What I Learned in the Six Weeks in HMNT? Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Before this course, I had no clue how I was going to manage learning in college. All I knew, I wanted to go. I wanted to improve myself no matter how naive I was. Presently, it is the end of the class. But it is only the beginning for me at Walden University, and because of this course, I now know what to expect and what to do to be a successful Walden student ( State tax liens – myFICO® Forums. (n.d.)). In this essay, I will describe what HMNT 1001-10 Living and Learning in a technical world has taught me in the last six weeks.

Week one was a little tense for me. But after meeting the instructor and my classmates in the class café’ I felt more at ease and ready start learning. Firstly, I learned to be an online student was going to require a lot of technologies I may not be familiar with. At that time, I was introduced to the good and bad sides of technology, such as going to school online or cyber bullying.

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Then, I came across relevant guidelines and documents, such as The Academic Writing Expectations Checklist; a checklist to ensure writing meets academic standards, and the Assignment and Discussion rubrics. Rubrics are requirements and principles used to mark work. Eventually, in the week one discussion, I realized that I need to be careful how I put words online. People have feelings, whether, good or bad.

Be aware of what and how you write online (About us – Copy-Editing for Uni Students.

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(n.d.)). Stay conscious of how people perceive what you put online. Be kind, professional, objective, and sympathetic with views. More importantly, I acquired the knowledge of how imperative it is to have a printed emergency plan available, just in case of mechanical failure(John Rayworth: FLUTE List Assistant – Larry Krantz. (n.d.)). The paper includes a backup plan for your computer, phone numbers and email addresses, of the instructor, classmates, student support and technical support. It also includes a strategy how to go to class, if the primary method is unobtainable.

I learned a lot about time management in week three, as setting goals to work towards (Does anyone LOVE Geriatrics? – pg.3 | all nurses. (n.d.)). Set objectives so to focus on what to work towards. Also, I set goals, so I am capable of recognizing what is worth-spending time on and what is a distraction to avoid. Goals help to have a clear mind on where I want to go and how best to manage my time. (This is who I am; this is what I have become. (n.d.)). Also, it was shown that time management can be gained by a simple priority to do list. A list would keep me prioritized with my goals if I put the most relevant project first. Especially if life goes crazy, at least I know I have accomplished the most important thing (This is who I am, this is what I have become. (n.d.)).

In the document Time Management Strategies, The time management learning style I have, as described by Lanna Nakone (2011), is thought to be prioritizing (Cook, L., & Bergren, D. (2011). I am known as a logical thinker and perfectionist. Also, goals keep me motivated. As well, many other time management rituals were shown during week two. Also, this week made me understand that I need to be descriptive when writing. Or the viewer might perceive a vision entirely different from what I am describing. Simultaneously we constructed an Artifact Analysis Worksheet to describe an important thing, so that other people may discern the same feeling, about the artifact, we feel when sensing it.

Meanwhile in week three, the Life Factors Individual Attributes and Learning Styles suggested I should study two to three hours per day per credit hour (Smarter services LLC 2014). For example, 6-credit hours equal 12 to 18 hours a week studying time. Additionally, my individual attributes score proved to me, that I need not hesitate to request help (Walden University (2014a). And it revealed my history of achievement with schooling, as well as my apparent capacity to perform well academically (Walden University (2014 b)). Thus, I am worthy to aid others with their academic encounters (Walden University (2014c)). Similarly, in the second part of the test, I learned I have an aural learning style.

Before week three, I never thought about this area. But it is true that when I listen to music while studying, I focus much better than studying in silence. The music also provides inspiration when I get tired or feel like I cannot finish an assignment (Walden University (2014 d)).Again, In the discussion this week, I learned, story’s, paintings, videos and music are all a kind of effective realism. And incorporating voices, video or descriptive words can alter how I envision a piece of work. Therefore, it is imperative to be eloquent with words. Hence, write so the reader can get the actual importance the author is trying to portray. Too, I learned that the plot of the story can be transformed exaggeratedly when technology is added.

When I first came to Walden University I was unsure about the use of technology. In week four, I discovered myself engrossing every technology I was confronted with. I found I use every know-how learnt incessantly, whether it be for school or personal time. Nowadays, I find myself giving advice on how to use applications to find things online like Google. I say, “just Google it,” to find the information they are looking for. Or another example, I am asking people to contact me through my email, or on social media instead of the phone. Additionally, two weeks ago, my Church started its own group on Facebook, and we used an iPhone to send a group video of encouragement to a sick member of the congregation.

