The Road

The Sense of a Journey in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Road

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Road explore physical journeys and their psychological effects on individuals. The sense of these journeys allows for deep thematic explorations in which both Hunter S. Thompson and Cormac McCarthy challenge conformist ideologies. Whilst the hope of death providing closure in The Road is prominent, Fear and Loathing subverts the sense of an ending through the enmity of finality. In the era of social media, these journeys seem more prevalent with an increase in delusion (the illusion of ultimate freedom) and eccentric behaviours in the hopes of acquiring a false sense of recognition.

The physical journeys depicted in the two novels seem to have an impact on the emotional state of the characters.

Both Cormac McCarthy and Hunter S. Thompson demonstrate their environments as being antagonists. As Raoul Duke and his attorney settle into Las Vegas’s strange and unique environment, Thompson uses their adventures as a lens to critique American society and culture. One dominant motif in this section is the military. Duke encounters several members of the military and law enforcement in these chapters, and each time, he reacts very negatively to these men and what they represent. Duke has his first run-in with the military in Chapter 5, when he talks to a group of veterans who have come to watch the Mint 400. Duke is deeply disturbed by the patriotic iconography on their dune-buggy, but he pretends to share their cultural conservatism in order to send them on a wild goose chase after the journalist Peter Davis.

Duke’s animosity and paranoia towards the military can best be understood as a reaction to the Vietnam War, which was in its final years when Fear and Loathing was published in 1971.

Violence permeates the journeys of the characters in each of the novels. Duke’s violent impulses become even more prominent in this section of the novel. On multiple occasions, we see that he reflexively turns to violence when he is unsure how to handle a situation. The first example of this in Part II occurs when he pulls over in the desert to shoot iguanas. Later, he proposes pimping Lucy out as a prostitute and then murdering her when he realizes that she might report his attorney to the police for giving her LSD.

Duke’s violent tendencies are ironic because he criticizes violence when the police or the military are perpetrating it. He seems to be truly disturbed by the crime articles he reads in the newspaper and the reports about the Vietnam War he sees on television. In Chapter 1, he discards a magazine after reading about a man who clawed out his own eyes while using PCP, and he acts deeply agitated about the Vietnam War while speaking to the hotel operator on the phone. Yet despite this disgust, Duke still has frequent violent impulses of his own. Although Thompson often plays Duke’s hypocrisy for laughs, the contradiction hints at the author’s dark, misanthropic worldview. All of the characters in Thompson’s work have a violent side regardless of whether they self-identify as part of the counterculture or the ‘establishment’.

Duke explains that the mid-sixties was a special time in American culture, characterized by a “sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. He ruminates on the fact that at the time, those who participated in the 60s counterculture thought they were invincible and that the world was changing rapidly and permanently. Looking back on it, he believes that everything that was meaningful about the sixties has now disintegrated.

Both Thompson and McCarthy demonstrate the freedom and its shortcomings. Thompson’s portrayal of drug use is gritty and often contradictory. Raoul Duke embraces drugs, especially psychedelics, as a means of escaping the injustices of American society. He looks back fondly on the drug culture of the 1960s, and he spends most of the novel under the influence of one or more drugs. However, unlike his contemporaries Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, and Timothy Leary, Thompson does not explicitly advocate the use of LSD in this text. Indeed, his portrayal of the psychedelic experience is often quite negative. Although Duke sees LSD as a means of escape, many of his trips quickly lead to violence and anxiety, which are exactly what Duke is trying to avoid in the first place.

The ending of Fear and Loathing is symbolic of how we each travel on our own road alone.

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The Road’ of Life – White Nights Marathon

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The book, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy displays numerous types of geographical, physical, and cultural surroundings. In this post-apocalyptic earth, these environments are drastically different, compared to what we have in our world. They have a large influence on the feelings and emotions of the main characters as they go through their journey on the road. In this essay, I will be comparing three physical areas and how they affect the man’s perspective on his own life and the world.

Throughout the entirety of the book, the man and the boy survive by traveling on the main road. They soon arrive at where the man once lived. The physical setting of this house gives the man a sense of nostalgia. The man states,”This is where I used to live, my cot was against this wall”. In this quote, the man reminisces of his former room. He tries to remember all the items he once had and compares his former life to the cruel world that he lives in now. He knows he cannot go back to the past or change the future, leaving him emotional as he recalls what he once had. Going into this house impacts the man because of the sentimentality it brings back to him. “We should go, Papa, Yes, the man said. But he resisted”. This text emphasizes that the boy wants to leave the house in fear of someone being there. But, the man does not want to leave because he has not accepted the fact that the world they live in now is his reality.

