What Is My Ideal Utopian World

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

A human-made reality with the sole purpose of providing endless pleasure with a series of unceasing of ups, but to what cost? Utopia is a personal view unique to an individual, however, as humans, we share a common desire for pleasure and fulfilling these pleasures. My personal utopia, on the other hand, would be one similar to the blemished and imperfect reality which is lived in twenty-first century Canada. The reason for this being that a world consisting of endless pleasure for all persons is a false and emotionless reality. At a glance, I would describe my perfect world as a “utopian dystopia”. I would improve on aspects such as environmental issues, economic and political flaws, as well as human rights. In contrast, however, I would keep a healthy balance of chaos in my utopian society. In my ideal utopian world, I would amplify one’s quality of life by implementing humanitarian views while allowing a beneficial amount of chaos to maintain reality.

Above all else, implementing a free and democratic society is of the utmost importance. Democracy sets the foundation for equality, protection, and havoc. Living in any given place which has some form of democracy is a utopia in itself. In my “utopian dystopia”, democracy would take a form similar, if not exactly, to Canada. Certain levels of government will take care of the welfare of my given utopia; healthcare, the judicial system, international trade, and quality of life.

My utopia will adopt the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular, the reasonable limits clause will be an essential aspect to everyday life in my given utopia; this allows for the healthy amount of chaos which will bring order and emotion. In comparison, I believe that having a police department and military are essential to creating a sense of security as well as fear. Incorporating a humanitarian notion, I believe that in a utopian world it is compulsory to assist the less fortunate and underprivileged with the only reward being satisfaction. Hence, military and the police force should all implement and promote the humanitarian doctrine while in the field.

On a lighter, less political note, enforcing the importance of the environment and reducing one’s carbon footprint is to be made second-nature. This is critical as it aids in creating a healthy environment for all species as well as creating a self-sustaining utopia. Smaller divisions within sed utopia, towns or cities, will have large mandatory green spaces which are to be kept in adequate condition. On a similar topic, the utopian divisions are to be ones of diversity and equality; however, there is no certain way of achieving diversity as people like to be around those similar to them. Although my utopia is to be one of inclusiveness and equality, this is not to infringe one’s right to freedom of expression or freedom of speech within reasonable limits. In all honesty, however, my utopia would consist of Hogwarts as a ligament school and have happy dogs running around everywhere.

Nonetheless, if I had the ability to create a utopian world for all of the world’s current inhibitors, it would be one that amplifies the quality of human life through humanitarian views while allowing a beneficial amount of chaos to maintain reality.

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