Women’s Independency In Hendrick Isbsen’s Play “A Doll’s House”

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

In today’s society, mostly everyone is taught to be self-efficient. Also, to go get things on their own, so you can be able to say I worked for everything I have. No one ever wants to feel as if they are living under someone else, because what is something happens you are depending on them for your life. When mothers raise their daughters, they teach their daughters to be independent women. Mothers also teach their daughter that they can be anything in this world. In A Doll’s House it reflects to society, women independency. In the play, Nora was portrayed as a silly woman who didn’t know how to do anything for herself, but as the story goes on she began to gain knowledge on how she really was supposed to live her life. In Hendrick Isbsen’s A Doll’s House, he captures how Nora views herself as a doll in the perspectives as a wife, a mother, and a woman.

Referring to the play, Nora was playing to be the perfect wife as her husband Torvald wanted. He always wanted her to stay in her place, being a house wife and taking care of their children. Being the perfect wife is how most women want to live in their marriage. What many people fail to realize is going through a struggle in your marriage is ok, it only makes the couple’s relationship stronger. She was so focused on not disappointing Torvald she made a big lie about getting the money for his health. That shouldn’t have been a secret, she was doing what she had to do to support her husband. Many people of society think that women shouldn’t work nor bring money to the table, when that is really not the point at all. `

Nora felt that her children were acting as her dolls. Meaning their playing the “perfect children” to Nora, just as Nora is playing the “perfect wife” to Torvald. Nora and Torvald have three children together. Nora stayed at home most her time watching their children while Torvald worked for their household. Nora didn’t want her children acting as puppets, just lifeless human beings. As a mother, she felt like she failed her children. They watched her be a doll to Torvald, so that’s all they knew how to do, but it wasn’t their faults. Everyone as parent always wishes for their children to be open and opinionated. When your children are acting as dolls they aren’t open to you, their very closed off bottling in their feelings. Nora ways rubbed off on her children negatively.

As a woman, Nora was tired of living in a lie. She was tired of living this fake, put together life. She wanted to live for herself, as every woman should. She also wanted to be on her own to learn things for herself; she was tired of living under Torvald. Woman independency is very big in today society. Woman have learned to stand up for them self from many years ago form the past. In todays society, there are more business owned by woman than men own. Nora felt like she owed it to herself to be knowledgeable about the outside world other than happy Mr and Mrs Helmer and kids.

Nora played a huge role throughout the play A Doll’s House. She showed how she satisfied everyone but herself. She was being Torvald “doll wife” as she mentioned in the play. She rubbed off her “doll ways” on her children. Mainly she lost herself, she never knew what it felt like to make herself happy. Several of us in this world try to make others happy first, and we always forget to put ourselves first. Especially woman we are very strong individuals and we deserve to be happy.


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