The second physical surrounding that is being displayed in the text is the road. This area has a large impact on the man as it is where they spend the majority of their time. They travel on this road to escape the winter that is drawing near. The road gives the man hope that he and the boy can continue to survive. It acts as a sense of direction to the protagonists as they seek for salvation. The man describes the road as, “a black shape running from dark to dark”. This quote shows how the man perceives the road. Although he describes the road as plain and simple, he still has faith that it can lead them to where they need to go. The trials he overcomes to reach the coast has revealed a trait of perseverance in the man.

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Analysis of The Book The Road

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Road First review Clearly this book struck a chord with me due to the two protagonists and their predicament, a father and his young son struggling in a post-apocalyptic world. To say I could identify with their interactions would be a huge understatement. McCarthy absolutely nails their dialog, making me marvel at how well he has mastered presenting on a page the way we communicate. The young son was especially well done and was most certainly the most complicated character in the book. McCarthy presents him as a sort of supernatural being, of only the best sort, full of goodness, a thing not of the world in which he finds himself. He is effortlessly drawn down the path of the righteous throughout the book, as if he is God’s right hand man. The reward appears, at least superficially, to be key moments of luck. Paraphrased Precisely this book evoked genuine emotion with me because of the two stars in the book, the dad and his child battling in a Apocalyptic world. To state that I could relate to their adventures throughout the books there ups and downs it would be a big mistake. McCarthy totally nails their lines, making me how he did such a good job presenting his ideas on paper.

The young boy was particularly well done and was assuredly the most perplex character in the book. McCarthy presents him as a mythical character some sort of a loaded with goodness, a thing not of the world in which he gets himself. He is easily drawn down to the path of truth in which he does picks only the truth as he was God’s right man. The Road second review The language is remarkable. I was reminded of Thomas Hardy for beauty of language, but it is a different sort of beauty. McCarthy uses short declaratives, as if even language was short of breath in the devastation, and terrorizes generations of elementary school english teachers by tossing off verbless phrases as sentences. He is effective in turning nouns into verbs, as on p4 – “when it was light enough to use the binoculars he glassed the valley below.”Forgetting the content of the narrative this is a masterwork of style. I was deeply moved by not only the technical skill with which he molds language to his purpose, but the effective emotional impact of the work.This is a book to read slowly, to savor, not one to speed through to hasten ingestion of the plot.There are events that are exceedingly grim in this, focusing on despair, suicide, cannibalism. Yet the love of the father for his son is palpable and despite the omnipresent gray ash, there remain slivers of hope. Highly recommended, but this is not a book for those with a weak stomach.

Paraphrased The language is amazing. I was helped to remember Thomas Hardy for magnificence of language, however it is an alternate kind of excellence. McCarthy utilizes short declaratives, as though even language was shy of breath in the obliteration, and threatens ages of grade school english educators by hurling off verbless expressions as sentences.He is compelling in transforming things into action words, as on p4 – ‘when it was light enough to utilize the binoculars he glassed the valley beneath.’Forgetting the substance of the account this is a masterwork of style. I was profoundly moved by not just the specialized expertise with which he shape language to his motivation, however the successful enthusiastic effect of the work. This is a book to peruse gradually, to enjoy, not one to speed through to rush ingestion of the plot. There are occasions that are exceedingly troubling in this, concentrating on despondency, suicide, human flesh consumption. However the adoration for the dad for his child is unmistakable and regardless of the inescapable dim fiery remains, there remain bits of expectation. Profoundly prescribed, yet this isn’t a book for those with a frail stomach

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An Issue Of Attitude to Women in Pakistan in The Poem The Road By Hina Faisal Imam

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The state of women in our country, particularly in rural regions is exceptionally pitiful, or ethically and morally inaccurate. This reality has been featured on various events by the evil treatment of ladies. The Street is an extremely regrettable melody about the agonies and distresses experienced by the wedded ladies, who are limited to their homes. In spite of the fact that they are furnished with all the material needs, yet nobody is there to satisfy the requirements of their souls. They quietly are enlisting a protest to the normal men of this world.

On her voyage towards Multan, Hina Faisal Imam sees a gathering of young ladies humming charming and well known tunes. Their voices transport her from a devastate wild, to a domain of dream land where she discovers smiles and looks of some dearest ones. She begins considering sandwiches made out of eggs, scrumptiously taken by individuals. She is considering them to pick up time with the goal that she might have the capacity to conceive a matter of graver significance and contemplate over it. Then, she delineates the hopeless state of the wedded ladies in that specific area. They are kept restricted by feudal masters to the four dividers of their manors. They are not considered as standard with them. They are only there to satisfy their requests. Despite the fact that they are stacked with gold and wearing expensive outfit, yet considered as captives, they need to shed constant tears. Nobody comes to wipe them and assemble up their spirit. They carry on with an existence of physical enslavement. The soil has bound them like pillars. In the haveli courtyard to eat, sleep. And talk as the sun rises and sets on. Blank faces.

