A Speech Of Othello

April 24, 2020 by Essay Writer

I, Othello, the greatest general of the army of Venice. I fought bravely for the people of Venice. I enjoyed much success in the battle area, which gave me the reputation as one of Venice most talented generals.

I want to be remembered exactly the way I am. I had done horrible things in my life that I regret today. I shouldn’t have considered Iago as a friend, which wanted to help me. I was an unfairly mislead man, that unavoidable created my own destiny. I feel remorse for hurting and killing the most valuable thing that ever happened to me. I know my wife Desdemona didn’t merit what happened to her because she was a faithful and good woman.

My Jealousy made me a target to be controlled emotionally by manipulation. I wasn’t an easy target to control, but when I got Jealous I became a fool who trusted everything I heard. I was known to be someone that revealed plenty of honesty and it meant a lot to me when Iago stated of being an honest and good friend to me. However, He was the devil that chose to hurt me by making me Jealous. He told me that he heard Cassio talking about hiding his love with my wife Desdemona when he was sleeping. Like every normal person that loved his wife, I became jealous and have no other choices but to listen and believe my good friend Iago. It made me have doubt in my wife fidelity. 

My Jealousy pulled me to the conversation and made me asked him questions about my wife affair with Cassio. During that time, I had so much rage toward both Cassio and Desdemona I only wanted the worst for them. I was foolish to not confront Desdemona openly to find the truth, but I trusted Iago instead. I believed the lies without any proved and lost faith in my wife. Oh god, I wonder why people believe in everything they told when they are Jealous. It made me believe to lies and made me an easy target to manipulate against the most precious thing that God gave me. 

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