Earl Ray was arrested and accused of assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. All these men above died from what they believe and were making progress to their countries, now these are the bad guys that get killed or got away.

This is Hitler’s assassination and considered the legendary murder in the 2nd World War. The field mission to assassinate Hitler as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a German nobleman. Stauffenberg is also the chief of the reserve forces in the Nazi army, but thought against Hitler. In fact, the plan to assassinate Hitler is prepared for a long time and is set to perform on July 20, 1944. According to the plan, Colonel Stauffenberg placed the bomb in Hitler’s conference room, near the sitting position of the Nazi bosses. The bomb exploded shortly after when Colonel Stauffenberge leave the room, killing four people, but Hitler unharmed. The reason is, the oak desk where Hitler sat with special structural inadvertently reduce the impact of the bomb, saving Hitler. Immediately, the Nazi bosses conducting sweeps to hunt for mastermind.

Colonel Stauffenberg and his hand in the assassination plan are inevitable tragic death. Even their family members were also arrested in the concentration camps and tortured to death. However, if the successful assassination, the Nazis would be overthrown. World War 2 as well so may end earlier than 10 years, saving millions of lives and the European political landscape will change. Even the dismal picture, the complexity of the Cold War also will change. Hitler was so lucky, he had a second chance and he did not change his ways of ruling. Finally he had to kill himself the next year on April 30, 1945 and Germany surrendered a few days later.

Caesar’s death was not justified because he was murdered out of greed and jealousy. The murderers wanted to be powerful and praised for their “good deed” but never once did they think of the people themselves. Political assassination could be justified only if the leader was a bad person, and in getting rid of that leader, you try to make your country a better place for the citizen. Some men that are good just so unlucky, but when you turn evil, you can dodge bomb. My life plan is going to be evil as Hitler.

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