Treatment of ladies emerges from our male directed society’s impression, of ladies as having the soberly calm job of child carrier, home creator, and an asset. Usually learning that in pastoral Pakistan, ladies are especially treated like property, like land, or dairy animals, or a tube well. Imam talks about the women’s helplessness in the following lines: Tears fall on dust floor. No one wipes them clean. From a pretty face. That mends loneliness. In the bathroom.

A major change is required at the social level, which will recognize ladies as individuals with spirits, wants, emotions, aspirations and possibilities. As a poetess, Imam offers voice to issues concerning ladies, and bids to the normal and sympathetic individuals to approach and offer her sentiments. Peace ought to be built up in the life of ladies. They ought to be given their due rights. The Road is allegorically “The Street of human life”. It is embraced by a human match: man and lady. It will get bothered if basic rights are denied to ladies people and if peace does not introduce their lives.

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Depiction Mortality in Terms Of Cannibalism And War in The Road Novel

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Generally considered one of the finest books by Cormac McCarthy, ‘The Road’ explores the theme of mortality in explicit detail. Throughout the whole book, the author uses a plethora of language techniques to demonstrate to the reader the silent monstrosity that the world has come to accept in its post-apocalyptic times.

At the beginning of the novel, McCarthy uses sentence structure and imagery to represent the theme of mortality – “Behind them came wagons drawn by slaves in harness and piled with goods of war and after that the women, perhaps a dozen in number, some of them pregnant, and lastly a supplementary consort of calamites illclothed against the cold and fitted in dogcollars and yoked each to each.” This quote showcases the theme of mortality because it uses connotations of war and cannibalism. Since there is no actual physical fighting between two armies, the word ‘war’ symbolises to the reader the constant struggle of humanity against death, and just like during the actual war, people accept any way, ethical or not, that can guarantee them the survival. Therefore, the expression “piled up with goods of war” suggests to the reader that this caravan of people assume that they won their today’s battle against the death as they found supplies that they could use to prolong their living. However, since there is no electricity to run supermarkets and no animals to hunt, this quote makes the reader assume that inside those are actually chopped up corpses of children that the leaders of the caravan are planning to consume. This interpretation is supported by the expression “some of them are pregnant” in reference to women as during a war women are usually used for physical satisfaction and producing basic supplies like sewed up clothes. Nonetheless, in this post-apocalyptic version of war, people are more concerned with the existence of clothes rather than its quality and that suggests to the reader that women have other use – producing food supplies. This grotesque imagery demonstrates how mortality forces humanity into degradation and forgetting the basic guidelines of morality. The degradation is further supported by the use of “calamities,” “slaves,” and “dogcollars” as it demonstrates how people are going back to the medieval Roman times and men are being maddened by their physical superiority over the weak. Finally, the structure of the sentence reminds the reader of a marching phalanx as the food supplies, women and the wagon, are marching first followed by sexual entertainment, the calamities. This shows that the fear of death has such a manipulating influence on humans that they become slaves of their own fear as they don’t just walk like the man and the son, they walk in phalanx prepared to be attacked or attack in any moment.

Towards the middle of the book, the author uses diction and symbolism to portray the theme of mortality – “Huddled against the back wall were naked people, male and female, all trying to hide, shielding their faces with their hands.” Since the dictionary meaning of the word “huddled” is to crowd together, the expression “huddled against the back wall” symbolises fear and unity to the reader. Contrasting to the constant isolation of characters throughout the book, it is surprising for the reader to see that in the face of danger those naked people are crowded in one place seeking each other’s protection instead of hiding in different corners and only relying on themselves to save their lives. This implies to the reader that maybe in the end the consuming fear of death would bring the humanity together to create a new world, in which the mankind will never repeat the mistakes that led to the apocalypse. However, “huddled against the back wall” can also be interpreted as selfishness of the people because when you are in a large group there is a less chance of you being selected to be eaten than when you are alone hiding in a different corner. In this case, this shows that the mortality is a god’s punishment for the people’s selfishness – nowadays people drop atomic bombs without considering how it is going to affect others. Therefore, this reference to nowadays context suggests to the reader that if people won’t change their selfish ways, the mortality will be our punishment. The idea of mortality being a punishment to the humankind is further supported by expressions “naked people” and “male and female”. This is because the diction makes the reader think of the concept of Adam and Eve being punished by the God. Since Adam and Eve are the origin of humanity, they are represented by the male and female. Therefore, the nakedness of the people indicates to the reader that the God can see all the secrets and the deeds the humanity did no matter how hard people try to hide them. As a result, this representation of the theme of mortality shows that death is the punishment that people receive after the day of doom. Lastly the fact that people are “shielding their faces” demonstrates their vulnerability and fear. They are seeking for protection but, since they are stuck in the cellar, it suggests to the reader that there is no escape from the punishment that they will face. Therefore, the theme of mortality is portrayed as an inevitable, final penalty that every character in the book will face.