Again in week four, there were assessments to help guide the direction of college learning. With this, the math quiz made me very thankful I have all the resources I need available to me. I just have to make certain I routinely use the help specified for me. My math assessment score suggested my knowledge was with less of half the material taught in Math0090. And it also pointed out there are resources at the Library to help me brush up on my skills. Equally important, the technology test showed, I am rather primed and experienced at using certain technology applications (Walden University (2014 e)). And, that I will be able to use and sharpen these skills while taking my courses (: obxhistory – home – Wikispaces. (n.d.)). And, as an online student, using technology will be easy for me. However, I need to stay knowledgeable about evolving technologies uses, and acquire the skills to use them to benefit future learning (Walden University 2014f).

Continually, I learned how different ways of media, such as Facebook, or videos, can bring personalities together to make their word known about injustices of today’s society. What is more interesting is how the quick growth of technology has changed the collaboration of human involvement. We communicate with people from all over the world online as if they were as close as our next door neighbor (Spa consulting demands a great deal of responsibility. (n.d.)). We share our thoughts, feelings and reactions with the opening of the browser. Hence, I learned as stated in the Objective area of week four; Walden students are pioneers into a new way of gaining knowledge and sharing information (Walden University 2014). Therefore, pupils must know how to communicate virtually and process with the faculty and other equals.

At this point, in week five, I was taught how to find a mentor, or should I say, how not to find a mentor but a friend. Firstly, associate with people who have the same profession, ideas or aspirations. Remember friendships take time. They grow slowly through continued interaction. Building a strong relationship is about offering praise, asking for advice, and discussing your ideas over time (How to Find Career Mentors More Easily – Life hack. (n.d.)). Also, I learned, to offer something first, such as an expertise already obtained, or more simple, a thoughtful chat to start a friendship. And build upon that with a monthly email or simple phone call. Moreover, in week 5, I explored what kind of careers I can attain with my degree in Business Administration, with a concentration on accounting.

I learned that my level would provide me with a wide variety of job opportunities starting with entry positions that will supplement my schoolwork, all the way to treasurer of the company (Agriterra: Whether treasurer or farmer: keep track of the money! (n.d.)). I also learned strategies to use my major to find the job I seek. Such as developing strong communication skills and joining student organizations to develop leadership skills, and to gain work experience in my field by internships (Walden Career Center (n.d.)).The assessments in week five proved the previous that I need to brush up on everything I took the test in (Renew a USCG 100 ton ticket..Test or no test? – YachtForums.Com. (n.d.)).

I am planning on talking to my academic advisor to see if I can use my elective classes to better myself in these areas. Also, I made my professional profile for LinkedIn, to network with potential employers and mentors. I was very descriptive with my words, and listed all my jobs since companies use keywords to search on LinkedIn and the more descriptive keywords I include, the more different searches recruiters can use. I also chose an up to date picture of myself that was clear and professional, as this is the first impression to the employer.

Finally, in week six, I have been reflecting a lot about how I want to be in life, not just who I want to be (: Giving your ideas time to breathe | The Hard Part. (n.d.)). I think trying to help people, or cause is an obligation to all human beings. Just imagine the world if everyone gave of themselves a little. What a kinder world it would be. In addition, after reviewing the info graphic, social change: What type of social change agent are you? I learned I was a faith-based giver. Since I attend church regularly, I am put in contact with people who volunteer and may need help, and I am put into contact with volunteer projects for which I can help or even lead a project. Currently, I volunteer to help my church feed the homeless. We feed approximately 85-110 people in need, every Tuesday, home cooked meals which they may not have had otherwise.

To raise money for the items that were not donated, we have regular yard sales, and car washes, to supplement the funds for the additional foods needed. Also, I have suggested a project to support people in need, for Thanksgiving. We plan to have the children make a holiday card to slip inside a bagged meal. Then we are going to hand deliver them in town to the people with no homes to go to. Following, I am also going to talk to the Pastor about interning for the church by helping in the office. Correspondingly, there are a lot of friends at Church, who have careers in business that I can use as mentors too. Finally week six provided me with resources for volunteering. I am going to take advantage The Career Center’s, list of Volunteer Opportunities, and I just became a member of the Network for Good. Lastly, I also want to volunteer somehow for the school. I am still figuring that out. I feel like I could be of good use in the student support.

In this essay, I disclosed, that I have learned how to navigate, communicate and live in a virtual world in the past six weeks. Also, I learned how to be an advocate for positive social change. This class has been such an easy transition into school. I hope in the next six weeks learning will be as enlightening as the six weeks in HMNT 1001-10.


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