Death Of a Salesman -Tragedy Play

February 15, 2021 by Essay Writer

Death of a Salesman is a tragedy play that focuses on the difference between the dreams of the New York family and the realities of their lives. The play was featured in the 1940s with the aim of mocking the American dreams and of the competitions and the materialistic American society. The story centers on an average person named Willy Loman (Miller, 67). This man tries to hide his failures behind misunderstanding of splendor to focus and be successful. The play starts with a short story by Martin. His uncle, who was a salesman, later renewed his interests. Death of a Salesman depicts how the American power tendencies are destructive.

These are things like equating their wealth with their virtues and possessions. The same scene can also be said to be a story of a family that is communicating over their father’s suicide act. Willy seems not to achieve the success that he desperately seeks, despite his persistent efforts to make his dreams a reality to him and to his family. His preoccupations and lack of understanding prevent all his interactions to an extent he deceives his own values.

I think that the influence of the society that Willy Loman lives in has influenced him. Economy system that is determined by the abstract principles instead of human needs is part of the responsibility for Willy’s fate (Miller, 186). Willy tells his boss that he cannot be compared to a mere fruit. He tries to show that the bottom line comes first always. His boss responds by making him aware that business is business.

He believes that it is much beneficial for his family to have his life policy other than his continuity of being alive. He believes in his boss that the value of people is quantifiable according to their wealth or earnings potential. He even tells one of his friends named charley that he may end being much worthwhile when he is dead than when he is alive (Miller, 201). Wily is seen to kill himself primarily when he realizes that nature disregards his consuming power of his impression, which retains their hold on him until the end.

In conclusion, I believe the reason why the audience reacted the way described above is because the story makes them feel sad for Willy. The harder Willy tries, the more he fails. This makes the audience relates to Willy and they can feel the possibility fear of failing themselves. Willy tried his hardest to be successful and to be a good father and husband. But at the end of the day, all the wrong choices he made, ruined him and his family.

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