Lastly, in the end of the novel Cormac McCarthy uses narration to demonstrate the theme of mortality – “What the boy had seen was a charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening in the spit”. This quote shows the continuous symbolism of carrying the fire in the new point of view. For example, the fact that the human baby was “charred” means that the infant died from the fire. Throughout the whole novel, the father told the son that he was carrying the fire and, since the child was the only motivation for the father to live on, that suggested to the reader that the fire was the symbol of hope and warmth, the things that this post-apocalyptic world lacked. However, now the idea of fire is represented in the negative way, hence it implies to the reader that sometimes the things you think are good for you might actually end up badly for someone else. Relating to the theme of mortality, it could mean that the death throughout the whole novel was caused by the people acting for the ‘good reason’ like cannibals are eating people because it’s their sole source of food. Moreover, the word “gutted” represents to the reader that the fear of death causes people to lose their soul and morals as if they are “gutted” – they just stop being a normal and complete human being, and turn into an immoral beast. Lastly, throughout the novel children were used to portray the innocence that is left of the ‘old world’ – for example, the boy is used as a device to remind the morals of our world to the readers- and the fact that the human infant is “blackening in the pit” symbolizes that the fear of death is so consuming that it has the power to cause defilement to the last hope and innocence of humanity and bring the real apocalypse, where everything is dead, to action.

As a conclusion, the author successfully uses a plethora of literary techniques to portray the theme of mortality in terms of cannibalism and war, religion and fear, and morality and fire. The theme of is vividly conveyed throughout the whole novel to demonstrate to the reader that if the humanity won’t fix its selfish ways and start to care about each other, then we will bring our world to the apocalypse and live the nightmare we though would never come.

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A History Of 1950’s in On The Road By Jack Kerouac

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

History of the 1950’s

On the Road

The novel On the Road, written by Jack Kerouac tells the tale of rebellion and thoughts, rather than an actual plot line. Audiences are captivated by the several controversial ideas located within this texts pages. Whether its discussing alcohol, drugs, or women, this novel did not hold back one bit. The Beat Movement was a leading component of this selection as well. This movement was a literary in nature and began in post-World War 2 era. The main ideas of interest within this movement were culture and politics and popularized quickly with several well-known writers joining. The author of On the Road, Jack Kerouac, is often affiliated with being the pioneer of this movement with the launch of this novel. There were several experiences that the middle-class characters participated in throughout the novel. Traveling, drinking, subjectify women and jazz were just a few. These activities were the most popular amongst the characters, and they spent much time executing these as well.

Women within this novel were not respected members of society. Rather, they were treated as side pieces and objectified heavily throughout the entire novel. Most female’s characters within the text were seen as nothing more than objects used for sex, and then abandoned shortly after. We must also remember, that women in this time were domesticated and often stayed in homes. Many of the women were spoke about regarding how they physically looked, as if there was nothing more to them. For instance, in a woman would be deemed ‘a beautiful black woman’ or ‘a gorgeous country girl’. Woman were gazed at heavily, and not treated as equal or even human. Feminists, or even women in general would say that there is certainly not a positive outlook of women throughout this novel.

The character Marylou, for example, was most likely the character treated the worst. She was gazed upon, objectified, and thought to be a whore. Character treated her badly, and never thought of her to be pure or worthy anything. However, that did not stop their staring and thinking of her as anything more than a sexual object for their play. Women who were not domesticated were viewed very lowly, however appraisal was given to those who were. Being a woman in this novel meant either listen to the man’s commands or be bullied and disrespected. It appeared as black and white as this.

Blacks did not obtain the allowance to participate in this movement. African American’s are quite marginalized in these writings. During such times, racism was still happening. The author, however, never mentioned in the novel once that such issues should be changed. When these characters see Mexicans, they notice that this minority group is treated equally, no matter if they are poor and oppressed. The opposite of this was true about African Americans in the novel. They were very much oppressed.

