An Assessment of the Character of Othello in the Play, Othello by William Shakespeare

December 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

As Othello minded his own business, Iago, a greedy selfish man, plotted
Secretly behind his back because he wanted to be lieutenant instead of
Cassio. This shows one of the most important themes of Othello. Jealousy is
definitely shown clearly to be one of the greater issues held throughout the whole
story of Othello.

Iagos greed brought him to convince Othello to do wrong.
Othello was not the bad man; Iago was. Othello was only a puppet, but still a
good man. Whether or not he was a good man can be answered by the way it is
asked, the was he treated people, and the strings he was attached to
Is Othello a good man? This question can be answered differently
depending on different circumstances. If the question is asked as whether or not
Othello did bad things? Yes, but then he did have proper reason behind his
actions. In his mind was he doing bad things? No, to be a bad man, the man
would have to do wrong on purpose, to enforce wrongdoing as right. However,
Othellos behaviors were influenced by a man who was not a good man and
convinced him that he was doing the right thing. The whole time, however,
Othello had absolutely no idea he was being lied to. What he did in action to
these lies was right to him. However, because the lies were wrong, it made his
actions wrong too. Othello, however, had a good purpose. His ultimate goal was
good. Therefore, Othello is a good man.

Some may argue that he is a bad man because of the way he treated
people. He slapped Desdemona, he thinks too much of himself, some may even
not like him for his race, which is another major issue in the story. He is referred
to as a moor throughout the entire story. Because of the times this play was
wrote, I personally feel that those actions are also not wrong. Othello may have
killed his true love, but because it was not his intent to kill someone who loved
him, he was not wrong. In his mind, he was doing the right thing, because he was
sure Desdemona no longer loved him. He was only a mere puppet on the strings
of a bad man. He was not the actual bad man himself.

In the story, Othello is a noble character full of adventurous stories, which
is why the beautiful Desdemona falls in love with him. He acts upon things as he
sees fit. Iago, his loyal friend if you will, manipulates the people around the
moor to make it appear that his true love has fallen for another man, Cassio.
Because of Iagos jealousy against Cassio, he plots to get him fired and take his
job as Othellos right-hand man. He eventually sets up a seen where Cassio talks
about Bianca and Othello overhears, thinking he is talking about Desdemona.
This proves to him that his one true love no longer loves him and loves Cassio
In conclusion, Iago convinces Othello that the only thing to do is kill
Desdemona and Cassio for playing with his heart. They carry this out and in the
end, Iagos wife displays Iagos lying treachery and exposes the truth. Othello
then realizes what he had done and kills himself. Personally, I think that if a man
would kill himself over his love, he has a good heart. Othello is a good man who
was manipulated with puppet strings.

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