Characters In The Crucible

April 28, 2020 by Essay Writer


  • 1 Williams
  • 2 John Proctor
  • 3 Parris
  • 4 Reverend Hale


I am the rightful partner to John Proctor. Elizabeth does not love him like I do. I will kill her for John.

She shame my name in this town and she makes everyone think bad of me. I will show her. John is mine. He does not see the righteous in me. I am his and he is mine. My Uncle doesnt love me either. He only cares of his name in this town. He doesnt even care of his daughter as much as he cares about himself. He is a selfish man. I do evil work here but no one suspects anything of me. I act as a accuser and accused. I accuse my enemies so they may never talk another breath of me. I accused my Uncler’s slave Tituba. She face a terrible whip that day. I take that sight to heart. It appeals me. I accused Goody Proctor. She be hanged soon for her witchery. Thatr’s what the town thinks. But I want that snake to get out of the way of me and John.

John Proctor

This town is filled with lies. Reverend Parris is a selfish man. He keeps everyone in favor of him that he can tell lies to them and they will believe him no matter who tries to stand up to him. He tries to shame my name in this town. He shames me and my family. He thinks that he can do anything he wants. And his niece Abigail is another story. She sinned with me and she wont leave me alone. I have a wife Elizabeth and she doesnt like Abigail, she suspects she tries to bewitch her. I do believe her too. If anything Abigail is the witch, she is a snake and a liar also. She will do anything to harm my wife, even cause harm to herself if she have too. She is just a child yet she acts like she knows what love is or what being mature is. She does not yet see the sins she is doing. But I will not let her harm my wife or my family ever, she will never lay a hand on them as long as I live.


I am the authority in this town. Everyone is to give me respect or I will have them put in Jail. Especially John Proctor. That man is a liar and a tyrant to this town. He does not know what it means to be in power of things. He is a dirty farmer. What does he know besides planting crops and raking his grass. Nothing I say, Nothing! He threatens my position with his lies. Even Reverend Hale believes John in certain ways. Also my daughter Betty, has come down with a strange illness. The town believes it to be witchery. I fear for my reputation that the town will think I had something to do with this. I see it fit that the town knows who they are applying this situation too. I will keep my respect and I will make it known that I will not be misconstructed of my position.

Reverend Hale

This town is corrupt. There are lies spreading about and endless feuds between people. I have come here to help with the talk of witchery and its victims. I started with a young girl named Betty she seem to be trapped by the Devil. I have untangled the hold of the Devilr’s hold on this girl and also their slave Tituba. But I also feel that there is corruption in the Minister Parris. He seems to care more of his reputation than his own daughter. I yet not know what foul play is going on but I suspect that people are beginning to think that the devil is in most of the people in this town. We have had court hearing for people that all of the sudden have been accused of witchery. But I believe that these people are innocent. They have enemies and they are being accused of nothing more than a person with hatred towards them. These people did not do anything wrong. I suspect that there might not even be witchery either. This town is falling apart and I do not want to be here when it does for I might have my own enemies now.

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