However, African Americans were thought to be the creator of jazz, but whites took it over and changed the rules of it. Blacks identities in America were unfavorable, although slavery was combated many years ago, segregation, and racism had not. Every aspect of African American culture was struck from them, including jazz. Some may argue, however, in several aspects this is true. Blacks and women were treated unfairly throughout this novel. White middle-class men were favored in nearly all aspects of like both during the time of this novel, as well as even in modern times as well.

The members of the beat movement traveled to find adventures and do drugs as well. They did so on their own accord, because excitement and feeling are what they deserved. They did not want to be cursed with the mundane lives that average people do, they wanted more. This group of men has a dream of jazz, they wanted to fulfill this dream, however, in my opinion, they went about it completely wrong. Drinking, doing drugs, and treating women bad is not the ideal way to live your dreams.

Although, some of these adventures and traveling are brought upon simply for fun and games. I feel that Dean’s desire was out of circumstances. Sal, was most likely the most depressed character in the novel. He was very unhappy with his life initially, however, towards the end he gained happiness. I feel that he chose to travel and stuff to escape his inner demons and depression. Although, some instances of sadness still did occur during these travels, without them, I feel he never would have had his moment of bliss within the ending. Sal becomes quite intrigued by Dean, which also prompts this response in my opinion. The friendship flourishes, and Sal finds that life is worth living again.

These travels and trips, for the most part is done out of desire rather than circumstance. However, they all did have a reason for them, which was related to their movement. Although, many of these joys were pure pleasure, they did always have job related work to do as well. Without having such passion and friendship, I feel that this movement would not have been as successful as it was. Each character needed something from the other, whether it was support or understandings.

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Future Of Earth in The Road By Cormac McCarthy

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Earth is barely liveable anymore; the sun is rarely seen, and it rains ash on a regular basis. In The Road by Cormac McCarthy people do whatever they can to survive, which can mean taking from others, to some that means lives and flesh. It is not that the people are bad but now the Earth is a horrible place to try to live. Anyone left is in a primal state of mind one only focused in survival. However, The Road still manages to put forward an uplifting view of humanity using the boy. The boy is a constant throughout the book, a moral compass always there to make sure they’re still the good guys.

The father is surrounded by men who literally want to eat him, but his son makes sure they never shatter their moral compass. In a world where the sun does not shine, it rains ash more than rain, some resort to cannibalism. Even when savages are chasing them, his son is a reminder not to stray away from their morals. Even just coming across a single old man; the boy reminds him to be generous: “You should thank him you know, the man said. I wouldn’t have given you anything.” (McCarthy 173). The father was ready to leave this old man in the dust the moment they crossed paths. The boy doesn’t let him, and what the father said proves the boy pushed him into helping the old man. This is important distinction because their generosity is normally directly linked to the child begging for it. If you look for it, the child is always the one pushing for generosity and sharing. If it was up to the father no one would get anything at all.

The boy is almost a living conscience for the father, especially when a thief takes everything they had, or when someone lunges for the boy and puts a knife to him the man kills him with little hesitation. This left “The boy clutching his forehead, covered with gore and mute as a stone” probably just in total shock over what just happened. It does not matter to the boy, he is still able to be the word of god his father says he is. He just witnessed his father kill someone and barely changed, it is not much different when someone tries to take their cart. To us their cart is an unimportant possession we see everywhere. To them their cart is how they tote everything around and when the thief takes it, the cart is full with everything they own in the world. “You took everything

Come on, man. I’ll die.

I’m going to leave you the way you left us… Let’s go, he said. And they set out along the road south with the boy crying” ( McCarthy 257 – 258 ). Even after all the horrible things the boy had seen, being taken at knife point, and then having a thief steal everything they had, both of these events have had little impact on him. The boy is still a conscience for the man, reminding him some of things he is doing are not all good. The boy in The Road sees a lot of immoral things but still maintains a strong sense of right and wrong. Because conditions are so bad on Earth the father focuses on survival and the boy focuses on their actions.

In a post apocalyptic world one has to expand his or her moral compass, and some actions become acceptable when they would not have been before. The good people left in the world steal and kill to defend themselves. The bad people left in the world kill people to eat them. The father is a good example, he is a good person from what we see. However, he has to do some bad things to stay alive. Stealing has become second nature by now, he has killed someone to protect his son and strips a thief down to legitimately nothing. He had to do these things and probably feels bad about it. However, his son won’t let him forget; every step along way if the father is about to do something immoral the son begs him not to do it and turn around. The Road puts forward an uplifting view of humanity. The boy is a gleam of hope for the world, he represents good in a world where bad has become the normal. He is very much a diamond in the rough; and he carries the concept of morality with him like he has no option.

