When One Can Equal Two: Analyzing an Informative Speech Essay

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Delivering a speech successfully might seem a comparatively easy task. Indeed, with a single message to convey and an interesting topic to speak on, the process might seem somewhat easy. However, when it comes to grasping the audience’s attention and keeping it on a decent level, the task appears to be much more complicated.

Taking a closer look at one of the examples of speeches and analyzing it, one can see the way a typical speech works. In the given example, the speech entitled “Funny College Informative Speech on Cloning” (kchongify) is being discussed; delivered by one of the college students, Kevin Hurts, it offers a peculiar specimen of college speeches and a nice sample to work on. Among the elements that have been developed very well in the given speech, the basic formula, i.e., the FDU (Food, Dinosaurs, and U) should be mentioned firsthand.

It is important that Kevin knows the exact components of his theory and can offer not only a working formula, but also good, strong examples of it. It is also extremely important that the speaker has a lot of visual aids that help him get his message across in a much more efficient way, for example, dinosaur toys that illustrate the cloning principles.

As for the delivery style of the speaker, one must admit that it is quite adequate as well. Rather lively, it helps the audience become engaged into the phenomenon in question. It is important that Kevin addresses the public directly, making the audience feel that they are the focus of Kevin’s attention and that the speech is pronounced for them.

The above-mentioned becomes clear at the very start of the performance, when Kevin starts asking the public questions and waiting for them to answer; hence, the questions are not rhetorical and the public is involved into discussion and the thinking process.

It could be argued, however, that Kevin’s style of speech delivery is somewhat all over the place, especially when it comes down to analyzing his gestures. Indeed, while he speaks in quite a nonchalant manner, the movements of his hands, as well as the way he is pacing the room indicate that he might feel not as comfortable as he wants the people in the room to believe he does. Therefore, the performance, though very engaging, lacks composure and could have been more relaxed.

Concerning the recommendations to the speaker, it can be suggested that Kevin should work on the stronger aspects of his speech, while paying close attention to the weaker ones. For instance, it is obvious that Hurts has the talent to make the public feel enticed with the topic of the speech, which is a perfect asset to develop. Likewise, his ability to explain the most complicated issues, such as cloning, with the help of the easiest examples, should be developed properly and used in further performances.

Speaking of the probable improvements that Kevin could use in his speech delivery, a better theoretical framework would be appreciated. While it is enthralling to track his train of thoughts and follow it, it is still desirable that he should offer more substance and fewer emotions in his speech delivery. Once improving the above-mentioned and emphasizing his stronger assets, Kevin will become a professional speaker.

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