A Life Or Death Choice In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

October 23, 2020 by Essay Writer

What if you had to make a decision, for your life or your death. But to live you must lie and, die you tell the truth. The reason I am not giving you that much information is because I want you to look at the simple choice you have to make seems like you would obviously lie to save your life. Well same with me, I would make the same choice. But this is the huge stopping point. In the 1600’s there was a bunch of allegations going on of people getting convicted of witch craft. This was an easy way to get rid of people you despised.

This Life or death choice had to be made by none other than John Procter. John is a character in the play The Crucible. John got wrongly convicted and had two choices lie to save his life or tell the “true” and confess that he was a witch. But with telling the truth he would have a bad name in the town and would feel gilt for not dying next to his friends that got convicted with him. In the end he choice to say that he was a witch and got hung with his friends. This just isn’t the decision I would make. I would still lie to save my life. In one’s life, no one is more important than themselves. Now that’s not saying that I’m selfish I care for everyone it’s just to me my life is more important than to die with people thinking I HAVE pride. As long as I know my true self then it doesn’t matter. That’s the whole reason on where and why I stand saying to lie to live. Plus, it is the 1600’s so it would be really easy to run away and skip town. In the book Proctor says at first that he doesn’t want to die. But foursome reason his self-pride kicked in and didn’t want to life with being a so-called witch.

So, you can see that I would not do what john did. In my option it wasn’t smart do make that decision. I would just skip town and try not to be seen doing it. Also, back in this time if you confessed to being a witch they would disband you from the town, which sounds way better than dying to me. If you still don’t believe in not lying by saying you’re a witch to not die, then you’re as hopeless as Frances persuading Danforth. ” We are desperate, sir; we come here three days now and cannot be heard’.’

In conclusion, I feel as if Proctors choice to die was well bad. I just don’t see why you would want to die for pride with your friends just because they got wrongly convicted too. I hope after reading this we can share the same views. So the question still lingers would you lie to save your life or “tell the truth” (confess) and hang.

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