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Analysis Of “The Road to The Churchyard” By Thomas Mann

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

This essay is going to interpret a single piece or collection of fictional literature through framing and formulating the work of fiction. The short story, The Way To The Churchyard shows several notable elements with having similarities and differences. At first, this essay elaborates the differences between two wagons. These wagons were representing symbols of two different characters. A single figure character, Praisegod Piepsam is entered with having a brief description. Due to the unfavorable situation of Piepsam’s life, he was not able to improve his morale. Another character is also present who was a careless cyclist, named Life. They had many differences and these all are mentioned in this essay. The thesis statement for “The way to the Churchyard” is concerned with the miserable human being Piepsam and the carefree cyclist, Life and their experiences such as cyclist met with the unconscious motionless man and Piepsam experienced with a careless young cyclist.

Here, the character of Praisegod Piepsam is represented. He was going through several troubles and owned a singular behavior. He was so depressed, unhappy, and hardly treated. His inner soul was justifying and explaining his outward state. The reason behind his depression was his wife, had been taken from him before six months when she had untaken him with a child. Diphtheria was the reason for his child’s death. After that, he lost his job. His wife and child were snatched from him, he did not have any job, he did not hold any position, there was nothing to support him, he was stood along, that time he was broken down. He had found a job of clerk but he had been drunken and neglect the warnings of the corporation, then he had been discharged. Basically, he had lost his self-respect and he despises himself for his own happiness. These all things were happening due to the continual breakdown of his good intentions finished it away.

So, this essay emphasized two different views including Praisegod Piepsam’s life and the cyclist, Life. It is clear that destructiveness to our human dignity and self-respect, cannot harm getting a better understanding. It does not support the man to protest that he is not guilty. The same things happened with Piepsam. He was unhappy, depressed, and lonely choleric and he did not have any contact with his surroundings. Actually, he wanted his life another way but he was ignored. He had also tried to prevent his life from breaking down but he failed to express his desire in order to contribute to it.

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Conquering Dyslexia: The Road to Succeeding in Life with the Learning Disability

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Dyslexia is a common “syndrome” that people everywhere continue to be forced to either overcome or let it overpower them (Wennas Brante 1). In all actuality, a person with dyslexia does not have to deal with flipped or misjudged letters. Instead the usual difficulty for dyslexics is that reading is much more difficult because words just do not ‘click’. In a way, a dyslexic person deals with learning the word all over again (Gorman 2). Is this Disability Even Conquerable? Can a person with Dyslexia still succeed in life with this disorder? Even If you are a person who is dyslexic, never fall into thinking that you can do nothing about it and will never be able to do anything spectacular with your life; because not only can you overcome this disability, you can succeed and do amazing things, because being dyslexic does not define you.

Dyslexia is not a disease, and because of that, with hard work anyone can break, or at least weaken, the mental chains this reading disorder has on them. Being a syndrome, this disorder can “manifest in various ways in different individuals” (Wennas Brante 1). This means that throughout all the research so far, the cases of dyslexia for people are all different; because it cannot be categorized, there is not a clear cut definition on what dyslexia is, and how it can be fixed. But the popular image of Dyslexia is a difficulty dealing with reading (Doering 100). No matter the severities, or the hardship of what this disorder (which can also affect your spelling and writing skills); a person can work through this, because even though they might have the disorder, it still does not have to define what they are (Gorman 8). “Homework and study”, no matter what article you read every informative guide on this topic has one point in common; the only way to get better, is to work (Wennas Brante 1). The most damaging myth about this disorder is that it can be outgrown! It cannot! Something has to be done about it as soon as it is noticed, and that something is fighting back. (Gorman 2). Being a slow reader, a person can often find their confidence crumble “as they see other students progressing” (3). Imagine this, you are trying to read a textbook, but because you recognizing words is not automatic, you have to “deal with each word you see as if you had never come across it before”, because of this, reading is slow and laborious (5). This is hard, and often time’s people with dyslexia are filled with low academic self-esteem, anxiety with performing tasks, prejudice, and time pressure (Wennas Brante 2). To some people, this burden may look huge and unconquerable. But people who have this disability still have conquered it; they have studied, they have read, they have pushed themselves to the limit and they have succeeded.

