Analysis of Horatio in Hamlet and How I will Bring Horatio to life through My Life Experiences

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Our universe is a diverse place with people of different cultural grounds and personalities. We influence each other in unparalleled measure both constructively and destructively. Despite the various traits among people, we always find a way to co-exist as humans. How we perceive the world directly affects our output and relations amongst us. People do not have similar characteristics, and this aspect transcends to the intentions we have for one another. The intents have specific aims according to someone’s personality, and they may impact the recipients positively, negatively, or even indifferently. Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” outlines the bad and good motives different characters possess that inevitably influence the actions of close family members and friends (Williams, 2014). This essay is going to portray Horatio in Wright`s production of Hamlet. I see him as an honest, loyal and true friend who will stick by your side through thick and thin and still not get lost in the deeds of another but remain true to himself and true to the friend. I will use my personal experiences and how I relate to my friends to bring the character to life.

Horatio in the great play Hamlet by Shakespeare may be given a minor role to play, but he is of great importance to the audience that comprises the readers of the play and those who watch it and even of greater importance to the good prince Hamlet. Horatio is portrayed in the play as the dearest and closest friend and confidant to one of the main characters Hamlet. He first performs the role of a steadfast friend to the prince and the doubles this up by being the teller of the life story of Hamlet. Horatio portrays the ideal characteristics that a friend is supposed to have by being true and faithful. He is also always willing to give a helping hand and be of service to his friend Hamlet. Horatio met with Hamlet in Wittenberg University where they undertook studies together and became great friends and scholars (Thompson et al., 2005). Horatio is a reflection of the individual that Hamlet aspires to be, he is good and smart and is not driven by any rush or extreme actions due to his intellectual mind. He is willing to find out the truth and risk his life for the ones he loves, but he is as well willing to accept the world as it comes to him and trusts people. The firm qualities that he possesses attract praise and admiration from Hamlet that Hamlet himself lacks, such as self-control and virtue of truth. “Horatio, thou art even as just a man….as ever my conversation cop’d withal.” Horatio is a strong character that possesses unwavering ideals and friendship, his friend Hamlet most of the time desire the peace of mind that he thinks are possessed by Horatio. “Dost thou hear? As my precious soul was mistress of her choice, and could of men distinguish her election, hath seal’d thee for herself, for thou hast been as one, in suffering all, that suffers nothing, a man that fortune’s buffets and rewards hast ta’en with equal thanks: and blest are those whose blood and judgment are so well commended that they are not a pipe for fortune’s finger to sound what stop she please. Give me that man that is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him in my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, as I do thee.” (Shakespeare, 2017)

There is a deep feeling that Horatio possesses for Hamlet and abundant love, despite this he does not attempt to persuade or rule Hamlet. There are differences between the two friends but this differences in how they are do not keep them apart. Hamlet avoids being a slave of passion and remains stable and level-headed throughout. Horatio has the ability and capability to point out what Hamlet intends to express even when Hamlet leaves the other characters of the drama in a state of confusion. The conversations that the two have set a great ground and meaning for the play by bringing to light the numerous mysteries of Hamlet, the prince only trusts and opens up to his best friend. It is easier for the reader t believe and trust Hamlet through his friend Horatio who believes the prince without question in instances that numerous other characters doubt the sanity of Hamlet. Horatio provides an opening to the true insight into the thoughts of our hero, feelings and innermost soul from the conversations that they have. This is in addition to Hamlet`s numerous long soliloquies. There are various reasons that make Hamlet rely on his friend Horatio, Horatio`s intelligent, sensible and calm personality from the time the play starts comes out at the top of all the reasons. Horatio demands that the ghost speaks up if there is anything that they are supposed to be made aware of not depicting any signs of fear of the ghost “If thou art privy to thy country’s fate ….O, speak! Or if thou hast uphoarded in they life extorted treasure in the womb of earth….Speak of it, stay and speak!” At this moment he represents everything that the prince needs in a friend (Shakespeare, 2017). This is why besides Horatio and Hamlet being great friends, Hamlet trusts his friend to the extent of leaving the story and fate of his life and country in the hands of his friend.

Horatio supports his friend in all the decisions he makes and believes his friend in every instance in the play except in one occasion which was the decision that led to the downfall of Hamlet just as it was foreseen and predicted by Horatio Hamlet died after going ahead with that decision. The love Horatio has for the prince makes him want to end his life by his own hands by the use of wine that has been poisoned with duty and honor rather than go on living after the demise of Hamlet. However, Hamlet had a different idea, one that places his friend Horatio in a place of high importance. A place for narrating Hamlet`s story so that he may be remembered. The Prince trusts Horatio with the last breaths he takes to find the words and way to reveal the truth about the life of his father and that of Hamlet himself in the difficult times that are about to come to the country of the prince. “If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart…Absent thee from felicity a while…and in this harsh world draw thy breath is pain…to tell my story.” (Shakespeare, 2017) Hamlet depicts the true love he had for his friend Horatio by trusting him with this task, a gift that supersedes any other.

There is a great connection between my personal life and that of Horatio as portrayed in the play. I cannot help but see a true reflection of the individual I am through this character. It is that character that one watches in a play or reads and in the end, comes out saying how real they felt the connection with the character was. It is like reliving your life through another individual. Friendship especially true friendship is a great deal to me. I do trust in the power of friendship, and it has been of great benefit to me. The fact that at some point I put my life on the line to save a friend of mine from the imminent threat of a gunman that I managed to disarm puts me in a great position to portray Horatio (Stockton, 2000). Instances of betrayal in life have taught me the true value of friendship and made me a better friend to others going out of my way to make sure that those that I do cherish in life are well and do the right time. I have also learned the importance of staying true to yourself even when there is pressure from my friend as that is the only way to not lose my personality. I strive to remain true to who I am. I have also managed to maintain a friendship right from the pre-school level up to this point. Been successful at helping my friend come out of drugs and be his normal self again this has made him appreciate me and value my opinion strengthening the relationships we have. These experiences in life and awareness of the requirements and the true value of friendship put me in a great position to depict this character Horatio in the play Hamlet (Sobran, 2008).

Horatio is left standing as a pure example of a very precious kind of friendship in the play after the fall of all the other characters. Unselfish and true kind of friendship is what I advocate for as portrayed in the essay. My life and the experiences that I have had bring out what Shakespeare was trying to depict in this play with Horatio. Horatio is the kind of friend that any individual would be proud to have no matter what period of time they live in and their age.

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