Film and Play “Death of a Salesman”

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

I definitely feel as if the film and play ‘Death of a Salesman’ has a somewhat rehabilitated beginning. Everything wrote in the play can only be viewed the way the writer envisioned. It starts with Loman driving and then he came to a complete stop. In the play, it began when Willy got home and told his wife about what occurred during his trip. The details of Willy Loman house and the apartments buildings with blue lighting from the sky with some sort of orange glow was skipped in the starting of Act 1.

I would say the communication is practically the same during the movie excluding some hiatus. It was some lines that stated Happy’s friend who may have built an estate was gone.

It was several pieces of significance to the overall story that was deleted. For example, within the play Linda seemed as a very strong woman who deeply cared for Willy Loman. But, amongst Willy request she hums to him while in bed like a mother who sings to make her baby go to sleep.

As we may all know in the movie she agrees to sing but don’t. Willy kissed her on the forehead making it seems as if he’s the comforting person. There are so many alterations made in the film version in order to somewhat offend the public. If you don’t recall Willy tried to explain to Linda why he wasn’t able to make sales on his trip and stated his failures to influence the buyers he had. He stated in the play that he was fat but in the film he said he was short.

An additional thing I find that rehabilitated within the play and film version is the music. I, myself hearing the music is very different than trying to imagine it. But, the play does has a good advantage in this particular aspect. The play started with a tune played on a flute meanwhile in the film different instruments convoyed the flute. The coordination worked perfectly massive in influencing my emotions and mood. It definitely works great to have common sympathy for Willy after he died. But, I do also to think that the music works against the movie.

If you remember the restaurant scene the music distracted from the momentousness of the conversation between Biff, Happy and Willy. I didn’t see that happen during reading the play. Although, loudness and smoothness of the character voice did express how they was feeling. The film differed from the stage play because for the film it was differently something I couldn’t see up close but the film was giving natural expressions and gestures.

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