“When the Light Came On: The Epic of Gilgamesh” by Jarman Essay

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The exile experienced by such characters as Gilgamesh and Prospero forces them to acquire or display some of the qualities that they previously lacked; in particular, one can speak about temperance, fortitude, ability to forgive, and sense of justice.

The author argues that The Epic of Gilgamesh can assist readers in understanding the values of people who were living during that period (Jarman 330). In order to illustrate this viewpoint, the author looks at the positive changes in the behavior of the protagonist. For instance, the author speaks about the influence of Enkidu on the values of the main character (Jarman 330). Moreover, this scholar discusses Gilgamesh’s encounter with the goddess Siduri who describes the best way for a person to live (Jarman 334).

Overall, this article can be of great relevance to the future paper because it can throw light on the way in which historians and literary critics study The Epic of Gilgamesh. Moreover, readers can learn more about the value system adopted in Mesopotamian society. I have chosen the following quotes, which can be incorporated into the final assignment.

“The value of the epic Gilgamesh, despite any tendentious claims for contemporary relevance, is in learning what was on the minds of people who, in the 5000 years since the Ice Age” (Jarman 330).

In this passage, the author urges the readers to regard The Epic of Gilgamesh as a source that can illustrate the worldviews and values of the Mesopotamians. Therefore, one should pay attention to the cardinal virtues that the protagonist acquires in the course of this narrative.

“He returns to the great walled city of Uruk, empty-handed, a sadder and a wiser man, still mortal but now possibly accepting of Shiduri’s sage advice” (Jarman 334).

This quote suggests that the journey undertaken by Gilgamesh dramatically transforms the main character. The author refers to the recommendation which was given to the protagonist by the goddess Siduri. This deity said that Gilgamesh had to accept his mortality (Jarman 334).

“The goddess who created Gilgamesh obligingly creates Enkidu. The creation of Enkidu may parallel the creation of Eve in its purpose, so that Gilgamesh may have a companion” (Jarman 330).

This sentence is also critical because it highlights the importance of such a character as Enkidu. He can be viewed as one of the forces that prompt Gilgamesh to evolve and display his best qualities. In my opinion, the role of this character should not be disregarded by the readers. This is why this quote should not be overlooked.

To a great extent, this article confirms my perception of this epic poem. In particular, the author emphasizes the value system as an important element of this literary work. Moreover, this work can illustrate how the protagonist became enriched in the course of the narrative. This is why this article can be incorporated into the final assignment.

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