William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Play Review

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

As You Like It Review

In this paper, I would like to review “As You Like it” by William Shakespear and was composed in the year 1599, however, it was only published several years later in 1623. The main character is named Rosalind and the play goes over her long journey fleeing herself from prosecution. During her journey, she is surrounded by Celia which is her cousin. She eventually becomes head over heels for Orlando de Boys. He is the younger son of Sir Roland de Boys. Some of these names can be a tad confusing, but the character’s characteristics are what really stick.

After I viewed this performance, I could easily tell the main theme is love. This is especially true towards the end. But just like most of Shakespeare plays, love is tragic. Rosalind was successful in pleasing everyone with her intelligent plan. The theme of love, however, is not the only theme. Another one that was easily found was injustice. This is also very true in most of this authors works. This injustice is found when Rosalind makes herself into a man to show how differently things would be. Women all throughout history have felt some sort of injustice in one way or another.

The costumes that were in this play matched the scenes significantly. As the stage or scene changed so did the costumes. The actors changed many times behind the scene but did so very quickly. This way reality did not leave the stage. I feel the actors did a wonderful job making this play seem real. The props were very realistic alike, in my opinion.

I very much enjoyed this performance. Although, I had great difficulty understanding what was being said. I wish I could have had subtitles or something that would have increased my experience of this production. Other than this one complain, I can’t think of any other suggestions for changes.

King Lea Review

This play was my favorite of the two. This is a tragedy crafted by Shakespeare and was originally created in 1605. The leading character King Lear disposes of the entire kingdom and leaves the inheritances to only two of his three daughters. This was based upon their likeness of him. This moves sparks up the excitement of the play and essentially leads to huge consequences for all involved. This turning point is what truly starts the story, emotion and envy live within this play from this situation.

There are three main characters within this play. They include King Lea, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. There were certainly other characters that influence the story quite as well. Some of them were the Duke of Albany, Duke of Conwell, Regan’s husband, and Goneril’s husband also. The main theme within this selection was loyalty and betrayal. This is shown when all three daughters die.

The directing of this selection was a lot different than the previous play. This directing was way more focused and organized. The audience saw all actions and nothing was hidden from us. I feel this is a better way to have a play because we know exactly what is happening always. I also understood the language a little more in this one. I’m not sure if less difficult words were used o if characters just pronunciated a lot more. The characters did not change as much, which was favoring to me. I enjoyed this performance a lot more and feel a lot better about Shakespeare plays now.


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