There are no quick fixes. “Dyslexic students often have to put many more hours into their course work than naturally skilled readers do. But the results are worth it.” People who have dyslexia learn to persevere (Gorman 6). People with this disorder are not brain damaged, in fact, “Dyslexics… seems to have a distinct advantage when it comes to thinking outside the box” (1). People with dyslexia can and do continue on to higher education, literally the only thing that is stopping a person with this or any disorder is themselves. (Wennas Brante 1) “The creative side of dyselxics’ brains are often very well developed and this, coupled with and unconventional approach to structure, has opened opportunites to dyslexics in these areas” (Doering 102). These areas are artists, scientists, and business exectives! Which “dyslexics are overrepresented in the top ranks of” (Gorman 2). Never believe that because you have dyslexia, you cannot do anything in life, instead remember this, Tom Cruise, Jay Leno, Agatha Christie, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Whoopi Goldberg (to name a few) all had (and some still have) dyslexia. And instead of letting the disorder stop them, “in some cases it may have fueled their creative fires” (Gorman7).

So what is stopping you? Who is telling you that because you have this disorder you can’t still do something amazing?

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The road forward for securely connected cars

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

This paper basically deals with self-driven cars and their vehicle to environment connection to provide low carbon dioxide emission, avoid accidents. Since the car is evolving with time in today’s world ninety percent of car innovation is in electronics. Vehicles are transformed into a mobile personalized information. Advanced Driver Assistance System permits the security and safety of drivers and passengers and enhances automation in driving. Self-driven cars will bring a heterogeneity of wireless connections for the exchange of data with other vehicles and the surrounding environment all this will aim at understanding the world around it in a way to reduces accidents and give passengers confidence in using these new secure self-driven cars. In this paper, we will be presenting an idea for decreasing the data storage problem in self-driven car and method for handling such enormous amount of data.

The solution is to not store any data in the car apart from it download everything from the cloud as per the need of a vehicle, surrounding and driver. In this, we are relying on cloud infrastructure for the cloud. Capable of reliable wireless and wired communication technologies together with powerful data-processing system, at the peak levels of privacy and system security, are analytical. This paper gives an idea of what it takes to really believe the securely connected car of the future.

In today’s world wired communication in the car is influence by Local Interconnect Network(LIN) and Controller Area Network(CAN). LIN is a serial network protocol (protocols are basically some set of defined rules for transmission of data between deferent devices ) used for transferring information between a variable component in the vehicle. CAN is basically a bus designed in such a way to permit microcontroller and various devices to share information with each other. the the the the bandwidth of LIN is up to 20kbps and CAN is up to 1mbps each of these is cost effective we can achieve high bandwidth link using point-to-point links (shielded cables). There is a demand for a system with higher bandwidth and for this, we required a new communication technology for avoiding the increasing cost and weight of copper cable in the car. The application which required higher bandwidth includes V2X, ADAS, Car radar. For this automotive ethernet is a new point-to-point network communication technology that is based on an unshielded twisted paper (UTP). It gives us an increase in bandwidth, increased data capacity, cost-efficient, reducing weight but it leads in toughness of design. this is because of switches, transceivers, and controllers used in it. Deterministic Ethernet points to a technology which uses the time to schedule for bringing deterministic real-time communication to a predefined IEEE 802 ethernet. It operates using a global sense of time.

Detection will be the most significant application for Ethernet since it requires much higher bandwidth for video transportation.

Ease of Use

A. VEHICLE-TO-EVERYTHING(V2X) COMMUNICATION It basically involves the sharing of information of vehicle and traffic related data between cars and different frames. The main aim for this is safety with energy saving. It is based on WLAN technology. Examples of V2X messages are warning about hazardous location, emergency braking, time of traffic lights. This technology is highly recommended for reducing road accident, decreasing carbon dioxide emission, improving the flow of traffic, enabling autonomous driving. This technology enables a car to trace more than 300 objects and respond size is less than 20ms and it has a very low latency. Challenges are penetration level of V2X.For having effective network of cars at least 10% of them must have ITS module.

B. Car radar

Basically, a radar is used to detect if the speed is being observed by cops using a radar gun they are generally used so that the driver can decrease the cars speed before being caught by the police. It uses the Doppler effect to masseur the relative speed of the vehicle. New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) demands self-sufficient emergency braking system and pedestrian protection system. Radar provides range, velocity information to different sensors such as a camera. Nowadays reducing power consumption or increasing power efficiency can be achieved by reducing sensor size. The radar IC is used for covering 76-81GHz bandwidth for high range resolution. It is being verified by RFCMOS radars are used for operating in micrometer Wave band and by this, we can use the system on chip automotive radar including processors on a monolithic die.

