Boys’ Behavior in The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Having parents that are strict on you could be a good or a bad thing.When it comes to you not being around them it shows how you’d act if they weren’t around. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the boys behavior is affected by the way they were raised.reasoning, Piggy’s aunt led him to being proper, Ralph’s dad is a commander in the navy, and Jack likely had a poor relationship with his parents.

For Piggy growing up with a proper and respectful surrounding it would be good for him to be alone because he would know how to act with no parents around. Knowing that there are no girls on the island and Piggy lived with his aunt he’d be the only female voice of the group. Piggy likes to be Ralph’s advisor knowing that he cannot lead the group on himself. Piggy believes that holding the couch gives him the right to be heard. Piggy also likes to keep life scientific.

Ralph represents leadership and a decency of intelligence. Shows obvious common since. Ralph is the one who makes the meeting place, the fire, and the huts. Ralph was the only elected leader for the boys.Ralph starts to lose his power of organized such as when he struggles to make an agenda for a meeting. Ralph was the only one to realize that Simon’s death was a murder. Since his dad was a commander in the navy Ralph will know all these things because he gets it from a father figure.

For Jack, Jack gave a evil and violent type of character based on the fact that he had a dark side in survival. Jack came with a mindset that he would control eachand one of the boys and run them over when quite frankly he didn’t. He wanted to make rules and punish people who didn’t want to follow them even tho eventually he starts breaking his own rules he creates. Jack wants to rule the group other than just working with Ralph then being against Ralph. Jack doesn’t even follow the conch rule, but uses it in advantage when he has the power to do so. Jack wasn’t really good with his parents he got sent to military school and wasn’t really doing so great.

All in all, when you are raised correctly or mutually you will conquer a lot in life. When you choose to not listen to what your parents tell you or make you do it can reach based on how you perform in public. If your parents are strict on you it’s better for you because when your not around them it will show what they meant to you when they told you to do this or that. Could even be when adults, adults parent just how they are raised or though to do so. This is how you would know if kids and or adults react in certain situations.

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