Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


Risking Yourself for Those You Cherish in The Sea of Monsters: A Captivating Story of Friendship

June 3, 2019 by Essay Writer

Have you ever thought that, if given the chance, you would do everything you could to protect the people you love? Rick Riordan, the author of The Sea Of Monsters, perfectly shows how important friends and family are, that they are worth sacrificing as much as your life for. The Sea Of Monsters is a captivating story about Percy Jackson, a demigod born to Poseidon, the sea god, and a normal human. Two of the things he values a lot in life are friends and family. Percy has the heavy responsibility of saving the world, going on dangerous quests, and fighting monsters. In the book, he goes on a quest to save both his best friend and his camp. He fights many monsters along the way and risks his life for his friends and others risk their lives for him too. We see that Percy Jackson loves his friends and that he will do anything to help them. Because of this, readers learn that you should do everything you can to protect the people you care about.

Percy Jackson faces many obstacles in my book, but overcomes them with his friends. The worst comes when he learns that both his best friend, Grover, and the camp where he lives in are both in danger and to save them he must go on a very dangerous quest. This is somewhere that not many people want to go because there is a very low success rate. There are only a few people stepping up to this challenge, but when a different person is chosen to go and Percy no longer needs to be involved, he does anyway. On page 95 Riordan writes, “‘You will go anyway?’ He asked. ‘I don’t know, I admitted, it would be hard, very hard.’ […] ‘We must still go.’” Percy decided to go on a quest that would possibly kill him even though he didn’t have to, to save the people he loves. This is sending the message that him and everyone should help the important people in their lives. Percy and his friends must continue to look out for each other. This is a great reason to prove that Percy will do anything for his loved ones.

Percy Jackson’s friends also do the same for each other. This happens when Tyson, Percy’s half brother, sacrificed his life to get his friend off the boat that was about to blow up. On page 159 Riordan says, “‘ I can fix it.’ Tyson bellowed.[…] ‘Tyson no!’ I grabbed his arm. ‘It’s too dangerous.’” Tyson’s decision shows what he thinks of his friends and that he would do anything for them. Tyson has only known Percy for a short time but since they are brothers and he likes Percy, Tyson wants to do anything to save him. Not only does Rick Riordan make the main character this type of person, but the side characters as well. This shows how much everyone in the book cares about each other and that is very important to have good friends.

Finally, Percy will help even though he doesn’t have to. For example when everyone was running from the cyclops, Percy decides to stop and hold it off for longer knowing he didn’t have to and they could’ve made it. He didn’t want to take chances and put his friend’s lives in danger so he decided to put his in danger instead. On page 226 Riordan states, “ They were almost there to the ship with the fleece. If I could stop the monster, just distract it a little longer in case…” Then Percy stops to hold it off. Even though they had gotten what they came for and were close to escaping and the cyclops had just gotten up, Percy stops to ensure his friends’ safety. This is a great example of self-sacrifice which is a key characteristic of characters who care more about others than themselves. This shows how far he is willing to go to save his friends and shows how people should be in real life to the people they care enough about.

Percy jJackson is very good representation of how people should treat the people they care about. Percy Jackson does a lot and sacrificed a lot for his friends such as risking his life to fight of monsters. Not only that but his friends do the same for him showing how influential he is and how much his friends like him. His characteristics and love for others portrays a great image of his character. These things proved to everyone how important it is to help others. He is great character and he showed people everywhere that if you really care about someone it is worth it to put everything on the line for them.

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