Into the Wild by Krakauer Essay (Book Review)

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer


In the story, into the wild by Krakauer, like any other narration, the author uses different viewpoints he consider to be of great benefit to bring out certain messages to the reader of the story. The approach used by Krakauer is unique according to him.

Krakauer’s style requires that the reader makes a personal discretion in coming up with a conclusion of what might consequently happen to the character in the narrative. Unlike other writers who adopt an open narration system in where it is evident in the narrative what befalls the characters therein and how they react in the end, Krakauer’s style is secretive. Krakauer’s style in this story is that of confidentiality and suspense and the reader requires a sixth sense to understand the themes as they read the story.

Narratives should be written in a manner that gives the reader sufficient information or clues to enable him embed the narrative in an actual or realistic contest.

In the narrative, for example, the author starts the story with a character that is on a journey to the wild. The exact home the character hails from is not clearly defined and the reason why he is going away is also not clarified. The author however uses another character Gallien to enable the reader to understand the exact state of the character Alex as he is picked along the way by Gallien.

It can be understood that the author used this approach in narration to attract the attention of the reader and raise curiosity within him/her. The story makes the reader to be fixed on his chair as he seeks to understand how the character Alex found himself in the position he is in and how he will end up in his journey to the wilderness. In fact the author has successfully captured the curiosity of the reader with this approach since one anticipates getting an explanation as to why Alex was leaving for the journey into the wilderness.

As one jumps from one paragraph to the next he/she is convinced that he/she might get the explanation of what transpired before the current context that is captured in the narrative.

Despite the fact that the author has used suspense as one of the techniques at his disposal to narrate the life of Alex in the story it still would have been helpful if he had included some specific information about the reasons why Alex left his home or what exactly he was targeting to achieve.

The whole story is full of secrecy for it is evident that one of the characters in the narrative, Gallien, is in a similar position as the reader for he cannot possibly understand why Alex is going to the wilderness. Gallien, as a character who understands the environment in which Alex is going into, keeps on wondering if Alex is sane enough to understand the risk he is getting into. In fact he is placed in a more complex position when Alex himself seems composed enough to face the risks and dangers he does not understand.


It is evident that the author in this article used a unique approach that does not help the reader in understanding the context of the narrative properly. The themes in the article are also not very clear and the reader has to read severally to get an in depth understanding of the article. In fact the reader is more confused as he keeps on wondering what the motivation was for Alex to leave his home.


Krakauer, John. Into The Wild, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992. Print.

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