Hamlet Acts 1-3 Summaries

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

Act 1 Scene 1
Ghost shows up to guards
Horiatio asks the ghost questions, it leaves
Fortinbras is mad about his dad’s death
The ghost comes back and leaves again

Act 1 Scene 2
Claudius addresses the court
Voltimond and Cornelius are sent to Norway
Laertes plans to go to France
Hamlet is snarky, king calls him sissy
Alone, Hamlet contemplates suicide
Horatio tells Hamlet about the ghost
Hamlet’s first soliloquy

Act 1 Scene 3
Laertes gives Ophelia advice
Polonius gives Laertes advice
Polonius makes Ophelia break up with Hamlet

Act 1 Scene 4
Ghost appears to Hamlet
Horatio says to avoid the ghost
Hamlet follows the ghost

Act 1 Scene 5
The ghost tells Hamlet to get revenge
Hamlet learns Claudius killed his father
Hamlet agrees to get revenge
Ghost leaves
Hamlet tells his friends he is going to act crazy

Act 2 Scene 1
Polonius sends Reynaldo to France to spy on Laertes
Ophelia tells Polonius Hamlet came to her, frightened
Polonius decides to tell the king about it

Act 2 Scene 2
R&G asked to spy on Hamlet
Fortinbras calms down, must pass through Denmark
Arras meeting planned
Polonius tries and fails to console Hamlet
R&G enter, Hamlet knows of their plan. He tells them he is sad.
Players arrive, exciting Hamlet
Players agree to add Hamlet’s part to the play
Soliloquy showing Hamlet’s idea to trick the King (Hamlet’s 2nd soliloquy)

Act 3 Scene 1
Claudius questions R&G
“To be or not to be” speech on suicide (3rd soliloquy)
Ophelia used to draw in Hamlet
Hamlet is rude to Ophelia, King and Polonius hear
King decides to send Hamlet to England
Polonius wants to see if Hamlet will share his feelings with his mom

Act 3 Scene 2
Hamlet tells players how to perform
Hamlet compliments Horatio and shares plan
Hamlet flirts sexually with Ophelia
Play begins
King reacts when brother is killed
R&G tell Hamlet to speak with his upset mother
Hamlet feels very vengeful

Act 3 Scene 3
Claudius meets with R&G to discuss madness
Polonius says he is gonna spy on Hamlet and Queen
King tries to pray
Hamlet sees him and almost kills him but doesn’t
Hamlet leaves to see his mother
Hamlet’s 4th soliloquy

Act 3 Scene 4
Hamlet yells at mom, Polonius spies
Hamlet stabs Polonius
Hamlet keeps yelling at mom
Ghost tells him to focus on revenge and be nicer to mother
Hamlet tells his mom to stop sex with Claudius
Hamlet reveals he didn’t trust R&G

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