Amigo Brothers


What Makes Felix a Superior Boxer in the Short Story

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Amigo Brothers Persuasive Essay

We were left hanging, an epic boxing match between two best friends with different advantages, Antonio and Felix, every reader picked a side, but we don’t find out who was the winner. The fighters go through a serious emotional and physical battle with the goal of representing their community in the upcoming Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. The match goes back and forth as the friends chose to forget that they know each other. It all comes down to a judge decision, and then the story ends in a cliffhanger. Because the author did not tell the reader who won the match he has to decide that for himself. Even though we will never know for sure who won the fight, the author gave us many clues by detailing the physical differences between the boxers, explaining how each fighter prepared, and elaborating on how each boxer performed in the fight. All of these details suggested that Felix was the winner.

While the two boxers were pretty evenly matched, Felix had the key advantages of being husky, short and powerful. (Thomas 324) This meant that he could easily duck under high punches by Antonio and he could do twice the damage with one of his often demolishing punches that Antonio could do with several of his commonly mediocre ones. The author even stated, “ Felix’s muscular frame made him the better slugger,” (Thomas 324) and, “Felix’s admirers bet on his dynamite-packed fists.” (Thomas 330) Being huskier than his lanky and thin opponent also gave Felix an edge because he could take Antonio’s punches and be barely affected by them. Being twice as strong as your opponent is a great advantage to have in any fight, but you need other things in order to win.

Not only was Felix physically superior to Antonio, he also prepared better for the fight. He practiced with different people which helped him forget that he would be fighting his best friend and also helped keep him alert and on his toes because he faced slightly different fighting styles. In addition, Felix also watched a boxing movie which he used to visualize his upcoming fight and in turn strengthened his resolve and confidence. (Thomas 328-329) In contrast, all that Antonio did to prepare was practice with one person with a style similar to Felix’s and think about the match on his roof. (Thomas 330) Because of his physical strengths and preparation Felix was able to do much better than Antonio in their match.

Thanks to all the factors Felix had going for him, he was very successful in his fight. In both rounds one and two Felix went in fast giving him a small surprise advantage and allowing him to get the first few punches in. (Thomas 332-333) The few punches that Felix fired also could do just as much damage as Antonio’s quick but weak punches. He was also able to pay back Antonio for a black eye with a bloody nose, and ringing ear with a bruised stomach. So he could give back anything he received. Because of these things Felix was able to drop Antonio just before he fell himself. While a few people would disagree, it really is clear that Felix was more successful.

With all of these factors combined together there is no way that Felix lost his match. He was stronger, more prepared and did better in the actual fight. These facts together are strong evidence that Felix won. Bringing these things into the fight and having advantage in all of these areas would pretty much guarantee a win. While at first glance the two fighters seem equal, a careful inspection of the clues points to Felix as the winner of his match.

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A Comparative Study of the Characters of Antonio and Felix in the Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Comparison/Contrast Essay

In the short story “Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas two boys, Antonio and Felix, are forced to fight for the golden gloves that they both want. Both boys are best friends and train together almost every day. Only one can win the golden gloves and advance to become a bigger boxer. The fight might harm their friendship but in the end they both are still friends despite the fight. Both Antonia and Felix have many interesting differences and similarities.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas have several differences. First of all, “Antonio was fair, lean, and lanky, while Felix was dark, short, and husky (310).” This shows that Antonio is tall, and skinny in contrast to Felix who is shorter and bulkier. Secondly, Antonia and Felix have very different fighting styles. For example, “Antonio’s lean form and long reach made him the better boxer, while Felix’s short and muscular frame made him the better slugger (310).” From this we can see that Antonio is a better boxer and is better on the offensive side, while Felix is much better and being defensive and being a slugger. Lastly, Antonio is more willing to continue a run in an awkward situation than Felix. For instance when Antonio asks Felix if he would like to continue jogging, Felix says, “Naw, bro. Let’s cut it here. You go on (312).” This shows that Antonia wants to go for a jog more than Felix and that Felix doesn’t want to continue jogging. Both boys, Antonio and Felix, have many great differences.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas share many similarities. To begin with, both Antonio and Felix collect things. For example, “… they had a collection of Fight magazines second to none, plus a scrapbook filled with torn tickets to every boxing math ever attended, and some clippings of their own (310.)” This shows that they both collect their tickets to boxing matches and boxing magazines. Next, both Antonio and Felix both want to end the fight quickly. For instance, Antonio, “Like his friend in the South Bronx, he prayed for a victory via a quick clean knockout in the first round (313).” This shows that both Antonio and Felix want to end the fight quickly without much hassle. Finally, Antonio and Felix have a passion for boxing. For example, they both, “… had a dream of becoming lightweight champion of the world (310).” From this it becomes obvious that both Antonio and Felix love boxing and both want to become boxers when they grow up. As you can see, there are many similarities between Antonio and Felix.

Both boys, Antonio and Felix, have many differences and similarities. Both Antonio and Felix look very different from each other and fight differently from each other. Despite their differences they both love boxing, both collect things, and both want to end the fight quickly. The similarities and differences between both boys are very important and brings the two boys closer together.

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