Arthur Miller’s Symbolism of the Illuminati Mark as Portrayed in His Play, The Crucible

October 23, 2020 by Essay Writer

Survival is key to living, so what will you do for it? I have come to realize that our world is very corruptive that even who we thought was the good can be the bad. Even the innocent will change to the impure just for survival. This symbol of the illuminati sign represents all the evil roaming through Salem Massachusetts and how the illuminati is a group that claims to be the higher and the key to survival. This connects with how everyone in Salem began to start believing that there are witches and siding with this girls will be there only way to survive. This symbol is mainly towards the people who believe there is witchcraft and is accusing others so they aren’t accused even when they know what is right from wrong. The elements in this symbol represent that people will join evil to survive.

Arthur Miller shows evil within The Crucible, by showing it through the people of Salem. For example Abigail a girl from Salem knows she has done wrong, but she can’t seem to admit it so she blames it on Tituba a Barbados slave who she knows no one will believe. Abigail says “I never called him! (Speaking about the devil) Tituba, Tituba” (42). Abigail is blaming Tituba for her actions making it seem as if Tituba has forced her upon the devil and caused her to do her wrong, so she seems harmless and innocent in everyone eyes. Abigail is one of the main reasons of the cause of everything she is in control of everything and seems to be manipulating everyone and mostly the other girls and she tends to control their actions and what’s she says goes because they all are afraid of her. Abigail is what you call a sociopath because she feels without emotions and some say it’s because of her childhood. But Abigail shows that she is a sociopath because when she hurting others she feels without emotion and to her it normal. She is the ring leader and Abigail is in control and she will make everyone fear hear so they can join her

This drawing also shows the evil I the eyes of unspoken ones and the ones who speak to be survive. In the town everyone believes there seems to be witches. When Hale begins to integrate Tituba about being a witch. Hale says to her “who came to you with devil, two, three? Four? How many?” (46). this all started with Abigail accuse he believes that Tituba is a witch and so are many others. Out of cruelty Hale gets some of the town leaders and they began to whip Tituba to have her speak of what she knows. Even though Tituba is truly not a witch out of scare she says what she can only say to save herself, and she says “There was four, there was four”. Even though Tituba knows that’s not true, but she also knows that was the only ways she could be free out of death. This is when everything begins and other names start to come up, but most of the people who are being accused are not liked nor have no power to stand up for themselves.

The main point of this symbol is to represent the cruelty all around Salem, form he accuser to the unspoken. This symbol represents that a lot of people will side with what is wrong from to save themselves rather than do the right thing and stand up to what they believe and know is right. Also it shows that people tend to follow a ring leader and in this case the ring leader is Abigail. She in control of Salem right now and everyone is eating out of her palms so she doesn’t accuse them.

In Salem there happens to be witches, these witches are people being accused of something they never done and they are being accused because they are mainly not like by the girls. So there comes where everyone has to justify and say what they believe and everyone begins to side with these girls because they believe the only way to survive this horrifying tragedy is to side with the. This all show that people will side with evil if their life is on the line.

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