William Faulkner’s Barn burning story-topic and writing style analysis

June 7, 2021 by Essay Writer

Faulkner represents some of the highly original American writers in both technique and subject content. ‘Barn Burning’ is a well-recognized short story that has won the author a highly ranked reputation as well as attracting various common critics. In the story, he portrays the love and revulsion of a young boy towards his father. The father is a frightening man who lives by a certain conviction in the perfection of his perfections. The author combines the stream of consciousness method with various difficulties to read. However, it can be identified that this is rewarding in its profundity. There are various perspectives that have been used in the paper. Some of these include the biographical, mythological, formalist, and psychological (Faulkner 515).

However, it is evident that psychological or morality is the perspective that clearly describes the Barn burning story. For instance, in the final images Sarty is the focus. In this case, he is alone because he has cut himself from the family. For this reason, he has to face the world on his own possessing nothing else other than his integrity, as well as his sense of justice. Through these characters, both morality and psychology are expressed. However, there are different styles that the author has applied with an aim of bringing the right basis of the story. For instance, despite his wife’s protests, Snopes pours the kerosene from the lamp and put it back into the container. He then secures a lit candle stub at the opening of the bottle (Faulkner 518).

However, Snope orders Sartoris to fetch the oil. Although he obeys, he fantasizes about running away. In this case, he tries to put off Snopes: he is grabbed by the collar where he orders his wife to restrain him. It is evident that there is irony in the story that brings out the required impact. Although Snope applies much effort with an aim of burning the Spain’s barn, all his plans are thwarted: the satire in the story is well presented. Three shots ring killing Snope. Imagery is also a key style that the author implements (Faulkner 520).

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