C. Automotive Quality

Devices in Self-driven cars must withstand difficult environmental condition there for it requires rigorous packaging, circuit design, control of processing technologies. It will have various constraints, Stricter rules on device size. As a consequence, this leads to design consuming high power in order to full fill this robustness requirement.

D.Near area information exchange

It is commonly known as near field communication (NFC). It connects devices over the smaller range and high-frequency wireless communication technology can be achieved. It enables the transfer of data between devices about a distance of 10cm. It interfaces a smart card and a reader into one device it permits the exchange of data between digital devices like using a cell phone for booking online tickets. As it’s range is very less it gives a higher degree of security than commonly use Bluetooth it can also work if power is not being supplied in the device. The most important thing is that the tree operation modes are supported that is read/write, card emulation and device-to-device communication.

E.Ultrawide Band

This technology is used for transmitting processed data over a large bandwidth. A 100 kHz signal is communicated through multiple antennae within the car to make a response in the key, giving information regarding space between the car and the key by calculating the strength of the signal. IEEE suggest a different method by calculating the time of flight(TOF) of RF signal between the source and the destination. The TOF efficiency is directly proposal to signal bandwidth. It can also be used for tracking purpose of wireless monitoring of windows or mirror adjustment.


The thing we have discuss like a various electronic function it gives the driver and increases comfort, safety, accuracy, convenient, but it has some risks with it. This day’s vehicles are turning to (smartphones on whiles) which processes, store, exchange a large amount of data. By using wireless interfaces we can connect to the external network but it increases the probability of being hacked, resulting in the vehicle to be more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hacker’s can gain complete remote control over the vehicle. This leads to security by design and privacy by design the key objects of security system includes hardware for example(Trust Anchors) which save our data against being hacked. This is the small crypto chips used in various products like ATM cards. passports, visa but safety system may be isolated from the entertainment system present in the car. This architecture needs to be regularly to handle attacks with more efficiency. We should implement multiple security techniques to minimize the risks of electronics devices that are being inside in the car. firstly we need to protect car external interfaces as they are prone for remote and scalable attacks the channel should be secure against data manipulation and unauthorized access by this interfaces. For providing protection in this layers cryptographic technologies must be used for encryption and decryption of data received that the receiver side.

But a securing system with this system is not sufficient. The security implementation should be isolated from deferent not secure code. To secure against side-channel attacks hardware should be designed in such a way that it does not leak unintended information with timing, consumption of power or leakage due to the electromagnetic field that could be an advantage for a hacker to find out information about what hardware is doing or what data store it. This is all about the internal protection but a physical attack requires physical protection. when hackers want to attack IC’s there should be some tamper resistance for detecting some attacks. For example, people may use integrated sensors and after detection of the attack, it should automatically take appropriate counter masseur like powering of or distorting critical data so that it cannot be stolen.

G.Cloud Storing

We will be assuming that the connectivity of the network is available throughout.The data which we will be receiving from various sources is not necessary to search space to store its cloud is the exact solution for this. If the data is required the software will use it by downloading it. We should take care of some external storage to store the area map so that it can be run even if the network is not available. Now when the driven will be starting the car the computer will get connected to the network which will run web console and asked the user to sign in with username and password which was already registered with the cloud service provider. The user can now input the location where we want to reach, the software will download set of programs to process the data and the data which is already stored in the cloud will be taken by it and it starts processing. And it will act as a learning agent which basically learn from its experiences for example where a particular person goes often which are its favorite routes and it will use this information for the next time. It will also have the privacy which the user wants.Suppose a user wants to go to the place where the network is not available to the vehicle automatically store the data in advance. And if it sea a network issue it will ask the user to drive manually. When the location is reached the software delete all the data thus increase the security . The self-driven car will also spot the mechanical problem in advanced and even repair it. Self-driving cars use the two-dimensional camera and “LiDAR” to recognize different objects.

H.Types of Automation

1.No Automation: This is level zero automation in which the driver is the only person who will be having control over vehicle such as break accelerator staring.

2.Function defined automation: This is level one automation in which one or more function will be automated for example a car which has automatic gear will automatically change inside the system. It basically assists the driver.

3. Combine function automation: In this level minimal of two operations should be automatic for example the driver may have his hand and foot at a particular time while which the vehicle will be operating on the car.


This self-driven fully connected cars will only be a reality if they are secure and 100% reliable. The quality and security are the foremost requirements to gain customer confidence in this highly advanced new technology. Functionality like V2X, car radar, ethernet is already available but will continue to increase performance as well as their integration.


We would like to show our special thanks of gratitude to our professor Dr. Ramesh Vaddi for providing us this golden opportunity and guiding us. With this project, we came to know

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